(TLC) Trespassing on Logic and Common Sense with COVID19

We have seen studies from Stanford University on Santa Clara County that indicate that 50 to 85% of the people have already been infected. Similar studies from the University of Southern California showing in Los Angeles County up to 50% of the people have been infected and now in N.Y. there are saying that 20% of the population have been infected. We are seeing the same results repeat themselves even in states where there are lower populations.

These numbers are telling us that the mortality rate of this virus is just about that of the regular flu. Will there be opposition arguing that the studies are not done properly and therefore the results are wrong. Yes, there will always be challenges to statistics on things like this but we are getting to the point of overwhelming evidence. These three separate studies are showing that the numbers that have been projected by Fauchi the CDC and NIH have been completely off the mark. Remember they started with 2 million dead now we are down to 60,000, less than in most bad flu years.

The only thing new in the Governor’s recent address is the addition of a new website telling us that the shutdown is not going to end any time soon. This, in my opinion, is a non-decision and Chicken Little’s way out, meaning he is still listening to the bureaucratic bean counters in the public health medical community. What he has done is to continue to pick winners and losers instead of allowing everyone to open up using common sense in keeping their customers safe. He is not talking about any repercussions for these businesses from a legal standpoint for opening just telling them to stay closed. What he should do is allow these businesses to open and see if they get any traffic. If consumers feel safe they will patronize these establishments and if they are still fearful they will avoid these businesses. This is what is called the free market. Common sense would tell people if they are going to put themselves in jeopardy they will avoid and businesses they are skeptical of entering.

Governor Little has shown us that he is not a real leader but a follower of advisors. The Governors approach to this virus has been wrong from the beginning. The real question has always been are we trying to keep people from dying for are we trying to keep everyone healthy because the CDC has already told us that everyone will eventually get this bug. This virus is not going to go away till we have attained herd immunity and there is no way we can stop it. Dr. Livingston’s suggestion to sequester those who are most vulnerable was the best idea to flatten the curve. We have never had more than 1/3 of our hospital beds used for COVID19 patients. We have only to look at the age and medical condition of those who have died. The data is clear but the governor his advisors have ignored it. 11.3% of Idaho’s population are in their 60’s and 9.8% are in their 70’s so instead of protecting the 20% of the population that are most vulnerable He has closed the entire state. The problems that are yet to come because of this shutdown will cause more deaths and heartache than the virus itself. Bad decisions yield bad results.

We have lots of unanswered questions. We have not heard the governor nor any of the doctors running this circus say one word about the fact that Hydroxychloroquine has been effective in saving people’s lives from this virus. In fact, we don’t even know if they are using the drug in our hospitals and clinics which I find kind of odd. It may be because he and the docs are tuned into CNN instead of looking at the real results. The other thing we don’t know is how many of the 51 dead had medical complications when they were diagnosed with the virus and potentially died of other causes? Wouldn’t that be an interesting piece of information to disseminate if they wanted to ease the public’s fear of this virus? If we don’t have more than 10 cases in 21 of Idaho’s counties why isn’t the governor opening up those counties for business? It’s time we had some answers to these questions.

The economic damage being done by keeping so many businesses shut down is going to be something that we will regret for many years to come. Some people who have put their life’s savings into their businesses will probably lose everything. The U.S. unemployment rate just hit 26% that is 4% higher than during the 2008 housing crisis recession. Home sales are down 15% and you can be sure that credit card bills are not being paid on time but are running up a tab on their debit balances at 18% or more. Oddly enough even Glen Beck mentioned on his show that Idaho should open up with the small amount of cases and deaths they have. He even rattled off some staggering numbers on how this continued shutdown would severely damage our state both in GDP and in unemployment if it went on for several more weeks.

Strong leaders do no let fear rule when it comes to decision making but instead use logic and common sense to deal with matters like the one at hand. Our governor is afraid of making a decision on opening the state because of bad advice from the medical community. In the end, it will not be his decision to open up for business but the people of Idaho’s willingness to lose their fear and go back to their daily lives. Bad advice, in this case, can yield tragic results.

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11 thoughts on “(TLC) Trespassing on Logic and Common Sense with COVID19

  1. Right on, as usual, Bob. The level of corruption regarding this charade is sinister and evil. The media don’t want HC to work because it destroys their agenda. They want people to die so they can blame it on Trump. Death rates are being EXTREMELY and FALSELY inflated by hospital personnel at the direction of administrators. Why doesn’t anyone question why death rates due to other causes during this “pandemic” have plummeted? Do you think people are no longer dying of heart disease, cancer, or other illnesses? Somehow, all these other deadly medical conditions are now on hold due to COVID? Of course not. But they are being lumped into the COVID death count bunch by hospitals in order to secure government funding. It’s time to do something about Little. How can we start a recall?


  2. Well said, Sir! I firmly believe the governor’s reaction to this bad situation will make it monumentally worse. There is absolutely no reason for this state of 1.8 million population to shut down over the passing of 56 Idahoans suffering from Covid-19 (and as mentioned, we don’t know their underlying conditions). It is sad indeed, but it will be sadder when we experience both emotional and financial devastation.
    I have written the Governor my feelings The state needs to be reopened now, and hopefully a majority of Idahoans have as well.

  3. As soon as the leftist main stream media was through with reporting on impeachment, because impeachment was unsuccessful, they needed a fresh, new story to continue their attacks on Trump and the American people. Let’s remember that for the last 3+ years the leftist media has been hoping and praying for some event that would destroy the economy so that Trump will not get reelected. Conveniently, the corona virus (commie flu) was already there waiting to be exploited. All the media needed to do was to apply some of their hysterical, “hair-on-fire” reporting to scare the hell out of people and trigger the largest economical collapse in history.

    Politicians claim that their decisions are based on science and advice given to them by leading scientists. I think that decisions are really being made based on all the hysterical reporting in the leftist media. Politicians are more interested in pleasing the leftist media by playing along with the leftist media’s narratives. Politicians are too spineless to risk going against the leftist media’s narratives because of fear of being attacked by the left. Look what the leftist media is doing to the governor of Georgia.

    Americans have been patiently tolerating the left for much too long. It is clearly evident that the left and Americans can not coexist. It is time to end the tolerance for the left.

  4. Thank you, Bob. I agree with your analysis completely. Might I also add that it becomes more apparent each day, that the whole point of everything is to instill fear in the people so that they will clamor for “safety”. Fear suppresses the immune system, leading to more disease, and just like we have the placebo effect, we have the nocebo effect where people can actually think themselves into sickness. As Ben Franklin famously said, “those who willingly give up essential liberty for security, deserve neither.”
    I leave you with this quote from William Pitt, the Younger in 1783 as he spoke before Parliament: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.”

  5. “Bad advice, in this case, can yield tragic results” Indeed and within 60 to 90 days of reopening we will know beyond a doubt what was bad advice and what was good. As of today 983 recovered and 56 dead in Idaho equals a fatality rate of 5% . Substantially higher than the seasonal flu.

    1. Sorry, Sir, but since Idaho has not tested the entire population, in fact, a VERY VERY small segment, the calculation is incorrect. Idaho has a population of about 1.8 million and 56 have passed away, and those who either were asymptomatic or had minor symptoms were not tested at all. According to those numbers, the death rate is .003%.

    2. You failed to allow for the number of people infected who went unreported due to mild or no symptoms, when you derived your death rate. The CDC takes months to estimate the number of unreported flu cases to arrive at the flu death rate. If you calculated the flu death rate without accounting for unreported cases you would also get a result in the mid-single digits.

    3. Another Kool-Aid drinker.
      The figure you quote only includes those cases that are verified — assuming “verified” means ‘verified’, which it doesn’t, because the standards the CDC mandates are loose as all hell, and out of conformity to previous practice.
      What really matters are these basic facts:
      As of April 27, 58 deaths in Idaho, Total population of Idaho = 1.8 million.
      Therefore, percent of Idahoans dead from COVID = 0.000322.
      It makes absolutely no sense to have any restrictions at all.
      You are correct about one thing: “within 60 to 90 days of reopening we will know beyond a doubt what was bad advice and what was good.”
      But we ALREADY know that shutdown has been bad advice so far. There is no rational basis whatever to think it will become good advice in the future.

  6. I believe the virus to be a man made bio-weapon intended to wipe out most of the world population and it failed badly. However even though the virus failed the agenda is still the same and must go on until those who are left get the mark of the beast and are thorally controlled by the New World Order. Controlled by despicable monsters that drink the blood of stressed out babies many who were found along with young kids {thousands} in cages under New York City and LA by the US Marines. That’s why the Navy hospital ships were there!
    These monsters have been around a very long time and their time is up. Theirs a very big war going on mostly unseen between good and evil happening now and when the evil is mostly gone we will see a new age of truth and abundance. So all most of us can do is just sit back and watch the show and hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

  7. It is perfect, Gov Do-little wearing a mask to save us from looking at him! He has failed during this alleged crisis and should step down or resign! He has rob the citizens of Idaho their Constitutional Rights, Period!

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