Only Informed Voters can “Drain the Swamp”

Let me tell you a story about two men. These two men are like two peas in a pod in some ways and like night and day in others. Both men have a desire for the restoration of the United States of America for the good of our citizens. Restoration to man “one” means the restoring of life, liberty, and Constitutional principles, while restoration to man “two” means the restoring of benefits derived from our Constitutional principles.

Both men are very egotistical – it is “my way or the highway”. Both men have extremely different backgrounds and perspectives. Man “one” has grown within an ethical, moral environment whereas the other has derived from an environment consisting of snakes and rats. Man “one” views the world as to what it “should” be, whereas man “two” sees the world as “it is”.

Let’s begin. Man “one”, has a vast Biblical foundation with extensive knowledge of our United States Constitution and its historical foundation; a true American Patriot. He is extremely displeased with the direction in which our country is headed. He decides to run for President on a 3rd party ticket. He has no political influence or experience, is basically a pauper with next to nothing for finances, and is without name recognition. He puts his political machine in motion and runs for President of the United States.

He soon discovered his campaign message; to bring hope, economic prosperity, restore our lost liberties and freedoms; return our great country to its founding principles; stop the death and maiming of our young people in foreign lands and much more, is being ignored by the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.) in collusion with the unfair and unbalanced Fox News. Consequently, the man’s message is not heard by the American voters. November rolls around; the National voting day and the man receives less than 200,000 votes (less than two-tenths of one percent of the total votes cast) — a very dismal showing.

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Now let’s assume what might have happened if the man had miraculously been elected to the Presidency. The following is based purely upon conjecture and supposition based upon my observations during the past seven decades. He would have had to choose individuals to fill Cabinet positions. As a principled Christian, with a Constitutional mindset, he would seek out individuals possessing integrity, honor, and with a God-fearing, liberty, freedom and Constitutional mindset. His 3rd party nominations would then be presented to Senate committees controlled by Democrats and Republicans who have consistently demonstrated their own personal lack of ethical, moral, character by their failure to adhere to their Constitutional oath of office. Consequently, there is a very high probability that his nominees would be rejected over and over again. Since the first man is unwilling to compromise on principle, the high profile Cabinet positions would most likely remain unfilled — the 2nd/3rd in command swamp creature holdovers from the Bush era would continue to run the Departments. Therefore, nothing in the globalist political machine within the working government would change — even under a Constitutional President.

Now, moving on, Congress would present legislation for the President’s signature. Based upon historical precedent, the majority of the legislation would be filled with unconstitutional items. Therefore, requiring a veto by our ethical President. The legislation would be returned to the Congress where the one-party swamp creatures would override the Presidential veto. Hence, even with a Constitutional President, our Nation would continue its downward spiral. And now, let’s move on to man number two.

Man number two is also dissatisfied with the direction in which our country is heading. He decides to run for President of the United States. This man differs greatly from the first man — he has no political experience, but he does have buckets of money and national name recognition. Although he does have name recognition, it is that of a clown; a joke within the political arena. The man is laughing stock, he can’t possibly be thinking of running for President. Politics be damned — he runs for President. He has a bombastic personality; is rude, crude and socially unacceptable; and is NOT politically correct.

Needless to say, the mainstream media does not ignore this man. Everything the man says or does is plastered before the American public and throughout much of the world. The media spreads this man’s message — not to inform the public, but for the sole purpose of crucifying him. Much to the chagrin of the media and much of the public, their tactic backfired. The joke, the clown, was elected to the Presidency of the United States of America. Man one and man two both had the same message — help the common man and improve our country. Plans and methods were and are 180 degrees apart, but the messages were and are the same. The first message was not heard. However, the second was heard, received and rewarded, but is there going to be any difference in outcome between reality and the conjecture and summation for the first man?

Man two made many campaign promises that are still unfulfilled after two full years on the job. Sad, but true. There is one simple reason for these unfulfilled promises — our United States Congress (the Swamp). The irony in all of this is the President’s promise “to drain the swamp” is controlled by “the swamp”. It is absolutely 100 percent impossible to “drain” that which he does not control. Greed and human nature indicate people are unwilling to relinquish their perceived power and opportunity for wealth. An educated, informed voter is the only way in which we will ever be able to “drain the swamp”. One man CAN NOT do it — only the entire Nation can attain this goal. Is this possible? Yes. Is it probable? NO!!

Let me explain why is not probable. Let’s take our “Conservative” State of Idaho as an example. In 2016, Idaho citizens said they wanted change by voting for our President with his promise “to drain the swamp”. At the very same time, the citizens also voted for an incumbent Senator who had openly opposed our second man. (In case you don’t know or have forgotten, our Senator opposed the Party nominee, that is until he learned that his assured reelection “might” be in jeopardy. Therefore, he had to get on board. God forbid, he couldn’t do anything that might threaten his prestige and personal gain) As anticipated, Idaho citizens voted Party line without realizing they were voting to ensure “the swamp” would be kept intact and unchanged. This situation probably happened in many of our States throughout this Nation. We will never “drain the swamp” until people wake up and vote out the dirtbags who fail to uphold their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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