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How Living the American Dream Will End Up Destroying It

Op-Ed by Ed Humphreys
GOP Candidate for Idaho Governor

In the land of opportunity, we have been taught that if we work hard and play by the rules then we will succeed. This idea is a sacred part of being an American, it is the promise that everyone can reach for the absolute heights of their personal potential.

Countless people are flocking to Idaho in search of that promise. You see, Idaho is the last foxhole for the American Dream. Countless states have perverted American ideals and delivered up a socialist nightmare. Still, Idaho remains a bastion for freedom and family values. It is no surprise that families are flocking here. But that promise is being sabotaged…by us.

Are we to ignore what series of events derailed our sister states? Are we to ignore how the dream was lost in so many other places? Doing so would cause us to unnecessarily suffer a repeat of their history. You can move states or change political parties but if you continue to do the same things while expecting different results then I predict a nightmare in store for Idaho.

Raising your family, working hard, and minding your own business are integral to realize the promises of this land. Sadly, there are hordes of political operatives who have craftily hijacked the system to ensure their personal agenda is implemented while you are occupied living your best life. Now, every time you pay your taxes you are footing the bill to ruin Idaho and destroy the American Dream.

Untold millions of our tax-dollars are funneled into private organizations who employ teams of activists that implement their political agenda. Most of these organizations have nice sounding names and excellent marketing. Their stated purpose often seems reasonable and necessary.

Nonetheless, these organizations take our money and participate in schemes to mold our government and our communities to fit their purposes and agenda. They contribute to academic studies which promote what I like to call; “special-interest science.” Where the conclusions of a study nicely fit the worldview of the people who sponsored it.

These organizations use our money to market ideas like “white fragility” and “gender fluidity.” For my friends who have successfully ignored these senseless concepts, let me offer a definition for both; “white fragility” is how you characterize someone who refuses to engage in a conversation that always concludes with them being labeled a racist and “gender fluidity” means there are an infinite number of genders and our awful country brainwashed us to believe there are only two.

Remember, expressing anything contrary to the approved special-interest science is immediately mocked as bigoted hate speech or ignorant. The taxpayer funded non-profits which promote some of these ideas do an incredible job at organizing efforts to ensure their chosen candidates and causes are successful during elections, promoting protests and marches, and making sure their favorite activists have consistent pay and benefits during the political off season.

In short, if you continue to ignore that you are paying activists to harass our communities, then you are helping to ruin Idaho and destroy the American Dream. It is time for us to start asking more questions. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Socialist activists have job security in Idaho just as much as in California.

Enough is enough. It is no longer acceptable to funnel our hard-earned money into the coffers of political operatives and activists. It is time for us to take a stand for the free exchange of ideas instead of a subsidized exchange of pre-approved ideas.

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Ask your state politicians to make a law that says for a citizen to qualify to run for an elected office, or any politically appointed position, their parents, and their grandparents, must have been born in the state, or the person must have lived in the state for at least 15 years.

This would mean they have ROOTS in your state, and they either grew up being influenced by the values your state has, or they have had 15 years of influence after they moved there.

This law would help prevent liberals from moving to your state with the sole purpose of running for office, and turning your state liberal.

This rule should also apply to federal elected offices and politically appointed position.

Mr. Humphreys says he was, “…approached to run for governor.” He doesn’t say by whom. It would be interesting to know. If Mr. Humphreys truly believes in the things he claims to; less taxes, protecting unborn persons, that socialism is a nightmare, why does he not support our Lieutenant Governor’s run for Governor rather than split the vote, giving an advantage to Brad Little?
Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin defends the unborn, has promoted lower taxes, is the strongest opponent of socialism AND encourages citizens to become involved in government with her Capitol Clarity meetings; something no other official has ever done. She presents the public with facts about bills going through the legislative process so they can communicate with their legislators in an informed manner. If you want self government, all of your SELVES have to be involved. McGeachin helps people do that. Why would anyone want to run against her?

The series of EVENTs that destroyed Sister States ( those States that used to respect Constitutional liberties) were the ignorance or apathy or blind trust that Citizens exercised when delivering the most important tool they ONCE had- their precious vote. Conservatives voted for the status quo, or the silver tongue that made promises of greener pastures. Then they continued to vote in the ways aforementioned, even though the talk was not walked, year after year. California’s Marxist Party, disguised as the Democrat Party, consists of those very people who sit in our Federal Congress right now. Conservatives did not pay attention (I was one of them). Idahoan’s best pay attention right now to who is in their Legislature, AG office, Governor, and any other office that will affect their civil liberties and there pocketbook. WTP may still think that prior Legislative or Government service or age is key to providing leadership experience. I don’t believe this to be true. Term limits is a must. Recycling the same politicians to different positions will not be the answer, especially if those politicians have DONE NOTHING to stop or call out or demand censure of those pretenders hell bent on trampling on our civlil liberties. What’s the saying- the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. Wake up Idahoans- time to get rid of those incumbents who have not served you well. Know Who and WHY you are voting.

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