Burns, Oregon: The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud

Compare and contrast the federal government’s reaction to the Black Lives Matter mob in Ferguson with their response to peaceful protesters in Burns, Oregon.

In Ferguson the Marxist, George Soros-funded, Black Lives Matter mob were violent criminals. In my book, Red Badge, I drill deep and deliver the uncomfortable truth on race, crime and police shootings. The Black Lives Matter “cause” is a complete and proven fraud. Nonetheless, the DOJ-media complex took the side of fiction as a substitute for reality and legitimized their grievances. There is no interest in objectivity. The false crisis is a vehicle to advance the federalization of local police.

In Burns, Oregon, the protesters have a real cause supported by law and history with a well-documented train of abuses by the federal government that farmers and ranchers have tried repeatedly to redress to no avail. The deck is stacked. The very entity that hears the grievances is the one that issues fines for regulatory violations.

What you are seeing in Burns, Oregon is civil disobedience by peaceful protesters (trespassing) with an independent group of armed militia inserted as a buffer between them and the growing, heavily armed federal agents. The militia have well-founded concern that the federal government might overreact as they have before i.e. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Katrina and the Bundy Ranch.

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The protesters are trespassing in an unoccupied building. They are not threatening anyone. They are not looting or destroying property, but look at the federal response; it is out of proportion! They are poised for battle with their minds made up that these protesters are criminals and crazed anti-government nut jobs. The kind of gear the feds have brought in is what was needed to stop the violence and felonies in Ferguson.

The real crime is not trespass or cutting a lock off of a gate to open a road closed by an edict of the BLM. The real crime is the constitution being trampled upon, but that isn’t addressed in the media. The feds are presumed to be right by a population indoctrinated by the public “education” and the bias media.

We are literally living under an occupation government — The Administrative State — where bureaucracies (unconstitutional alphabet federal agencies and administrations) bully The People. These agencies are tied to a narrative that advances Marxism by vilifying right and tradition while legitimizing wrong and revolution. This occupation government grew in the vacuum of public apathy, intimidation and ignorance. Its enforcers do not know they are on the wrong side of history and the very constitution they swore to uphold.

The BLM and USFS are perfect examples of “The Administrative State” that has been superimposed over the constitution. Their regulations are what is referred to in the Declaration of Independence as “pretended legislation.” Only Congress has the power to make law. These alphabet agencies and administrations are unconstitutional. The self-righteous, armed bureaucrats that play cop enforcing these self-made regulations believe they are legitimate law enforcement. They believe they are enforcing legitimate laws and furthermore that anyone who opposes them is crazy and must be crushed.

In Burns, Oregon The People proved to be educated, articulate, passionate, freedom-loving and bold: precisely what the founders would expect to defend freedom and the constitution. The People surprised the FBI by lawfully visiting their camp — armed, peaceful and unannounced — catching them flatfooted — to initiate a conversation. In a bold and mature fashion The People showed the surprised feds they were not intimidated by them, and they are not what they have been made out to be by the media and by their twisted “training” crafted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The patriots’ visit did not compute to the brainwashed federal agents who feel noble and believe that they are on the side of right. They expect The People to be sheep. Taking the argument to the fed’s camp in such a bold and composed way was the last thing they expected. To the feds anyone exercising the First and Second Amendments together must be unstable.

The visit to the FBI compound was led by a patriot group called 3% Idaho (iii%Idaho). During the visit one of the agents said of the protesters that they are in “our house.” That is the crux of the matter: It isn’t the Occupation Government’s house that the protesters are squatting in. It is on land that rightfully belongs to the state of Oregon and the protesters have been denied a voice and the rule of law.

The Bundys and company are squatting in an unoccupied building where they have not damaged anything and have not threatened or harmed anyone. The Bundys and people sympathetic to their argument were abused by the feds before in Nevada. Why wouldn’t the protesters be armed? Their Second Amendment is being used to protect their First Amendment. Rather than the media do the job the founders intended of a free press they spin and malign the protesters as armed nuts and call it a standoff. The firearms are incidental at this juncture. It is the argument that should be center stage.

Enter TVOI (The Voice of Idaho). This fledgling news startup was in the thick of it as reporter Mike Emery rolled a camera and caught the FBI’s reaction to being caught flatfooted by The People. You won’t see the footage on national news and the potential for it to go viral online is why the feds want to control the internet. There is no effort from the DOJ to understand the protesters and the feds do not want this TVOI footage to get out.

To the indoctrinated public the FBI looks so official and after all they are the feds, — how can they be wrong? Surely, these angry, white farmers are crazies.

We are programmed by media to afford the feds credibility and to dismiss whites in general as incapable of being the victim of any civil rights violation. The ranchers and farmers want attention on their issue and a peaceful restoration of constitutional government. If this turns to the new Lexington-Concord it will be the feds that force it. The People will not back down and their ranks will grow.

If the protesters make it out alive it is important that we start now educating the public on jury nullification (another topic in my book).

For those not familiar with the western states’ land issue the following is summary from Ken Ivory, an expert on the topic. You can find Ken on You Tube and listen to his cogent presentations.

Here is a snapshot of the lands issue: In 1976 the federal government arbitrarily refused to transfer public lands to the western states. Instead they set up the PILT program (payment in lieu of taxes). This is money the feds give in place of land that would otherwise be controlled by the state and assessed, put into private use and taxed. In other words, because the feds locked the western lands down, they pay a large amount to the states that fund education and roads. Western states are dependent on this money and it becomes a way to extort congressional votes on other issues.

In 1828 what was then considered the “western states” (Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana) petitioned the federal government to transfer the public lands to the states. They used history and the law as their argument and won in 1854. Today’s western states are entitled to that same transfer of lands. Meanwhile, the western states suffer under federal regulatory agencies and their absurd EPA policies and the like. The western states have no access to the natural resources they are standing on. In oil alone the western states would eclipse the entire world in production and take the wealth away from OPEC. Transfer of the land to the states would stimulate a western economy resulting in remedying its depressed wages.

In 2013 The Supreme Court said that Congress cannot change the visited rights of states’ admission to the union. What is lacking is leadership and knowledge of history and law.

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