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Why Trump in 2024?

As Manhattan AG Bragg continues with his witch hunt to indict President Trump, his supporters continue to grow. If Bragg indicts Trump, it will be the first time this has ever happened to an American president. This frivolous lawsuit looks like a “Hail Mary” attempt to harm Trump’s run for a second term in 2024. […]

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Drain the Swamp

In today’s Wall Street Journal Admiral William McRaven—the former head of the Navy Seals endorsed Joe Biden for President, Like John McCain, Colin Powell, and other warrior politicians that have come before him, the good Admiral’s service should be respected, but the attempt to leverage and then insert their service into a public policy or […]


Only Informed Voters can “Drain the Swamp”

Let me tell you a story about two men. These two men are like two peas in a pod in some ways and like night and day in others. Both men have a desire for the restoration of the United States of America for the good of our citizens. Restoration to man “one” means the […]

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