Leftists and Progressives Drone on at Labrador Town Hall

As Publisher I would like to make a few observations before we get to Susan’s comments.

This account by Susan proves the point I made a couple days ago on the Kevin Miller Show that this group called “Indivisible” are nothing but a bunch of obnoxious rabble rousers who shouldn’t have been permitted to attend this meeting. This, folks, is nothing like the Tea Party Movement and in fact, they are more like a bowel movement with the language that was tossed around. — Bob N.

I wanted to report my impressions of this event — too bad more Patriots didn’t show up to watch his back because Labrador showed bravery — considering all the stuff going on at town halls throughout the nation — in even having a town hall. He’s the only one of our elected officials to have the spine to do it.

The auditorium was almost completely full, so probably 1000 people showed up — 90% of them from the other side, many obvious teachers who demanded to continue and expand the Federal dole, many who, sadly, demanded that the Federal government continue to take care of them. They want free health care, free welfare benefits, free this and that. No one seemed to want to earn any of that. They were fine with the Feds snatching more and more public land to “manage”. Every time Raul espoused conservative Founding principles, he got shouted down. Every time he brought up the limits of the Constitution on government, he got shouted down. Where were the Patriots?????

Only a couple of CSG people attended, didn’t see anyone else I knew there. Sat next to a couple who had never attended a town hall so wanted my input as to how they were conducted in the past, because this one was such a cluster**** that I left early.

Grown adults (these were not the kids I expected to see) conducted a shouting match with Raul if they didn’t agree with him, the questioners rambled on and on with their questions and then demanded (and got) more time for rebuttals after he had answered. He had asked in the beginning that everyone ask a brief question and then sit down so he could respond, but the first few felt self-important and would not relinquish their minute of fame. There were a good 50 people standing in line to ask questions, but the first 4-5 droned on and on with their credentials, life history, etc. that I knew few would be heard. I told the newbies next to me that there used to be a word limit to questions and there were no rebuttals so that everyone had a chance to ask a question. Raul seemed to be bending over backward being kind so let the first few totally control the event and eat up precious time. He asked several times for the crowd to show some respect for each other.

Some of the voices were ugly and loud. I was in the back third of the auditorium. Behind me was Bonnie Carter, across the aisle was Darryl and Sheila Ford. Gerald Harbel was at the back helping people. Those were the only patriots I saw there. Sitting across the aisle behind Darryl was some crude loudmouth probably in his 50’s who kept shouting stuff. When he yelled something obscene about Trump I finally turned around and said “For God’s sake! Grow up!” and I didn’t hear any more from him.

I left early because it was obvious few people were going to get to ask their questions and we weren’t going to learn anything productive. Several people left the same time I did. Haven’t heard from Bonnie yet how the rest of the event went.

Show up at the Nampa event, people!!! 6:30 PM on Monday, April 24 at the Mission Aviation Fellowship, 112 N. Pilatus Lane.

And remember, you get the government you deserve!

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