Dark Parallels in History – The Evolution of the USSA & the Unnecessary Death of LaVoy Finicum


The U.S. Gov’t is at war with the American people. Their chief weapon: intimidation. Assisting the government are your foggy-headed, indoctrinated neighbors and co-workers who in essence police each other through shunning those who do not conform – to a paradigm made of misinformation. Misinformation has been fed to them over two generations through highly polished propaganda in the media, Hollywood, public schools and universities.

The majority embrace a substitute for reality constructed for them as the prism through which to process current events in a knee-jerk way – absent of critical analysis or reason. Consequently, the majority are ignorant of the proper role of government and are either indifferent or hostile toward the fading memory of America’s heritage – where can be found our desperately needed compass.

It is in this vacuum of public ignorance that the unconstitutional bureaucratic apparatus of tyranny has been erected around us incrementally – appearing legitimate. Challenge federal overreach and you are labeled in the court of public opinion a crazy constitutionalist. Start getting traction and The State will mirror the Soviet-style methods of squashing dissent. You and your movement will be in their crosshairs and either harassed, literally “diagnosed” mentally ill or made a criminal, arrested or even killed.

Corruption in government thrives on an ignorant population. Knowledge is a white blood cell to the cancer of federal overreach. The U.S. government needs the number of uninformed and uneducated to outnumber the responsible and informed citizens. Our borders are open in order to dilute the population, bring in voters for the Left, and create a new majority that has no frame of reference for our history, the greatness of our founding fathers, or our national ethos. And don’t think it is only the democrats who crush dissent. Remember President Bush discrediting the Minute Man Project as “vigilantes?” These were responsible Americans lawfully acting as force multipliers for the U.S. Border Patrol. The Press descended on them like prey. There was no objectivity. The media targeted the Minute Man project casting them as racists rather than focusing on the real story and impetus for the effort: the colonizing invasion and the federal government’s abdication of duty to defend the borders.

The relentless attack on tradition and national security is carried out in the guise of benevolent words: “diversity, tolerance and acceptance.” Moral relativism and cultural anarchy are sold to us as virtues. Tradition is under attack around every corner. Refuse to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple and you are a bigot. Advocate for English as the national language: you are a hater. Oppose amnesty: you are a hater. Challenge the lies of Black Lives Matter: you are a racist.

When mere intimidation doesn’t work the government can ramp it up and make a project out of you. They can find some tax code or “regulation” you violated and make you a criminal. If they are really desperate they can use the nebulous catchall: “conspiracy to interfere with a federal agent” to charge you with.

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


There is a parallel in history between what happened in 1917 – when the Soviet Union came into existence – and what is happening in the U.S. today.

If you have been “educated” in public school what I am sharing will be uncomfortable for you to digest. While factual it runs against the establishment history you were indoctrinated with. Please have an open mind and know that I can prove every point I make with historical evidence from multiple and highly credible national and international sources (including Soviet archives now made public) spanning many years. (I go into great detail in my book, Red Badge.)

The so-called Bolshevik “Revolution” was not a Russian Revolution at all. It was a coup d’état funded by JP Morgan and carried out by a foreign body that immigrated to Russia, coordinated the coup, took control of the government, killed 147 million Russian people and erected the world’s first communist county: USSR. In an identical way the American patriot is now being made an enemy of The U.S. government.

Remember, the government of the Soviet Union was at war with the Russian people; it was an “occupation government” run by a supermajority of non-Russians. With unimaginable cruelty it eclipsed anything in Nazi Germany—and it targeted the original Russian bloodline peoples (and Russian Christians in particular). Stalin killed more Russians than he did Germans in WWII.

Likewise, the United States government is at war with the cultural and ideological descendants of its Founding Fathers. This is why you do not feel represented or protected by your government. You are the enemy. Tradition is the enemy. Truth Sayers are the enemy. Patriots are the enemy. The government wants a violent reaction from you. They poke their finger in your eye. If they can’t provoke you to violence they will manufacture events to discredit you and make it appear as though groups you belong to are racist, bigoted or terrorist cells to be rounded up and made an example of. The USSR was the greatest evil ever to exist. Nazi Germany stood in the shadow of a much larger and more evil empire, but establishment history books misdirect you to never look east. The victor writes history. The Communists won WWII. The war resulted in the expansion of communism …to include our shores. Today the great evil is the cabal of international communism and Islam. In my opinion, Barak Hussein Obama personifies that cabal.

If I taught you who this foreign body in Russia was that created what President Reagan accurately called, “The Evil Empire” you are programmed to stop reading and dismiss me as a bigot, but the facts are irrefutable. As a veteran detective I made a career searching for facts and truth. What I am sharing with you is not fiction or unfounded conspiracy theory. Since the fall of the USSR much of what I assert is corroborated by what are now Soviet sources made public, but not broadcast widely because truth is a white blood cell to the fast evolving tyranny here.

Turn off ESPN. Put down your video game. Look around you. Incrementally over two generations an “Occupation Government” has taken control of the U.S. You can see it in the alphabet agencies running roughshod over the people. These agencies and administrations are unconstitutional. They form the Administrative State[i] that is now superimposed over the U.S. Constitution. Yes, you can still see the three branches of government “at work” but it is merely political theater for public consumption through “NEWS” channels. It is truly an occupation government running your life by enacting and enforcing “regulations” made independent of Congress and feeding itself through fines and taxes.

The Constitution is clear – only Congress has the power to make law, but these regulatory agencies and administrations make what is referred to in the Declaration of Independence as, “pretended legislation.” A Regulation is not law. Nonetheless, the Administrative State uses armed bureaucrats dressed in cop costumes to enforce these “regulations” as if it they are actual law. Most of these federal “agents” feel noble and believe they are doing good, lawful, necessary work. They have no idea they are duped and on the wrong side of the law. Few of them have read the constitution or understand that it is not a “living document” as is taught in public school and universities. They are a product of the same misinformation that has glued up the minds of our neighbors and co-workers.

The very Administrative State that lords over us turns a deaf ear to the farmers and ranchers who have long sought to redress their grievances for the illogical, contradictory, and backward regulations enforced and unlawfully prosecuted (with a lower standard of proof than what is required in legitimate state/county courts). The weight of this consolidation of unconstitutional power on the citizen is tyranny. This is what LaVoy Finicum was peacefully and boldly standing against.

If Al Sharpton had a sit-in at a Social Security Office demanding reparations for slavery the U.S. Gov’t would not have moved in on him as they did LaVoy Finicum and the peaceful protesters of Burns, Oregon. The fact that some were armed was incidental. The government-media complex had to spin things up because white blood cells are dangerous to the Occupation Government. Then the Oregon Governor’s posturing invited a federal escalation that resulted in the unnecessary killing of LaVoy Finicum.

Sharpton always gets a pass (including from the tax code) because he is tied to The Big Lie that vilifies tradition. Sharpton is an agent of The State. He creates division and discord needed by The Marxists to steer the country to the Left. His grievances are deemed legitimate just as were the violent Ferguson rioters whose arrest warrants were quashed in the name of social justice and tolerance. The feds are willing to look the other way or nullify the rule of law I.e. sanctuary cites and federal marijuana laws – that is unless you are a heretic like LaVoy Finicum; then you will feel the full weight of the New Inquisition on your throat.

In contrast to Al Shaprton INC., you don’t get more “American” than the farmer and rancher, yet look at the swift and disproportionate federal response of force to their peaceful protest in Burns, Oregon. Those kinds of personnel, intelligence gathering and para-military resources deployed as quickly in Ferguson could have saved life and property. But such a response was absent and “more room” was given to the “protesters” to let blow off steam.

In the spirit of the Founding Fathers Mr. LaVoy Finicum stood against tyranny. He communicated in a gentlemanly, factual and clear way. His feet were planted firmly in the truth. I know his argument and he is absolutely correct, but he would not be heard by the occupation government. He was left no alternative. His protest was peaceful, respectful civil disobedience. He did not damage anything. He did not threaten anyone. He was a white blood cell that wanted to steer the country toward the restoration of constitutional government – and he died for it. The feds will create a dossier on anyone who holds LaVoy Finicum up as a martyr and file it under “Enemy of The State.” Truth has been inverted. Welcome to the USSA.

[i] Professor Edward Erle of UC San Bernardino describes the Administrative State as a system where administration and regulation replace politics as the ordinary means of making policy. The Administrative State elevates the welfare of the collective over the rights and liberties of the individual.

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