Glenn Rohrer on Otter’s State of the State Speech

Conservative Republican Senate candidate Glenn Rohrer said Tuesday lawmakers should focus on cutting taxes in 2016, not on creating and expanding entitlement programs, as Governor Butch Otter has suggested. “I challenge Senator Shawn Keough to object to Otter’s budget plan and fight for tax relief for District 1 residents,” said Rohrer.

“In his State of the State and budget request the Governor proposed new entitlements that will increase the size of government, encourage more people to be dependent on state programs, and do nothing to provide any tax relief. Last year, Senator Keough and a majority of her colleagues voted to raise taxes and fees. Idahoans need a break, and the 2016 session is the time to provide it,” said Rohrer.

Rohrer said he is listening to the people in District 1, “When elected, I will bring their priorities to the table, which include creating a free-market, job-friendly Idaho, by eliminating onerous regulations, stopping the state from competing with free enterprise and reducing taxes. I will support a Constitutional Carry bill and work to create a free-market alternative to a failed state healthcare system,” he stated.

The people in our district believe in personal responsibility, small government, and economic freedom. “Representing them is my top priority,” said Rohrer.

Gem State Patriot News