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Ammon Bundy a Man on a Mission

Well folks, it looks like this is going to be a very interesting race for the governor’s seat in 2022 as Ammon Bundy has declared he is running. This is what Americans do when they are displeased with the system and the people who are running their government. This is what people do who want to see change for the better and get back to living by the original constitution not a bunch of rules made up by some slap-happy, money-hungry politicians who have turned our government into a circus. We were not surprised at Mr. Bundy’s entry into the race for governor and, in fact, we had expected it for some time.

The only people who were surprised were the RINOs in the Republican Party who really don’t know what to expect from him during his campaign. They complain that he does not support law and order yet we have a governor who selectively closed down our many businesses in our state last year during the phony pandemic. It was the governor and his advisors who decided which businesses were essential and which were not. I would say this is the pot calling the kettle black. They put power in the hands of unelected officials from various health districts which issued edicts that everyone will wear a mask and caused untold psychological damage to many Idahoans both young and old. They closed our court system so there could not be access to a speedy trial and those who were charged with crimes could not even face their accusers as they were required to wear masks and were faceless.

Yes folks this is what Americans do when they see an abuse of governmental power. When they can close down states, require people to wear masks and decide which businesses are essential and which are nonessential. So why are republicans like Tom Luna so upset that Ammon Bundy has entered the race? Because he doesn’t play by their rules and is someone who is not afraid to stand up to tyranny imposed by officials who have strayed off course and become dictators instead of elected officials. Tom Luna, the GOP chairman who only won that position by only 4 votes, has said Republicans have no room for Mr. Bundy in their party. He complains that Bundy is not pro law enforcement, has been arrested for disobeying law enforcement, and supports Black Lives Matter.

Bundy never said he supported BLM or that he was not for law enforcement. Here is what Bundy actually did say In July 2020. “You must have a problem in your mind if you think that somehow the Black Lives Matter is more dangerous than the police” and “there needs to be a defunding of government in general, and especially the police forces because they’re the ones who are actually going to seek and destroy us.” Bundy is telling us that government has way too much control and the enforcers of that control for the politicians are the police. While law-abiding, tax-paying citizens were being arrested for attending church services and not wearing masks Black Lives Matter were rioting and trashing many of our big cities.

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If you were to read all the circumstances behind Ammon’s arrests you would understand that many of the charges against him were unjustified and unlawful. He was not even permitted to testify on his own behalf at his hearing in Boise’s county courthouse because of the mask mandate and, in fact, they arrested him for not showing. How do you defend yourself while wearing a mask when one of the most important parts of a trial is to see the reaction on the faces of your accusers and the jury? We all have the right as citizens to face our accusers and be judged by a jury of our peers. Luna and his cronies would like to dismiss Bundy as a non-entity in the race because of his past run in’s with the law. Unfortunately for Mr. Luna and the GOP when you look hard at legal aspects of the charges brought against Bundy and their depiction of him as a far-right candidate they are barking up the wrong tree.

Ammon is actually more of a conservative than the phonies in the Republican Party and caters to no lobbyists. We believe Mr. Bundy has scared the daylights out of the cronies in the Republican Party and they don’t know how to deal with someone who does not play by their rules. By the way I don’t believe Bundy said he was going to run officially as a Republican so I’m not sure why Luna is having such a hissy fit because he has entered the race. In any case, he has already said that Bundy will get no money from the party but we understand that the amount available to candidates will be insignificant when we are talking about a million-dollar entry fee just to get in the race.

Everyone should remember Tommy Ahlquist’s run in 2018 where he spent about 5 million and got only 26% of the vote and it was he who caused Little to win by a plurality. Tommy has always been a RINO just one that grazes quietly while taking advantage of every opportunity he can politically.

You have to love Tom Luna for his disingenuous comments about how he was elected chairman of the Republican Party to unite all Republicans to share and celebrate conservative values and preserve our traditional way of life. Let me tell you something folks the Republican Party in Idaho did nothing to preserve and protect our traditional values during the past year. Let me remind you once again that Tom Luna was the man who brought Common Core to Idaho which is still wreaking havoc in our school system. If anyone has lost their way when it comes to traditional values it is Tom Luna and the cronies who run the phony Republican Party here in our state. In fact, it is not the Republicans who run our state it is the lobbyists who pay for the cronies to get elected year after year.

So now we have 7 candidates running for Governor and you can be sure it will be a chaotic start now that many are getting on the campaign trail. The four candidates to watch are Little, McGeachin, Humphreys and now the infamous disruptor Ammon Bundy. To say the least, this is going to be fun to watch as Little tries to explain to Idahoans why he imposed martial law in our state for a disease that has a kill rate of 2 tenths of one percent. We wish Mr. Bundy, the latest entry into this race, and all the other candidates good luck except of course our current RINO Governor Little. He needs to go and we have 3 viable candidates that would make conservative governors in Idaho. We will find out next year if Idaho is still Idaho or if we have moved on to a new era of less conservative values and a larger more intrusive government.

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5 replies on “Ammon Bundy a Man on a Mission”

I think Ammon Bundy is a great person with a great stand. However, any vote for Bundy is simply a vote for Brad Little. Janice McGeachin has stood for freedom all year and has taken many stands against Governor Little. She has the experience to be able to handle the office. Bundy does not. We do not want another four years of Brad Little. Support Janice McGeachin. Thanks. Jim Hollingsworth

Agreed. Bundy has gone off the deep end I am afraid. He should have kept quite after his successful stand down in NV! His take over in Oregon Reserve resulted in his friend and protester Lavoy Finnican death and Jail time for others. His recent protest at the Capital in Boise got him banned from those premises! He should withdraw his bid for governor! He is Little/Otter light!

Dang dude! Those are some mixed up thoughts! LOL! Get a grip!
However, it is people like you who vote for the RINOs. WOW!

When I received the IdahoGOP newsletter where Luna said that Ammon Bundy was not welcome, I replied and reminded Luna the Tuna that HE was the one who lied and then brought “Common Core” to Idaho. I am glad to see you reminding everyone of that as well. Needless to say, he did not respond.

Regarding Ammon, nice guy, good causes, but we need Janice McGeachin as governor and we do not need votes being pulled away to allow another 4 years of Emperor Little. He needs to start local, his town or his county. Work his way up. We ALL need to work local first. If we change our cities and our counties, others will follow suit when they see how it works, and before you know it, the state will also be changed, for the better.

It is the same old story., “don’t vote for so-and-so because it will pull votes away from another candidate”
I will vote for Mr Bundy as he is the best person to be Governor of The Great State of Idaho.
Whatever happened to Vote for the best Candidate?

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