Governor Little – Complicit With Destroying The Idaho Economy

There are many Idahoans who understand this COVID19 “crisis” is not about a communicable disease, it is about destroying our economy. Governor Little is participating in this economic destruction unilaterally, without legislative involvement, instead using bureaucrats to make illogical and discriminatory decisions to close businesses. His declaration of what are essential versus non-essential workers is reminiscent of language that defined the workforce in Germany during WWII. It is the federal agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that created this selection process. The health of the workforce is now guarded by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Offended by this comparison? We have a federal government that is defining an essential versus non-essential workforce based on which businesses can operate, and deciding who is fit enough to work. What is the difference? These decisions are all made behind the scenes for an economic death in our country.

Gov. Little is participating in this economic death for Idaho. On the Idaho government website Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity, he outlines his “stages” of reopening businesses, another CDC directive. One link on Idaho Rebounds is Resources for Businesses, which provides links to the Small Business Administration “cash grant” programs. Talk to any small business owner and they will tell you this is a program that has severe “certification” requirements that are next to impossible in meeting. If not met the “grant” actually becomes a loan that will have to be repaid to the government.

On the business resources page is a link to This is a front group for the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Economic Development Research Partners program. These are front groups used by a tyrannical, out of control, federal government with international ties for a specific agenda to dismantle and destroy the United States economically.

EDA “investment policy” establishes a foundation for “regional economies” based on regional collaboration which is key to “global competitiveness” and “national economic goals”. “Regions are the centers of competition in the new global economy” that facilitate “regional economic development”. Essentially, they are capturing “local businesses” to integrate them into EDA’s six regional offices. Through this program, there is a strong indication that the federal government is economically breaking up the United States. Indeed, Washington, Oregon, and California are already making plans to regionalize their economies.

IEDC is a non-profit based in Washington D.C., with members buried in all government levels. The mission, “Provide leadership and excellence in economic development for our communities, members, and partners.” This is based, in part, on their terms of “Social responsibility…building healthy, just, and competitive communities”, and “Diversity, tolerance, and equity”. IEDC claims more than 5,000 members across the world but keeps member information hidden except for participation by multiple federal agencies, cities, counties, selected entities such as the Eastern Idaho Economic Development Council, and others.

The Economic Development Research Partners (EDRP) program belongs to IEDC, the purpose is providing economic developers with research that advances the economic development profession. A few choice benefits are “Integrating regional businesses into the global economy” and “Strengthening workforce systems”. Members of this group are identified which includes the Idaho National Laboratory,

Restore Your Economy is about getting small businesses to join the federal and international agenda to regionalize U.S. economies. In 2008, IBM, a UN partner, was projecting what needed to be accomplished by 2020 in order to create a “globally integrated enterprise”. The Restore Your Economy program captures the Mom & Pop businesses and sucks them into this federal, global, integrated economic agenda. EDA’s “mission” is leading “the federal economic development agenda…preparing American regions for…success in the worldwide economy“, managed and regularly updated by the IEDC. “IEDC’s strategic directives includes…”globalization” and economic restructuring.” Why is Gov. Little promoting and participating in this?

The UN Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) scrutinized ways in which to capture Mom & Pop businesses and recommended it should be done through government funding. This is being accomplished through the EDA. Three OECD recommendations include loan guarantees to fund small businesses, developing policies to stimulate lending, and establishing financial institutions designed to address the unique needs of small businesses. According to OECD “The success of small businesses is essential to the strength of regional and national economies.”

This is why and how we are being economically destroyed, the ploy of using a virus to justify economic destruction in order to force small businesses into globalization. But the goal has always been to “change the economic development model”. If it sounds dramatic just ask one of many Idahoans who are experts in how the economy works. They will tell you this is exactly what is happening, the economy is being nationalized, capitalism will die, and it is these despots who will be making all the decisions about the economy. How it will run, what the workforce will be, how you will be educated for that workforce, what you will earn, with all of this trickling down into monitoring you and what you are doing to comply.

Idahoans, this is the warning leading up to an economic Pearl Harbor. Don’t wait for that Pearl Harbor moment. Governor Little is doing nothing to protect us, he is a part of it. The time to organize is now, it is time that Idahoans exercise their responsibility for self governance and demand that Idaho is removed from these economic disasters that have been planned for us. Governor Little has allowed the federal government into our state to change our economic system, how much more warning is needed to come together and take action to stop it? We elect representatives to represent us, no representation was allowed in any of these decisions by the Governor. When this economic Pearl Harbor hits, it quite possibly might be too late to ever reverse it. The economy is just one small piece of this whole picture, many other aspects are in play that supports the economic devastation. Be a sheep dog, don’t let these wolves take over.

3 thoughts on “Governor Little – Complicit With Destroying The Idaho Economy

  1. Excellent piece.
    The serious consideration of state secession is long past due.
    This entire “relationship” between the Federal Government and the several states has become no different than a terrible mistake of a marriage to a constantly manipulative, psychologically and physically abusive spouse.
    It should come to an end and “we” should inform our “partner” that the relationship is over.
    Given what the author so aptly illustrated in her essay, make no mistake that the other party in this disgusting affair is bent on our destruction and the fact that they just “bailed-out” their friends again to the tune of another six trillion and counting, leaving those not-yet-born stuck with another horrific, unpayable I.O.U., exactly what should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?
    God forbid that we should try to live in a state of actual freedom for a change rather than having every single act and now even what are permissible thoughts dictated to us by thieving, power-mad characters who are clearly insane.
    (“The borrower is the slave to the lender.” That is what we and our progeny have been reduced to and it is well past time to throw off the chains of bondage.)

  2. American is being ‘outflanked’ by many corporate agendas. Primarily by a planned agenda called “Inspired To Serve”. IMHO it should be renamed ‘Required To Serve’. Originally commissioned by Obama and McCain, and quietly slipped into the 2017 NDAA, — the COVID Coup is the “never let a crisis go to waste’ maneuver. This monster legislation plan, H.R. 6415, is waiting for a POTUS signature. More information available at the following links:

    ‘Pandemic At Center Of Globalist & Psychological Warfare Against Freedom’, by Brannon Howse:

    Inspire To Serve: ‘The Coming Military Draft For Girls & Forced Social Justice Community Service For U.S. Students?’, by Brannon Howse:

    Inspired To Serve – Final Report (255 pages):

    H.R. 6415 – Inspire To Serve Act Of 2020:

  3. NWO, Agenda 2030, Globalization, what it all equates to is “slavery”. Read through half of the Strategic Plan and all I could think of is, wow, sounds like the author/s could be the same who penned Agenda 2030.

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