The Dangerous Cults of Veganism and PETA

Vegans are people with a radical belief that all life is equal, animals and people. Their belief system is skewed and riddled with ‘stinking thinking’ as this link shows. They will not eat anything containing animal products of any kind which omits eggs, milk, cheese, etc. along with meat and fish.

Vegans [pronounced, ‘vee-guns’] are members of a true cult. In this following quote from you can see just how radical these poor, misled folks are:

Veganism is more than just abstaining from eating animal products. It is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Vegans do not consume any form of animal products. That includes meat, milk, eggs, honey, cheese, butter and any other animal product that can be consumed. In some sense, veganism could be considered as a dire form of vegetarianism.

In addition to avoiding all any products in their diets, most vegans step it up a notch. Many vegans do not use any other products made from animals. This may include leather, wool, silk, and wax. Veganism, unlike vegetarianism, is not simply a diet choice. It is a moral decision to oppose all forms of animal cruelty in the process of extracting food or other by-products such as leather.

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Vegans do not simply avoid meat from their diets because of health reasons.

Their main motivation is the opposition of slaughtering animals so as to consume their flesh. They avoid milk and eggs since the process of extracting the two involves some level of cruelty towards animals. In fact, some vegans will even not attend or watch shows involving animals such as circuses since they believe it is an infringement of the animals’ freedom.

One could accurately define veganism as extreme vegetarianism but with a greater purpose than simply health benefits.”

More a religion or cult than a simple belief system, Vegans have become devotees of a new-age religion, a radical religion known as Veganism.

This is a great link to read what PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] really thinks and believes.

It’s interesting how Vegans and PETAs stand hand-in-hand approving human abortion as a ‘valuable and necessary practice’ yet they cringe and cry out at the thought of eating veal, the meat of a baby cow, typically under 90 days old, calling it ‘infanticide’ the murder of an infant.

The problem with Vegan philosophy is that they do not consume meat or dairy in any form and in many cases will not wear any clothing made from animal sources, including wool. Sadly, Vegans deny themselves necessary animal protein required for a balanced diet. It’s a fact that proteins are incomplete without animal protein as well. The necessary branched-chain amino acids cannot come from non-meat sources.

This branched chain must be complete, containing all the necessary amino acids, in order to produce complete proteins in the body.

The unfortunate results of a protein-deficient diet are generally realized in the long term. The body may appear well and look well for decades, but it’s working overtime to try and make up for the incomplete nature of its protein intake.

In time, edema [swelling of the feet ankles, legs, typically from excess fluid retention], fatty liver [where the liver retains fat reducing liver function], skin, hair, and nail problems will occur. Along with these are acute loss of muscle mass and osteoporosis resulting in greater risk of bone fractures. In many Vegans, we commonly see increased severity of infections. Most tragic is that Vegan children, in addition to the risk factors listed above, often experience stunted growth.

Too many years on a Vegan will leave irreversible disease. Parents who use a Vegan diet with their children are guilty of nothing less than child abuse. In any case, we’re talking about long-term Veganism, that which takes place for years, even decades.

Studies by the Centers for Disease Control show that most Vegans only remain Vegan for an average of 3 years or less. Sadly, the 18% who stick to this diet long term will reap the harvest of their errors. For the rest, hey, it’s just a fad. Statistics gathered by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States found that over 80% of folks who ‘go vegetarian’ or ‘go Vegan’ will go back to normal eating within two years. A further 12% will ‘come home to meat’ within 5 years.

The final result is this: Veganism is actually harmful to the body. If you know a Vegan, be patient, but try with all the love in your heart to steer them away from the cults of PETA and Veganism.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it.

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