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Idaho’s Swamp Dwellers Don’t Listen to the People Who Elect Them

It’s time that the taxpayers of Idaho wake up and take a hard look at the Idaho Swamp and the legislators who only work for themselves, the lobbyists, and the Governor. It has taken four years to get good gun rights legislation passed with concealed carry and campus carry.

The last important piece is the Castle laws in HB 444. It certainly wasn’t because of the legislative leadership and RINO committee heads that we currently have strong gun rights. It is because of the hard work of Greg Pruett and conservative representatives like Christy Zito who have jumped in with the gators and tied their jaws shut. Rep. Tom Loertscher and others have been running interference for Gov. Otter on more liberal gun laws for years and this Swamp Dweller needs to be voted out of office in the next election.

The problem in getting good legislation passed is our legislative leadership which blocks good bills so they can’t be voted on because of outside influences. We need to look at the crony leadership in the legislature starting with one being our current gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov. Brad Little. Here is a guy who espouses a hardy love for the 2nd amendment and says so in his political commercials.

The problem with Little is I can’t remember a time when he has actually stood up and supported good gun legislation that we have tried to pass. Instead, he has just remained silent as he is doing now and watched good laws go by the wayside and never reach the floor for a vote. Speaker Bedke is the next in line as he has a lot to say about who runs the committees and makes sure that those in charge of committees are controlled by him and the Governor. These Committee heads stall good legislation because someone who has influence over them does not want it heard or voted on.

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Gov. Otter maintains that we are the reddest of the red states well that is a lot of bull. Does anyone remember the State Health Exchange or perhaps his two most recent executive orders expanding Medicaid? It’s time for new leadership so let’s hear from Congressman Labrador and Tom Ahlquist. They need to weigh in on this bill and use whatever influence they have to get HB 444 passed.

It’s time to find out if they are really conservatives and where they really stand. It’s time we acted like the conservative state we are billed as by taking these politicians to task. If we don’t do something and act now, we will turn into another California and it will happen so slowly and quietly you will not notice until it is too late to do anything about it. We need to start taking action now and primary those swamp-dwellers who work for special interests. We need to get good conservative candidates to run for office and get rid of these 5- and 6-term RINO’s who are turning our state liberal.

Let me wake up the taxpayers of Idaho up. House Bill 563 is currently floating in the swamp, it passed our supposedly conservative health and welfare committee run by Rep Fred Wood or as I call him drift wood. This bill if passed will turn over $29 million dollars to Planned Parenthood giving them more money for abortions. Idaho is supposed to be a strong pro-life state? Let’s prove it by calling and e-mailing our legislators and telling them to kill HB 563 and pass HB 444 or explain why they won’t. It’s time to get our legislators in-tune with our citizens or for them to get the heck out of Dodge—because they are the problem.

I for one don’t want to live in California so let’s drain this swamp and get some good government. “We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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