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What I want in a Government Servant

Public policy is built upon political philosophy. For conservatives the predicate for our political philosophy is built on the moral and ethical truths that have been handed down to us from the ancients of Athens and Greece and Israel, the Church Father’s, Magna Carta, The Common Law, and the Enlightenment philosophers. A unique political philosophy based on The Natural Law is “Canonized” in our Declaration and Codified in our Constitution. Natural Law theory is “a law imprinted in the hearts of all men made known through the faculties of reason and revelation.” The political foundations of our republican form of governance were designed by men who knew that they were not perfect and that man would never be perfect. This is a very different understanding of the Nature of man and man’s dependence on “DEVINE PROVIDENCE” than the “Devine authority of Kings” or the subservient positions when everyday people lived under the rule of Feudal Lords. Or the relationship between slave or indentured and master. It was also unlike the totalitarian theocracies that had common origins in The Levant and Middle East (Arab States).

I bring up these points because I am now beginning to think about who I will vote for in the Republican Primary. I live in District 19 and State Senator Grant Burgoyne is my Senator. For the past 33 years that I have lived in Boise I cannot recall a Republican ever winning a State Senate or Representative election in this district. But here is the kicker. Senator Burgoyne has a better Idaho Freedom Index score than several Republicans at our State House. He always answers my questions thoughtfully and with legal principles that I may not agree with, but which show his allegiance to his political philosophy and his understanding of our State and Federal Constitutions. The Senate Pro Temp of the Idaho Senate has a lower IFF Freedom Index score than my own State Senator and there are several members of Republican Leadership who are in the same ball- park.

I want to vote and support financially candidates who can articulate their Conservative-Christian political philosophy. How can Senator Winder call himself a conservative when he votes almost the same as Senator Burgoyne who calls himself a liberal and can easily state the bases of his progressive votes? Does Senator Winder know he is not a conservative, or does he not understand conservatism principles? Has he ever been able to reconcile his votes with conservative principles? Then why does he call himself a conservative? Is he pandering for conservative votes in his district or is he walking the tight rope of political expediency. He may “talk the talk—does he walk the walk”? Prove it to me and the voters in your district. Senator Burgoyne “walks his walk and talks his talk” It is a different walk and talk than mine 58% of the time but he is who he says he is and for that he has my respect and admiration and maybe my vote depending on who the Republicans put up. Would you rather vote for a liberal Democrat or a liberal Republican? Is there a difference? When confused vote for the one who says they are who they say they are. There is actually an argument to be made that voting for the liberal Democrat would be better, because they wouldn’t be in a position to contaminate the Republican Caucus. One bad apple can spoil the barrel—or taint votes for committee chairman.

I want to vote and support candidates who are strong on law and order and who want to fund the police at higher levels than they are funded now. I want to vote for a candidate who has the respect of law enforcement. Today in police departments and Sheriff’s departments across the country and even in our state morale of law enforcement officers is at an all-time low. They all need a Governor who “has their backs” and who will fund and support them. I also want a Governor who will commit to resisting any form of the Federalization of our local police and law enforcement and I want a Governor who will confront Federal Agencies like the FBI and DOJ when they overstep their constitutional authority especially when it comes to illegal surveillance of gun sales and leaking the names and addresses of gun owners to local authorities who may have a better chance of participating in warrantless searches of individuals homes and businesses like what is happening today in Seattle.

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I want to vote for candidates who will support independent outside audits of state government agencies and bureaus—especially the DHW and who would be interested in finding a new way of setting State budgets and taxing people—Grocery tax reform, property tax reform, the mechanism of assessing property values needs to be reformed.

I want to vote and support financially candidates who will allow state education funds to follow the students, support charter and home schools, and promise to “fight like hell” to do away with all forms of Critical Race Theory indoctrination programs at all levels of education.

I will vote and support candidates who will fight for Federalism and Free markets, and understand the negative impacts that certain government incentive programs have on competition and production. I will only vote and support candidates who are Pro Life. Period and Amen.

Finally I saw a list of questions that will be presented to candidates in the next 10 days. One of these questions was personal and irrelevant. Pending law suits, extra marital affairs, failed businesses and bankruptcies are irrelevant. How many of our founding fathers had affairs or fathered children from slaves? Look up Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and George Bush 1. Over half of our Founders went bankrupt after signing the Declaration of Independence. How many of the great generals of the world had mistresses, went bankrupt and were convicted of committing a felony offense or were court martialed before, after or during their service—look up Andrew Jackson, Daniel Boone, George Custer, U. S. Grant, Patton Eisenhower, King David, Alexander The Great.

I am not voting for a Saint—I will be voting for a sinner. Up front I know that and so did our founding Fathers. I want someone who is humble, believes in God and His Mercy. If you think you can find the perfect man or women to be your hero—they may not be the person you want to govern you. Think of all the perfect heroes you can remember who ran on their virtue—John Kerry, Pete Buttigieg, George McClellan—hundreds of others. The only great statesman I can think of in our country’s history who were also battle heroes were George Washington and Sitting Bull (Sitting Bull at one time had 9 wives—only two made the cut before he was confirmed in the Catholic Church!) The list of pretenders as they said in Top Gun is long, illustrious, and distinguished.

PS Could Donald Trump pass the Sainthood test? BPE (Best President Ever)


“Fight Like Hell”

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