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Enough is Enough!

Several years ago, in one of my first articles in the Gem State Patriot, I told the story of my Quaker grandmother being “shunned” at her Sunday Swarthmore Meeting by members of her congregation because her son was a Navy Fighter Pilot in the Korean War. Since the beginning of our country, many but not all Quakers have been known to be Pacifists and many were and are today conscientious objectors.

A tenant of the faith is TOLERANCE—very different than acceptance but watching the way my grandmother was treated by those “tolerant” souls taught me early on in life that those that profess to be tolerant are often the most intolerant. They don’t see the “log in their own eyes” but they are more than happy to point out shortcomings and sins in others. I hope I don’t come off this way today. Many young conservatives are seeing this for the first time in their lives. Some of the most racist people in the world, those who see all events through the prism of skin color, are calling us racist without knowing who we are based solely on the color of our skin or our European heritage.

We are called intolerant bigots almost daily because we live our own lives based on a moral standard and not based on our emotions. I for one don’t care who and how another person loves. I will always love the sinner, hate the sin, and call out evil for what it is and does to the hearts of those who fail. There is no limit on God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy. I for one have had to learn this the hard way and I am sure most Christians feel the same way. The magic of confession— forgiveness—and the mystery of redemption are something I would want for every person to experience.

Because I call out behaviors that I believe are sinful and wrong, doesn’t mean I hate the practitioners of those behaviors. I wish our Church Leaders, Educators, Governor, and Legislators in Idaho had a fraction of the moral courage and certitude that their counterparts have demonstrated in Florida and Texas. Governor DeSantis has led most parents in his State and confronted the evil promulgated by an amoral progressive godless corporatist culture. I am sure Idahoans feel the same way and almost every parent in our country does. Heck three members of the San Francisco School Board were recalled because of their aberrant views regarding the schools taking over the role of parents when it comes to issues of sex education of kids less than 9 years of age. A Republican Governor and Lieutenant Governor were elected in Virginia for the same reason. Our RINO leaders at the Statehouse this session gave token notice to the “”woke” culture germinating in our school systems and State Universities.

Today President Biden referred to God’s children during his speech on “Transsexual Day of Transparency” Invoking God’s Law or scripture out of context is itself wrong. A self-indulgent society indulging its own self-indulgence and not confronting the evils that this generation of young children are exposed too everywhere we look, is doing those same children no favors. Pornography, sex trafficking, gender assignment in elementary school and mutilating surgery that tries to address a dysphoria that only leads to more mental illness and a four-time higher rate of suicide than is found in the general population are evils that need to be confronted. There are medical conditions such hermaphroditism, and pseudo hermaphroditism, testicular feminization, and ovarian, testicular, and adrenal hyperplastic and neoplastic conditions, but these occur less than one in ten thousand live births.

These conditions need to be addressed by a team—most of all mothers and fathers, but also medical and psychological specialists and maybe the clergy. There is no place for educators or social workers in this process. The vast majority—the higher estimate that gender dysphorias occur 0.1% of the time, are psychological in nature. We know that the neocortex that provides “executive functions” of the nuero-endocrine axis isn’t fully developed until the age of 25. Talking about complex issues regarding sex, love, gender identification requires that higher cortical oversight not of the parents or teachers’ brains, but of the child’s (patient’s). Little children subjected to the proclivities of modernism need to grow up before they themselves are capable of addressing the issue for themselves.

These issues have presented themselves in all the modern cultures over the past fifteen hundred years. Aristotle talked of the different types of love—Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros. Each has its’ appropriate, place, time, and purpose. We are told that we are “made in God’s Image” in Exodus, and that God created man and women to serve each other, not themselves. God never makes “junk”. Phenotype and genotype follow 99.99% of the time. In Romans 1:27 we are advised:

“For this reason, God gave them over to dishonorable passions. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.” 

Love the sinner and hate the sin.

Blaise Pascual talked of filling the big hole in our hearts with the Holy Spirit and filling the smaller holes with the correct loves and spirits.

So, on this day of celebrating “transgender transparency” enough is enough. Enough hypocrisy. Enough pandering. Enough fake sympathy and empathy. Compassion requires confronting and stating the truth. Transgenderism is wrong and evil, and it is hurting our children and our culture. It is about grown-ups abusing the most innocent amongst us, our precious children and God’s greatest gifts, to validate the sin that they know they are living. And they know this and that is why they seek outside affirmation. Moral certitude does not seek the affirmation of others. Affirmation in this case is a form of psychological sublimation that further separates us from God’s love, forgiveness, and Mercy.

Time for us to get back to basics.

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As the wife of a USAF fighter pilot I appreciate your observations of people who are willing to accept the protection our armed services provide — preventing the atrocities we are this very day observing in Bucha, Ukraine — but unwilling to be grateful. As one of our friends who services Nazi Germany, although her father was tortured to death, shares what he taught her on his deathbed: “Do NOT be tolerant!” Do not accept that which goes against nature and Nature’s God. Resist evil and expose it and conquer it. We are not called to judge, but we are called to discern. The woke left and Putin would call us to accept what we see as “normal”: they serve the same master and he has NO LOVE for humanity. Pray for discernment, never give in to corruption. Serve the Lord with gladness.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, John. Personally, I hear Christ’s teachings all through your essay.
God loves you,
John M. Wheatley

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