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“Hail Mary” Idaho needs a J.D.Vance

Constitutional conservative Christians are being marginalized by establishment RINOs, a lap dog media, and now their sycophants in government agencies including a minority in our traditional ally—Law Enforcement. In Ohio thanks to the backing and endorsement of Donald Trump, JD Vance overcame a ten-point deficit in three months and won the Republican Primary by ten points. JD ran against the corruption in the Republican establishment. Republican politics is every bit as corrupt as the politics played by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The back room deals and the collusion between politicians, government agencies, and big business is a threat to our liberties in Idaho just as it is in many Blue States. The RINO leadership in the Idaho Republican party is pulling out the stops prior to our primary election on May 15th. People like Mike Simpson, Mike Crapo, Brad Little, Scott Bedke, Jim Jones and Bob Kustra are more aligned with the principles and political philosophies of Mitt Romney, The Bush’s, John Kasich, and Liz Cheney than they are with leaders like Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Ron Paul. Politicians receiving a large amount of their campaign contributions from out of State sources or industries within the State that they are charged with regulating incentivizes collusion, cronyism and ultimately corruption legal or illegal.

After watching TV commercials paid for by PACs from out of State for” Little Brad” and Mr. Wasdin I have it figured out these guys are “in transition”. They don’t even know what pronouns to use. Will Idaho “woke” educators and politicians soon be requiring that tampons be placed in the boys’ bathrooms in public schools—just like Oregon Governor Kate Brown has championed? Mandates for masks today—tampons tomorrow in MALE (there I said it) school bathrooms. We have watched Republican politicians go through a metamorphosis almost every other spring season—primary season. They “strut” their conservative bona fides like a rooster courting a hen then immediately following the primary and for the next two years in the legislature they vote like the RINOs they truly are. This metamorphosis of Republican establishment politicians has been given a name by “scientific experts”—”Romnification”. Ironically, this rhymes with fornication which describes what happens to the people of Idaho who realize too late what has happened. “Before we could say we weren’t that kind of a State—we wake up to find out we are”.

We had three conservative candidates running for Governor that have been “triangulated” by the establishment operatives in the Idaho Republican Party. We allowed ourselves to beat ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. The mainstream media in Idaho including KTVB—Brian Holmes and Morgan Romero, and Melisa Davlin at PBS, have facilitated the process of characterizing—”Sarah Palinization” conservative Idahoans and politicians. My most proud vote in my life was when I voted for my friend Butch Otter for Governor. His metamorphosis took six years. When he opined at the end of his third term that—and I paraphrase—that he believed government had a bigger role in solving the problems of the people, than he originally believed when he first got into politics, I knew we were moving in the wrong direction as a political party.

J. D. Vance needed Donald Trump to not only endorse him, but to come into his State and hold a rally. Maybe if Brad were true to his RINO principles, he could ask Mitt or Liz to come into Idaho and hold a rally for him. In a one on one against Brad a conservative candidate would win. The people of Idaho are “Trumpists” not “Romney—Bush— Cheniests”

As we get to the end of the primary campaign, I know this:

Conservative Republicans are in big trouble in our primary. Raul is our best hope in the AG race and Priscilla has a chance. The establishment Republicans fear both of these candidates and will pull out all the stops against them. In the Governor’s race we need a miracle—a “Hail Mary”

Ed Humphreys will someday be Governor of Idaho—I hope sooner rather than later. He has run an outstanding campaign proving that he has the people skills, stage presence, and political intuition to be a great Governor.

Janice is gaining positive momentum maybe too late into the campaign. The lesson to be learned is to follow Donald Trump’s advice” “I will debate anybody, anyplace, anytime”. Her only prayer is to have Mr. Trump hold a rally with thousands of people. Or to have Mr. Little hold a rally with Mitt Romney or Mrs. (Liz) Cheney.

Mr. Trump where are you? HELP!

“Hail Mary……”

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Insanity, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Vote out the career politicians like Mike Crapo.
Cleveland not Crapo – November 8th

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