John Livingston

Why are Davos Speakers so Angry?

“Could it be the cost of jet fuel or because no one believes their lies?”

I am still thinking about how angry the speakers at Davos this past week were. I watched elitist “experts” without any scientific credentials opine about CO2, methane, and greenhouse gasses. With a religious zeal they homolyzed a homogenized environmental Armageddon. And think about the keynote speakers Mr. Occidental Petroleum Al Gore and Mr. John Heinz Ketchup Kerry. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem called THE LADIES where he talked about how certain elite men ascend to authoritative assertiveness. One memorable line goes, “and they showed me the way to promotion and pay and I learned about women from her.” A strong woman can certainly make a man stronger, but a strong rich woman can make a weak man dangerous.

There is the old adage—and I will clean it up, that there are only 5 ways to become rich: 1. Win the lottery. 2. Inherit money. 3. Work like hell and build a business, fail several times—keep working and finally get it right and then sell your little empire and retire. 4. If you are a man be a great lover of women. 5. If you are a woman be a great lover of men. In this age of “wokeness,” I am sure there are other more modern iterations of the last two.

Neither John Heinz Kerry nor Al Occidental Gore are self-made men. They have never created anything. They aren’t entrepreneurs, scientists, or creatively engaged in the arena of ideas. They simply repeat what “feels good” to them. Emotionalism, mass confirmation bias, and scientism have replaced rationality. They fill the holes in their hearts where God should be with the religion of humanistic materialism—some would call it Marxism. They are intellectual “rent seekers” who repeat dogmas in an “echo chamber. G.K. Chesterton described such angry people this way:

“The madman is not the man who has lost his reason, but the man who has lost everything except his reason.

Let’s look at the record of The environmental movement that started with Rachel Carson’s publishing of SILENT RAIN in 1963:

DDT did not cause bird eggs to crack and banning DDT caused millions of people in poor countries to die because crop yields fell exponentially.

1970 Oil was predicted to be gone in 10 years. There are more known untapped oil and natural gas reserves today than at any other time in history.

1980 Acid Rain will destroy crops—crop yields for most crops have gone up 20% or more because of hybridization of seeds and new fertilizer technologies, and the recapturing of desert lands using genetically engineered seeds that require less water.

1990 The depletion of the Ozone layer in 10 years will destroy our modern existence. The sun still shines in Garden City and the grass is still growing on the golf course.

1997 Jarred Diamond argued in GUNS GERMS AND STEELE that people of European descent through colonization and enslavement subjugated their enemies to create wealth. Is that what happened when the Steam Engine and the cotton gin and the internal combustion engine were first deployed alongside an economic system that lifted more people out of the “bonds of grinding poverty” than at any time in the 3500-year history of modern man?

2000 Icecaps will be gone in 10 years. The “Road To The Sun” at Glacier National Park still doesn’t open in most years until July—just like it has always been.

2000 Y2K Will cause our economic and political systems to crumble. Maybe if you invest in “Crypto”. Sam Bankman-Fried is a big supporter of environmentalist causes—with other people’s money.

2019 A Political Pandemic that never reached the threshold of being a pandemic was an “existential threat” to mankind. Only if government bureaucrats and experts who have only read SILENT RAIN and GUNS GERMS AND STEEL are still running the show!

 I believe the reason so many progressive liberals are angry is because they have been wrong so many times. They are afraid that WE THE PEOPLE have finally caught on. I believe that Democrats haven’t been this angry since Republicans freed the slaves!

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