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I am writing this missive on post- Election Day 3. As I was driving down State Street today, a lady saw my Trump hat and pointing to it said, “pray.” “Always,” I responded. The stock market is up 1,000 points not because “Hiden Joe” looks to have won, but because it looks like for the next two years anyway we will have divided government with gridlock. No new laws. No increased capital gains. No new taxes. Regulations through executive orders may make business a little more difficult, but the movement of capital through the economy will continue.

I have several thoughts as we begin this new time, and I really think that as long as we hold the Senate we will be able to rebuild in 4 years from a higher platform than where we started prior to the end of the Obama/Biden era. One other thing the media isn’t talking about is that all across the country Republicans had a great night. In Statehouses, Congressional districts, we held on to the Senate, we made gains and secured our positions. The dims and the media know this and that is why their victory parties and declarations have been so subdued.

My 1st thought is that nobody even Ronald Regan has had as big an impact on our country in so many disparate ways as Donald Trump. He rebuilt our military—I am worried about our military under “Uncle Joe”. Secretary of Defense under three Presidents Robert Gates recently said that Joe Bidden hasn’t “been on the right side of a foreign policy issue his entire career”. Because of our undisputed military advantage across all areas of combat Mr. Trump is the 1st President in 60 years not to have initiated combat operations and to actually decrease the number of US troops serving overseas. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. Decreased taxes, decreased regulations, increased GDP—a record 33% quarterly increase after the COVID-19, decreased unemployment, increased wages—faster amongst lower wage earners and minorities, and incredible mobilization of the private sector and integration of the private and civilian sectors curing the COVID-19 political pandemic.

Nobody in the old Republican establishment—I almost used the term “Guard” but that would suggest at least a little bit of manhood in the group, stood up for our President over 4 years. The Bushies, Mittens, frat boy Paul Ryan, metro man John Kasich, pothead John Boehner all stood by and watched the bullies in the media and the dims trash our President. They are each clueless, gutless, and in their own ways great poster boys for the modern-day feminist movement. Together they have less testosterone running through their veins than either Nancy Pelosi or AOC. No matter what happens with the Presidential election in the next few days, the leader of the Republican Party is Donald J. Trump. I hope he wins, but if he loses I hope he runs again in 2024 and campaigns starting now. I also am not interested in “mending fences” with the establishment republicans. Donald Trump has a new base and the Republicans answer to a new coalition of working, middle class, patriotic people of all races and nationalities. WE are not “Country Club Republicans”—though Donald Trump has some pretty nice country clubs in his business portfolio. The difference between Mr. Trump and the BIDEN-PELOSI-SCHIFF-ROMNEY-KASICH-BUSH-RYAN establishment group is that Donald Trump alone made his money in the private sector then went into politics. The others went into politics and then made money scamming their constituents, or they inherited wealth and social position.

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Mr. Trump was on an island when he accomplished all this. Russian collusion, the Mueller investigation, impeachment, the press who continually covered for Hilary, the DNC, Hunter and “The Big Man” And for the most part he did this on his own. I am reminded of some lines from IF by Rudyard Kipling—I will take them out of order: “If you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming you, if you can trust yourself when others doubt you and make allowance for their doubting too. Or… If you can bare to hear the truth you’ve spoken twisted by Knaves to make a trap for fools and watch the things you’ve given your life to broken and stoop and build them up with worn-out tools… or be hated don’t give in to hating but don’t look too good or talk too wise” and finally “if you can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it at one game of pitch and toss and lose and start again at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss.”

If Mr. Trump comes out in the oval office in the next week or so to accept victory that would be a great day. But if Mr. Trump comes out to concede here is how I would recommend he do it—with Magnanimity.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported me and to congratulate Mr. Biden on his win.”

“I would also like to today announce my candidacy for the Presidential election of 2024. Our slogan will be something like—Make America Great Again”

Thank you, Mr. Trump

At least half our nation (the patriotic half) understand what you have done for us.

God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America. MAGA!

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