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Cooking With Gas? Maybe Not

Beware the gas police will soon be coming to your house to take you into custody and disconnect your gas stove. Yes, folks here we are living in the land of the free and the home of the brave and having the government threatening to ban the gas stove you have been cooking on for the past 30 or 40 years because they believe it has caused asthma in some children. Let me tell you this has got to be the epitome of stupidity from an administration that has caused a thriving economy to crash and burn because of their claims about climate change. Think about it the very people who are telling us that climate change will cause the oceans to rise are buying multimillion-dollar homes on the beach. Who knows what they may decide to ban next in their efforts to control the citizens of this country?

Let’s take a rational look at why they want to stop the installation and sale of gas stoves. First a bit of history: James Sharp patented a gas stove in Northampton, England in 1826 and opened a gas stove factory in 1836. Always pioneers in the use of gas, English inventors had been experimenting with cooking by gas as early as the 1830s, but it took the maturing of the gas lighting industry to extend the notion to cooking in America. Today, according to the US Energy Information Administration, 35% of American households use gas stoves. They have been chosen because they offer better temperature control, durability, low cost, and speed of heating.

So, for just about 200 years we have been using gas stoves to cook our meals and now all of a sudden, they are going to be declared dangerous. Does this even make any sense to anyone but those who believe in “Climate Change”? Natural gas is used by over 187 million Americans for cooking meals or heating their homes because it is cheap, efficient and safer than electric. According to a 2020 report by the NFPA, households with electric stoves reported fires at a rate 2.6 times higher than those with gas stoves. Equally staggering, the death rate of electric-run households was 3.4 times higher than those with gas appliances — and the injury rate was nearly five times greater.

I would contend that the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency and Joe Biden are more dangerous to our country than all the gas furnaces and stoves currently in use. We are a nation under siege, and it is time that we started fighting back. It is time to just say NO to any more of these idiotic rules the Biden administration is encumbering us with. Every day we find the federal government sticking its nose into our lives with its requirements for solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles.

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It is time to say no to these wind turbines that are made in China and will have to be dismantled in 20 years and kill hundreds of thousands of our birds each year. We need to stop the unbridled use of solar panels made in China that we have no means of recycling, and we need to stop this ridiculous move to force us to transition to electric vehicles which cost too much whose batteries are made in China and are proving unreliable and dangerous.

We can’t just declare a shift from a carbon-based economy to a solar and wind-based electric economy overnight or even in 10 or 20 years. Fossil fuels have been and will continue to be used for 80% of our power needs for the next 50 years regardless of what the idiots in bureaucratic Washington say. While they proclaim that climate change will destroy the earth, they have yet to prove any of their far-fetched theories. The move away from fossil fuels will happen in its own good time but only if the alternatives prove to be more economically feasible.

Our current national electric grid has nowhere near the capacity to make such a switch over from carbon fuels to electric. Just look at what a fool California’s governor made of himself when he declared that they will not allow the sale of gas power vehicles in the state and then had to tell electric vehicle owners not to charge their cars because of a shortage of electric capacity. The better question for our climate change lefties is where will we get the electricity to power all the new electric stoves, furnaces, and EVs that the government will require?

The answer is we will have to build more LNG, coal, or nuclear power plants. Whoops! I forgot the climate freaks don’t want any more nuclear or coal-fired power plants, so I guess that leaves only LNG. Hmmm, so what in heaven’s name is the purpose of changing over to electric stoves, furnaces, and electric vehicles if we are essentially going to power them with electricity generated from fossil fuel?

We need to change the people who run our government at the state and federal levels, and by that, I mean not just the neocon politicians but the entrenched bureaucrats whose numbers increase every year. If Americans don’t wake up soon all of the freedoms that are guaranteed by our constitution will be voided by those who would like to enslave us to be governed by the elitists who care only about control and power.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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Thank you for your article, Bob. I always appreciate your insight and for a guy that came from out of state (LOL), you really have been a blessing to Idaho and to me for decades… except in one area that we should discuss as it pertains to this article and other conservatives that write about this, that shows we have a problem but, from my view, it stops short in that it doesn’t show where this come from. Additionally, it fails expose the conspiracy for what it is. How can people understand how to stop it if they don’t know where it comes from? Maybe I am wrong here but acknowledging we have a problem is only part of the solution. I know people still have a hard time admitting conspiracy for what it is but as we continue to fail to mention it, it marches forward devouring everything in its path to create its new World. What you are explaining isn’t “The Green Deal,” or “Climate Change,” and it isn’t as easy as saying “no” because way too many governments, Businesses and religions not only believe it but are pushing it. IT is specifically called Agenda 21 as of 1992, as of 2015 called Agenda 2030 and better known since that time as Build Back Better or The Great Reset. Who is behind it all? The CFR. What is the end game? World government? Who is that entity empowered by all of this? The United Nations. The WEF and Gates foundations are merely mechanisms, climate alarmism is the excuse and world government is the goal and the reason is total global human enslavement, that includes things like zero economic growth, zero population growth, a complete technocratic transhumanist surveillance state and the measuring, manipulation and control of every facet of human life for every should around the globe. There has been more than ample evidence of these truths, I am just waiting for enough people to care enough to call it what it is since it also could be considered a human extinction event. I just thought I would supplement your exceptionalism. Keep it up Brother!

Good article by Bob, and good reply from Tom. The only comment that I want to make is:
We don’t get the government that we deserve, we get the government that we ask for.


There is no U.S. Consumer Protection Agency. Instead it is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). There is an article at the CPSC on January 11, 2023 titled Statement of Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric Regarding Gas Stoves. He said: “I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.”

Instead of looking up that National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report on Home Cooking Fires, you could just have told us that very few people get electrocuted by their gas stoves.

Conversely very few people get asphyxiated by their electric stoves. The primary combustion reaction for a gas stove has one molecule of methane plus two molecules of oxygen producing one molecule of carbon dioxide plus two molecules of water vapor. We need to turn on a fan to vent those gases outside. Other things also do go on. An article by Tanya Lewis at Scientific American on January 19, 2023 is titled The health risks of gas stoves explained. You should have referred us there.

Perhaps the primary issue here is banning the right to choose. The right to choose an appliance that has been in existence for over a century with the necessary safeguards to use it safely. There is inherent risk with everything, so making that comparison has no validity. States are jumping on the band wagon to ban gas stoves, taking away our right to choose to use, or not use them. That is the point, not someone’s opinion on whether or not they should be used. Who gave them the right to make that decision for eveyrone? Perhaps you should check your sources better.


You and Bob also should check some other sources. An article by Adele Peters at Fast Company on January 14, 2023 titled The government is coming for gas stoves. It’s just not the federal government provides a different perspective than the one in the Washington Examiner. Adele noted that: “Multiple states, including Arizona and Tennessee, have passed ‘bans on bans’ designed to keep cities from restricting the use of gas.”

About 200 years ago we were using gas lighting in our homes. But we found better ways to do that job with electricity – shifting from incandescent lamps to fluorescent lamps, to light-emitting diodes. Gas stoves are hardly the last word for cooking. There are no gas-fired microwave ovens or induction cooktops.

Dear Mr. Garber:
We don’t pretend to be the know it all’s about gas stoves. Our objective was to bring awareness to our readers of the intentions of our government to once again tell us what we can and can’t do in our own homes. If you would like to write a more detailed article on this subject as an Op-Ed we would be pleased to print it. History has taught us that every time the government proposes something like this there is an ulterior motive.and in this case it is the drive to stop the use of natural gas for heating and cooking. Government has no business telling people what appliances we can or can’t use although they can certainly make suggestions as this becomes another incursion on our rights. All I will say is the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions but in this case their only intention is to promote their climate change agenda. If we don’t protest and stop these incursion they will soon be telling you what kind of underwear you can purchase.

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