‘American Sheeple’ — The Fleecing of America

While there are many conspiracy theories popping up these days in relation to the covid19 crisis I think the real problem is how the American people have reacted like a bunch of sheeple following federal and state government orders to shut the country down. I do believe that there are sinister forces at work that created this crisis. While many businesses will be lost due to this unnecessary shutdown it may be the wake-up call Americans needed to see just how far our government will go when it comes to running our lives. What I fear most is that my America has changed and we will continue to sleep as our country is taken over by the medical bureaucrats who no seem to be in charge of our lives.

I believe this is a test and a prelude to something bigger that we should expect in the future, especially if we wind up with someone like Joe Biden as president. If Trump is reelected whatever they have been planning will be much harder to implement until after his term has ended. This shutdown should make every American aware of just how powerful the deep state is. We have only to look back to see how the Russia investigation was handled. We are just now finding out how corrupt the FBI is at the top tier of this supposedly premier law enforcement agency. I believe we have only begun to scratch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how corrupt Washington’s bureaucrats are. This wholesale corruption goes to the very root of the problems we have today not just on the federal level but on the state level as well. Corruption feeds on itself and once it takes hold it is hard to stop as the more power we allow them the faster they will drive us into complete submission.

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What is even more worrisome is how this bureaucratic corruption has infiltrated so many of our states both Red and Blue. This crisis that has been created by the Chinese was the perfect storm for the major bureaucracies like the CDC, NIH, and WHO to take over and cause this devastating shutdown of the most vibrant and largest economy in the world. They have found Americas Achilles heel, the fear of dying. Have we lost our faith in God entirely? I pray that is not the case. Aided by the major media outlets the deep state has been allowed to impose unbelievably draconian measures on the citizens of our country in the name of public safety. Never in our history has anything like this happened. In past times of crisis, you would find little fear in most Americans even during some of our worst wars in history. Americans have never been afraid to meet the enemy head on and have never turned away from a fight for liberty and justice either here or abroad.

So what has changed in the last 50 years that has made Americans so fearful of a flu bug that has caused us to commit economic suicide? Let’s look at some real numbers. In 2017/18 the CDC’s estimated flu deaths of 46 and 95 thousand, 45 million were symptomatic and 810,000 hospitalized. In 2018/19 they were 23 to 56 thousand dead, 36 million symptomatic, and 490,000 hospitalized. As of May 3rd, there were 1.3 million confirmed cases of Corona in the U.S. and 68,000 deaths for a flu with no known vaccine. So while the numbers do not appear to be much different than past years, we have closed down our country for business. Does anyone see the rationale in this shutdown? The only difference between this year and the previous 2 flu seasons is the media have hyped this to the point of scaring the crap out of every American that they could die from this flu. In actuality, this has been the preferable lie that has been permeated through our country with the backing of the CDC, NIH, and the WHO along with social media giants Facebook and Google.

Our government bureaucrats along with health agencies and the liberal media have turned America into a country of Sheeple because we accepted their lies and followed their orders. We never questioned the authority of the CDC, NIH, or WHO until recently and if Trump were not our president they would cripple our economy so badly that we would never recover. I believe this was their intent all along and the American public played right into their hands. When it comes to blame, many of the corporations of this country have been complicit in heightening the critical nature of this pandemic. I say this because it took a pandemic to find out just how vulnerable we are as a nation because of globalization. Very few of us understood how globalization was affecting our supply chains of critical products like surgical masks and pharmaceuticals. Major drug companies have been moving their manufacturing and sourcing operations to China and India for years so they could find cheaper labor and increase their profits to the detriment of the American people.

Previous administrations going back to George H.W. Bush have allowed the outsourcing of critical goods as corporate lobbyists became entrenched with the deep state to promote this fleecing of Americans. If you wonder why the RINOs and Liberals hate Trump so much it is because he cut off their gravy train to restore some economic order to our country. We saw the transition in the past 3 years as Trump tore down regulations remade trade deals and slowed the immigration of illegals as cheap labor all the things that were promoting the advancement of globalization. While previous administrations promoted wars with no end and the military establishment raked in billions in profits America continued to go deeper into debt. If it were not for Trump being elected who knows what dire straits our county might be in today.

It has taken decades for America to become a truly divided country, as those who drank the Kool-Aid are the ones still pushing climate change and more government regulations. Those who refused the Kool-Aid elected a unique president who saw America’s future fading and was determined to change it. This is how countries are driven to socialism and the people become Sheeple when they no longer question their government’s choices or policies. We were at the tipping point in 2016 and by the grace of God we wound up with someone at the helm of the ship who saw where the deep state was taking our country. We are still at the tipping point and have once again been brought to the brink by this sharp division which continues to fester the mantra of socialism and government rule.

It’s time for every red-blooded American who desires to be free from the tyrannical rule of big government to stand up and be counted in this next election. If we don’t this may be the last election you get to vote for the candidate of your choice. The socialists are on the warpath and this pandemic is just the beginning of their dirty tricks to bring American to its knees. We have allowed them to close down the largest economy in the world and drive us even further into national debt. If we allow this to continue we will be to blame for the demise of the greatest experiment in the history of the world. God gave us our rights and we cannot let those who are hungry for power to take them away from us. It is time to stand up and be counted. We must go back to work and ignore the lies being told by the bureaucrats. They want us to be fearful of a disease that up till four months ago did not exist and has proven to be no more dangerous to healthy individuals than the common flu. We must, by all means, protect those most vulnerable but those of us who are healthy need to get back to work supporting our families.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”.

Those are the very states with the most debt that will take advantage of this crisis to garner more than their fair share of government bailouts for every problem they have created. If anyone thinks this crisis will be over any time soon they are sadly mistaken as many of our governors will try to milk the feds for every nickel they can get. The cost of this shutdown is going to affect our country for many years as you can’t just shut down a twenty-three trillion-dollar economy and turn it back on like a light switch. Too many small businesses in America have been living on the cusp and were just getting back on their feet with Trump fixing the economy, this made-up crisis by the CDC and NIH will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Whether it will take 6 months or 2 years to get back to some semblance of normalcy is not known. What I will tell you is what many of the economists I have dealt with from my past in the investment community are predicting some real dire consequences as a result of this shutdown. It is the small businesses that will suffer the most and these are the backbone of our economy.

While Brad Little is a nice guy on the surface, in my opinion, he has no real understanding of economics and I find him lacking in both people and business skills. What he is not lacking in is how to work with those who have helped him become governor and are still corrupt to the bone. These are the kingpins who love big government and have learned how to benefit from taxpayer money. Little has never been a real businessman and it is my contention he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He and his family own tens of thousands of acres of land in our state most of which have leases with drilling companies to explore for oil and gas. While he can ride a horse and has a nice cowboy hat on his head he would be better seated on a carousel with his crony handlers at IACI. His grandfather was the largest sheepherder in Idaho and Brad was part of the flock. Brad cut his teeth while he was chairman of IACI some 20 years ago which is why they are the puppet masters and pull all of the strings along with the powerful medical community. He and many members of our legislature need to be culled from our government and I’m hoping this event that is taking place will show Idahoans that they need to get off their dead butts and vote them out of office. Economically this shutdown will probably take a couple of years to recover from although much harm has already been done that can’t be changed.

The most disheartening part of this to me has been the reaction of the younger generations who by their willing participation in this fiasco have furthered the cause of socialism in America. Americans have become very soft in their reactions to this shutdown and it will now be a lot easier to turn them into the sheep government wants during the next crisis. Sixty years of indoctrination by our public education system has done much to change the spirit of many younger Americans because they were never taught the history of our great country and how brave our forefathers were when they took it from the British. Many know little about European history or even Asian history and how dictators have slaughtered millions of their people in the name of socialism. As I always say if we don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

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6 thoughts on “‘American Sheeple’ — The Fleecing of America

  1. The difference between the Wuhan flu and the seasonal flu is the R Naught or transmissibility rate (5.7) coupled with the mortality rate (5-10% variable by country). (By contrast the Spanish flu was R Naught 1.8 to 2.4) The shut downs did nothing so far but buy time. They were not entirely unnecessary but I do agree we cannot allow them to kill the economy. Minimizing just how lethal this flu is does no service to any one. Failing to grasp exponential spread and its ramifications is the general problem. Governor Little may not have a great grasp of economics but he appears to have a grip on basic biology, which is what one would expect of a rancher ( I was a Raul Labrador supporter so don’t think I am being a sycophant)

  2. While I would agree with you 100% about the people’s reaction or in this case, lack thereof, I have seen some pretty disturbing evidence of the extent of this corruption within our governmental agencies. As more facts and evidence about this “virus” come out, it’s clear that it was not just an accident. You can’t fool the medical community. Eventually, ethical doctors with integrity will eventually figure this out as they are now. This is not a “simple” virus people. It has been ENGINEERED to attack multiple organ systems within the body by a lab. There is also strong and convincing evidence that the CDC and NIH are at least partially complicit in this. The facts and evidence are too lengthy and complex to share here but I am happy to share them with anyone who wants them. Meanwhile, the more important message is DO NOT TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE AGENCIES (i.e. CDC, NIH, FDA, etc)!!! They have lied every step of the way, as was apparent to any of us physicians with a brain.

  3. Quatermain, you are DEAD WRONG on mortality rate!! The mortality rate of this virus isn’t even close to 5-10%. The numbers provided by the incompetent and corrupt CDC are misleading and outright lies. First off, the number of infected people(the denominator) is actually MUCH, MUCH higher than reported. As Stanford University and several others have shown now, there are literally thousands of people who have already had and recovered from this illness without even showing symptoms. Second, the mortality(the numerator) is GREATLY exaggerated. Hospitals have been directing staff and physicians to label every death as a COVID-related death whether it is or not. All these people are not dying of COVID. Hospitals are doing this to get money from the government to support them financially during the shutdown. Do you think that people just stopped dying of other causes like heart disease, cancer, etc. suddenly, now that COVID is on the scene??? Of course not. But if you look at mortality numbers being reported for those diseases nationwide, they are dramatically down. Don’t believe the CDC!!! They are lying to you.

    1. i don’t believe the CDC or the lame stream media. I look much more broadly and take figures from other countries and other sources. I suggest you do the same. This is no seasonal flu with sniffles. This is an engineered bio weapon. It has already killed, in less than four months, more Americans than we lost in Viet Nam. I cannot get any verification of hospitals directing staff to label every death as a Wuflu death. I speak with local doctors on this issue. The death rate, btw, is not the number of infected (testing problems are included) but the number of recovered versus fatalities (Case Fatality Rate). I has to be resolved with one of those two methods. Failure to get this right puts us into a replay of 1919 this Fall.

  4. Ummmm. Sorry, but you’re wrong. Data from other countries supports lower death rates as well and not sure what “local doctors” you’re speaking to but they’re either lying or haven’t had a death that they’ve actually had to deal with. (I suspect this is the case as the vast majority of physicians in the state haven’t even had to even treat a COVID patient) As a physician myself, I have verified this with personal interaction as well as reports from other physicians across the country. The fact of the matter is that most COVID-related deaths are not resulting from the virus itself but from the body’s immune reaction to it and the effects of that immune reaction on other organ systems. This is a direct result of the engineering of the virus and I believe you are correct that this was indeed manufactured as a bio-weapon of some sort.
    Additionally, your method of calculating CFR is also incorrect. CFR is calculated by dividing the number of dead by the number of confirmed cases–NOT RECOVERED CASES. Look it up. The numbers of those recovered vs dead can’t be calculated with ANY accuracy because the numbers have been skewed so badly. But, one has to assume that when including not just those who supposedly have tested positive for the virus, but also those who have recovered, the denominator is exponentially larger than originally assumed. Might “some” of those current infections eventually lead to death? Potentially, yes but the numbers at this point appear to be extremely small in comparison to the much larger quotient of individuals who have already had the virus and recovered from it and aren’t even being included in the calculations by the CDC.

  5. As to COVID being a bio-weapon, that’s mostly speculation, isn’t it?
    If it was engineered as a weapon, then it has been a signal failure — unless it was never intended to actually kill vast numbers of people, but rather serve as a pretext for controlling them by means of psy-ops. THAT has been wildly successful.
    If you want to know the real lethality of this thing, CFR (case fatality rate) is NOT the thing to look at. The absolute mortality rate is all that matters; what percentage of world population is actually going to die before a decent level of herd immunity sets in.
    Here is what is NOT speculation:
    A reasonable estimate could have been made back in the beginning of March as to mortality rate. The Diamond Princess cruise ship was a very good controlled experiment (although unintentional). Go here: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6912e3.htm and crunch the numbers.
    This ship had a mortality rate of 0.024%. Remember that the median age of passengers and crew was 58 years. The transmissibility was around 19%, which jibes quite well with later antibody studies which estimated transmissibility of 15%. As all thinking persons know by now, the the later case numbers and numbers of COVID-caused deaths are quite unreliable, as is most “information” coming from WHO or the CDC.
    Stick with the Diamond Princess data, because that was collected before the need was seen to pad the numbers and save the reputations of the medical “experts”.
    Oh, and remember: the curve has declined drastically over the past week in most places in the world.
    A bad-scenario estimate for total global deaths caused by COVID when all this blows over is 1.5 million. Compare that to estimated annual figures for:
    Lower respiratory infections (includes bacterial and viral) — 3.9 million deaths.
    AIDS — 2.8 million deaths (that’s an eye-opener, hey?)
    Diarrhea — 1.8 million deaths.
    Tuberculosis — 1.6 million.
    Malaria — 1.3 million.
    We don’t need any medical “experts”. They are all scientismists; they put blind faith in the “scientific” “authorities”.
    Any schmuck could have crunched the numbers for the Diamond Princess like I did. People just don’t want to use common sense and go to the trouble of doing their OWN homework.

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