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Illegal Immigration Creates a False Economy

Last week Jesse Wates made some very interesting comments during his monologue about all of these jobs that Biden claims he has created. His message was very clear that almost all of these jobs went to foreigners and this Biden economic boom has done little to help middle-class Americans. Even the chairman of the Fed confirmed this fact and this is why the economy has grown at 3% while many economists were forecasting a recession. As Jessie said, we have a Bidenomics migrant job fair going on.

There are a million fewer Americans working today than in 2020. Since the end of the pandemic, it is estimated that Biden has created 5 million migrant jobs. Illegals are entering our country and being bussed to our big cities and after 150 days they can get a work permit. Millions of these jobs Biden created are part-time jobs. Since June last year, we have lost 2 million full-time jobs while Biden floods American industry with cheap labor.

We even see it happening here in rural Idaho. Illegals are being hired to do everything from making salsa and stocking shelves in supermarkets to building homes. This hiring of migrants does nothing but push American workers’ wages down and trigger inflation. The left believes that we need more illegal immigrants while American families struggle to make ends meet holding down 2 and 3 part-time jobs. This is the great sellout by our politicians allowing this flood of illegals to continue to cross our border.

Our country is going in reverse while the Democrats say there is a shortage of ag workers who get paid $10 an hour or less while California governor Gavin Newsom is raising wages for fast food workers to $20 an hour as thousands are fired or laid off. This is not just about jobs it is about the billions this invasion is costing U.S. workers in welfare being handed out quite generously by our government.

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A 2023 study by FAIR “The Federation for American Immigration Reform” calculated that the total fiscal cost of illegal immigration on the U.S. taxpayer was $150 billion.

You can be sure that this cost has climbed substantially since this report was released.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of immigrants—legal and illegal—working in the United States grew by 3.4 million between February 2020, shortly before the onset of COVID-19, and February 2024. The number of U.S.-born workers, however, declined by 78,000 during the same period.” The Brookings Institution reports that since Biden was elected approximately twice as many illegal immigrants than legal have entered the country. This is not addressing the problem for the need of more highly skilled workers. It is hard to know the exact number of illegal immigrants who have recently entered the country and found employment.

According to BLS numbers, native-born employment fell by 651,000 in March 2024 from the same period last year, while foreign-born employment climbed by nearly 1.3 million. While we have had lots of job growth almost all of it has been from immigrants with roughly half of those jobs going to illegals.

This year immigrant workers make up 20% of the U.S. workforce and nearly 9 million were illegals. These immigrant workers are driving down the wages of American citizens. We have all been watching the BLS jobs being created each month but what most of us have been ignoring is the downward revisions which have been taking place for the past year. These revisions tell us that there are either some fuzzy calculations being put out by the BLS or there is something wrong with their methodology. Our point is that when all is said and done the BLS establishment survey is showing in some cases double the numbers of the household survey, which is a more accurate formula.

While in many cases illegals are taking on jobs that are very low wage that most legal citizens would not accept the cost to our welfare system is breaking the bank with estimates ranging from 150 to 450 billion dollars. Whatever the illegals are adding to economic growth is being eaten up by the cost of educating, feeding, and giving free medical care to those who have come here for the freebies.

We must take back control of our borders and get back to restricting access to those without proper vetting and legal process. Right now, we have a free-for-all going on at our borders and it has to stop as crime in the sanctuary cities is climbing by the day and the longer this border crisis goes on the more damage that will be done. We should all be vigilant as the warmer weather arrives and the money to support all of these illegal aliens becomes scarcer. My fear is that the worst is yet to come and the future turmoil will not be a cakewalk. With our law enforcement personnel down by as much as 25% in our major cities, violence may become the order of the day. We all remember the 2020 riots and I only hope we do not have a repeat of that horror which took place in some of our major sanctuary cities.

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3 replies on “Illegal Immigration Creates a False Economy”

Bus ’em all to D.C., slow down to 60 as you drop ’em off, and make sure they all have directions to Joepeddo’s basement.
See? EASY.

No wonder the lefties don’t like the word “invasion.” Article 4 section 4 of the U S Constitution clearly states Federal Government must protect every state in the union from invasion and guarantee a Republican form of government.

The only way out of the mess we’re in is to get rid of Biden and his Obama administration. The next time you vote, think about how far this administration has taken us on a downward spiral. If this continues, you will own NOTHING because the government run by O/Biden will take over and control everything…your health, what your children learn, what you spend and what you spend it on, the economy…every facet of your life. It’s
called Marxism/Communism! The Constitution won’t exist. If you have been paying attention, some of this is already happening by allowing illegals to converge on our country causing loss of jobs, overwhelming welfare cost, killings, car accidents, disease, higher taxes, even taking some of “our” Social Security which they never paid in to. More government is what this administration wants to bury us all.

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