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Ode to the “Great Swamp Creature”

Today is a great day for America. Nancy Pelosi has announced that the Democrats in The House of Representatives have filed Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. The slimy liberal progressives have finally crawled out from under their rocks.

This is great news for conservatives. Each time the Dems try to make their case publically they fail. The Schiff Committee failed to produce a single fact witness who could identify an impeachable act.

Yesterday the House Judicial Committee presented four liberal constitutional attorneys to give their opinions regarding the need and efficacy for impeachment of our President. Hidden behind a diaphanous veil of Academic legitimacy, and presenting themselves as fact witnesses—which in the end they had to admit they were not—when asked if they had any direct evidence that the President had committed an impeachable offense they couldn’t offer any, they with the exception of Prof. Jonathan Turley, presented themselves as angry, hateful and unable to separate their own passions from the facts of the case. The antithesis of what a juror, judge or academic scholar should be. They were acting as advocates not Academics in search of the truth Professor Pamela Karlan even found a way to interrupt her scolding by interjecting and mocking the name of the President’s minor son. With the exception of Prof. Turley, the condescension and contempt of those disagreeing with them was palpable.

Only Prof. Turley was able to separate emotion and logic and make a legal argument based on the record, not on supposition. He found no grounds for impeachment. It was all there to see for the American public. We saw it. And they know we saw it which is why they have accelerated the impeachment proceedings. Each time they try to make their case they fail and their fabricated arguments when understood evaporate. These people in the political class think they are better than us, but instead, the picture they painted for 8 hours was one of pettiness and hate. But it is not just President Trump they hate. They hate anyone who does not bow to their orthodoxy and that means us—ask any college student who is marked down for their political or religious beliefs or a government worker or member of our military who is told they can’t have a crucifix on their desk or neck.

This is now OUR TIME. Their arrogance has been exposed. They resent everything about this country that differs from their world view. By denying them the ability to “transform” our country via a permanent political bureaucratic government State, Donald Trump and the people who elected him have not bowed our heads to the “Great Swamp Creature”.

The American People have greater common sense and are better judges of character than the legal academics and those in the Academy and press. We know what we saw yesterday—and they know that they exposed themselves. As it so often happens in athletics teams beat themselves. The Dems just fumbled. Bring on “The Great Swamp Creature”. WE are spoiling for the fight. In the end, our country will be stronger and better.

You want a “piece of us”. You got it. Thanks for the fight.

Thank you, Mr. Trump!

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God bless Owen Shroyer-more need to stand up especially those in Congress who represent us, such as Jim Jorden and Devon Nunes. Where are the other Congressmen?

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