Gary Hourigan to speak at Hayden area Tea Party Meeting

Gary Hourigan to speak on Common Core at Hayden area Tea Party meeting on Wednesday, January 20th at the Hayden Library

Gary Hourigan spent over thirty years in the mental health field working with chronically mentally ill who were mostly outpatients, as well as in hospitals and in prisons/jails. He has seen first-hand the results of a poor education, especially inculcating a negative view of America and the economic opportunities it can provide.

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He became concerned about the negative aspects of our education system when he had to buy old used math books to help his daughter, as her eighth grade math class had no books, just homework assignments. It was not just math, but other areas that were not being taught the way he had been. This was not yet Common Core but the road to Common Core.

Although his children are grown and out of school he says it is disturbing to see Common Core now being pushed in the schools across the nation. He would like to see more local control and flexibly in curriculums which reflect communities’ values.

Gary Hourigan is a new to the North Idaho area moving over from Tacoma, WA.

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