End Refugee Resettlement Petition Drive

The VOICE OF THE PEOPLE needs to be heard by our elected officials regarding the United Nations-mandated refugee resettlement in the Treasure Valley! This petition drive is a vehicle for making that goal a reality.

We are collecting signatures to show the Ada County Commissioners that there is an overwhelming interest in this subject. And we are asking that they place the following Advisory Question on the May 16, 2015 ballot:

“Do you support the tax-funded resettlement programs in Ada County?” Yes or No, pursuant to Idaho Code.

The people have the right to vote on something that will affect their communities so drastically.
There are several options for getting involved:

  1. Go to our Blog to sign the petition and get updated information on refugee resettlement.
    Join our Facebook page: TreasureValleyCitizensToEndRefugeeResettlement
    Share it everywhere!
  2. Make a copy of the petition, carry it with you to work, to church, etc., and get signatures of residents with physical addresses. Hand out the flyers. Send full petitions to post office box listed on Blog.
  3. Make copies of the petition; get a group of friends to go with you to the post office nearest you. ( Collect signatures of residents with physical addresses and hand out flyers. MAKE SURE EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP READS THE GUIDELINES FOR PETITIONS AT POST OFFICES. Send full petitions to post office box listed on Blog.
  4. Call us at 208-391-2671 with any questions.



  • 2-3 clipboards
  • 3-4 petitions on each clipboard
  • 2 pens that write 🙂 per clipboard
  • Card table, if possible, and chairs, optional
  • 200 flyers, and a paperweight in case of wind
  • 1 or more giant poster board signs
  • A non-breakable container labeled “Donations For Printing Costs”
  • An American Flag

Standard Operating Procedures:

  1. Put up card tables, etc. on the public sidewalk, and not blocking the post office entrance.
  2. So you don’t appear pushy or aggressive, don’t approach people directly going into or out of the door. Wait until they are near you, looking at you, talking to you.
  3. The object is to get a signature. If a person wants to argue with you, graciously close the conversation, and move on.

Sample Script

  • “Would you like to take a look at our petition?” (Holding up the clipboard.)
  • “We’d like to get this question on the May 16 ballot.” (Read it to them.)
  • “Don’t you think voters should be able to express their will about this?”
  • (Be silent while they sign. When they finish and hand you the clipboard, hand them the flyer.)
  • “Here’s our flyer. It has the web address for our Blog. (Point to it.)
  • The petition is on the Blog, so your friends and family can sign the same petition you did.”
  • “Thank you!

Facts To Focus On:

  1. Even the FBI and Homeland Security has said they CANNOT vet the refugees.
    Who are these people? Nobody knows.
    We DO know that a large majority of them are military-age males.
  2. As soon as they arrive, they are immediately put on every government subsidy. They have never paid into social security, and yet it is guaranteed to them for at least eight months. If they “Fast Track” to citizenship in 7 years, they are guaranteed welfare benefits, paid by you, for the rest of their life.

Click here to download the petition template.