Fear or Freedom, it’s Your Choice

As politicians head for the courts, freedom-loving Americans are wondering just what happened with this election. Well folks, I will tell you that the final hand has been played in this poker game and, while we know that the democrats cheated, the problem is how are we going to prove it and deal with rectifying the problem. We have become pawns in a chess game run by the elite who crave more power, and I fear if the American people do not stand up and challenge this election’s outcome, we are doomed as a free nation. At this point, I don’t give America very good odds at taking our country back from the bureaucrats who have been stealing it for decades. Make no mistake about it, Trump won this election but the problem is can he wield enough power to get to the bottom of the cheating that is going on with both mail in ballots and the counting that has been done secretly in the strong democratic districts. We must not allow this coup to take place and the more we remain complacent the worse our chances are of getting to the truth of how this election was rigged for Biden.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the culmination of many decades of indifference while the socialists were infiltrating our institutions of our culture. This began with a taxpayer funded government bureaucracy called “Government Education” along with the takeover of just about all of our mainstream news media, major newspapers, Hollywood, the permanent deep state bureaucracy of government. It has also crept in and taken over our courts, legal profession, government student loan funded universities, many main line church denominations and most recently online social media. These are all owned by the left and the elite of our country who now can deal from the bottom of the deck in this world shaking poker game of politics which we is now playing out in this presidential election.

Most Americans are so wrapped up in their own lives that they have no idea of what has just happened to them. These are the same people who complain about the bad politicians but never go to the polls to express their displeasure. These are the parents who don’t like what their children our learning in our public schools but send them anyway because it is their answer to “Daycare” which is what our public schools have turned into. They complain about the high taxes and why so much is being spent on education but you will never see them at a board of education meeting to ask questions about salaries or curriculum. We as a people have become so involved in trying to keep up with the Jones we have forgotten that we are the Jones. When I look back 27 years ago when I moved to Idaho, I look at a state that has remained relatively conservative but its primary population centers have changed dramatically. All you need to do is look at the politicians who have been elected to office and it will tell you the whole story of why we are changing into a more liberal state. What happened to the East and West coast cities has been slowly encroaching over our borders to our most urban cities. If people don’t’ wake up we will be just like Colorado in a few short years not that it will matter if Joe Biden takes office.

It is not just the politicians that are changing our country it is a swarthy group of elitists who have made their fortunes on the backs of the American public. Take a look at how the major corporations have moved many of their manufacturing operations out or our country and into places where they are paying a mere pittance in compensation to workers in other countries. Why do you think so many of our products come from China? I will tell you it is not because they are of better quality than those that used to be produced here in American factories, it’s because they have cheap labor and can reduce the cost of production. We seem to forget that the politicians of our country rely on the generous contributions of the elitist who run these corporations to sustain them in office and so the politicians continually do their bidding. I say this from experience having spent 40 years on Wall Street where I got to meet these captains of industry and I will tell you they are not looking to line your pockets with higher wages, they are looking to make themselves rich and famous. The American people have never been their first concern and in fact they would like to move all of their manufacturing out of country if that were possible.

Donald Trump was a game changer for the corporate crowd when he became president. He slowed the immigration process and began putting up border walls to stem the tide of illegals entering our country. He slowed the issuance of H1B visas so that it made it more difficult for corporations to fire higher cost employees who worked diligently for them for 20 years and replace them with foreigners. He renegotiated NAFTA which caused many corporations to close their operations in Mexico and bring them back to America. Corporate America has no love for President Trump as he turned over their apple cart and they are now getting even. When Covid 19 hit the U.S., it became the blame game of who was responsible. It was the U.S. that gave the Chinese the funds to experiment with these types of viruses. The bigger problem is that the Drug manufacturers have been moving the manufacturer of antibiotics to China for years to the point that they now produce 80% of them. These drug companies are some of the worst offenders when it comes to corporate America. They control the pricing of life saving drugs and they make so much money they can spend 5 billion a year in advertising without blinking an eye to make everyone think they are the saviors of the world. I will tell you having dealt with many of them personally in my career the only thing they care about is how much can they make on their next drug even if it is not effective.

We need to look at one more group who literally hate Donald Trump and that is the RINO Republicans who never wanted to see this man in the White House and did just about anything and everything they could to keep him from being elected. What we are witnessing in this presidential election is the corruption that has slowly been cemented in our political/corporate arena for decades. It started with favors like cushy jobs in government and moved to lucrative government contracts. We the people turned a blind eye to these activities by allowing politicians to get away with these corrupt acts without consequence. Congressman and senators get voted into office without a dime to their name and after three or four terms come out as millionaires. We have seen these corrupt irregularities right here in our own state just look at the school Wi-Fi contract with CenturyTel or the contract with Corrections Corporation of America to run our prisons. Politics is inherently a corrupt business because we put people into power who may not seem nefarious when elected but once they take office and see the enormous power bestowed upon them they change. They turn on the very people who elected them to office and grant all kinds of favors to those who contributed to their rise to power. There is an old saying “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” We must eliminate this corruption by continually changing those in charge. No senator or congressman should be in office for more than 12 years.

In conclusion, they say it is not over till the fat lady sings so I suggest everyone get their fat butts off the couch and start protesting the irregularities that are taking place in this election because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up in January with a socialist government and you won’t like it one bit.

Remember the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.