New Revelations Encourage US to Fully Withdraw from the UN!

Last week the AP published an explosive investigation that revealed shocking atrocities done to children by United Nations peacekeeping troops over the last decade. The AP exclusive article starts like a scene from a movie with abandoned children in Haiti merely struggling to survive, while the UN troops took full advantage of them in exchange for cookies, snacks, and a few dollars.

If this investigation doesn’t convince Congress that the United States needs to get out of the UN, then what will it take? Even more shocking, is this isn’t new news. It has been happening since the earliest UN “peace” missions. And victims aren’t seeing repercussions; the majority of the alleged perpetrators are still slipping under the radar without any accountability.

While President Trump is looking for ways to slash the United Nation’s funding, the United States needs to make a full withdrawal. This investigation reveals that the organization is corrupt to its core. No amount of changing it will make it any better. Fortunately, H.R. 193 or the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act” would end participation and funding in the United Nations, entirely! It is time to ratchet up our efforts to ensure that American taxpayers are not subsidizing such evil.

Slowly and surely, Americans are beginning to understand this UN threat. The building block of civilization is the family, and we must do more to protect the family’s greatest asset, its children. Society’s most vulnerable should not be made incidentals during the process of accomplishing the global agenda of world government. The UN not only affects these innocent children on the other side of the world, but its tentacles reach us in our own communities as well.

The UN’s influence is creeping at your doorstep; spying on you through your smartphone, TV, computer screen and seeping into your communities, just like George Orwell’s novel 1984. Past administrations have allowed the encroachment of Agenda 21, the destruction of private property rights, massive illegal immigration, and the start of the UN’s Strong Cities Network in order to further the United Nation’s agenda.

Although it seems unlikely the UN’s “peace” troops would ever land on American shores, the evil influence that manipulates and threatens our independence and liberty is already well-entrenched. When is enough, enough?

Get together with your John Birch Society chapter, your neighbors, your friends, fellow Americans and pressure your representative and senators! Convince them to work for passage of H.R. 193. End U.S. participation in the UN today!

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