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From Obese to Peace

A Rebuttal to The Dangerous Cults of Veganism and PETA Dec. 7, 2019, by Max Allen There are three macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbs. Animal meat contains protein and fat. The number one source for fuel for our bodies is carbohydrates. Unprocessed carbohydrates may make up 20 to 80% of the calories in whole grains, […]


The Dangerous Cults of Veganism and PETA

Vegans are people with a radical belief that all life is equal, animals and people. Their belief system is skewed and riddled with ‘stinking thinking’ as this link shows. They will not eat anything containing animal products of any kind which omits eggs, milk, cheese, etc. along with meat and fish. Vegans [pronounced, ‘vee-guns’] are […]

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