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Are We Truly a Nation of Laws?

The simple answer is yes we are a nation of laws, but the caveat is were those laws imposed on us by bought and paid for politicians without our consent. Many of our laws are now made and enforced by the bureaucracies like the EPA, the BLM who can have you arrested or fine you thousands of dollars a day, and your only recourse is to take them to court if you have the monetary resources to do so. These bureaucrats have become the interpreters of our laws and herein lies the problem. Our legislators have abrogated control of what laws and regulations are enforced and when they are enforced to a bureaucratic hierarchy which is either controlled by the establishment or by left leaning government workers who manage these agencies run rip shod over the general public.

We have allowed our politicians to run wild with power by not voting them out of office when they are not doing the will of the people. Everyone should be aware by now that politicians are controlled to a large degree by either corporate lobbyists or special interests groups who donate to their campaigns and get them reelected every cycle. Here begins the cronyism which allows the elite and the privileged to profit and break the law under the protection of their paid off politicians and bureaucratic friends.

Donald Trump has said it very well that there is not a politician he basically could not buy to get what he wanted. This has a crippling effect on our country as the politicians we elect no longer work for the people, but for those who donate the money to run their next election campaign. This starts at the lowest levels of government, and we will not change our country until this cronyistic system is changed. The American people must relearn that if they want to take back control of their country they have to go to the polls and vote to separate the wheat from the chaff. Too many Americans complain that they no longer have a voice in government, that’s because they stopped being involved in the election process.

One of the reasons Trump is running ahead of everyone else in the polls is because the voters know he is not going to be controlled by corporate America. You can bet the last dollar in your pocket that corporate America and the establishment are scared to death that the gravy train will stop if Trump is elected. He has defied the establishment and continues to ignore the media, and they don’t know what to do about it.

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As Alexis de Tocqueville once said “The People Get the Government they deserve.”

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