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If the Mask Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

In a Gem State Patriot article that I wrote early in the pandemic, I argued that the only mask that worked against viruses with the physical and chemical characteristics of Covid-19 was the N-95 mask properly fitted.

I believe at this stage in the Covid crises that I have been proven correct. Many of the scientists, clinicians and public health specialists that signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration have also been shown to have been correct—despite the personal attacks that were made against them for their “scientific opinions”. Remember the calls about “settled science”? In 2015 the World Health Organization made the exact same argument about the efficacy of masks in combating airborne viruses.

In my article that was written in the early part of the pandemic, I cited articles in the nursing, medical, public health journals, and in OSHA directives and engineering journals. A properly fitting N-95 mask was efficacious for the elderly and those with comorbidities. For the healthy and young it was irrelevant—to use a non “scientific” term. We discussed issues surrounding “thread counts” in cotton and cellulose (paper) masks. WE talked about the differences between droplets and aerosolized transmission. We talked about how masks were fitted, length of time the were worn and many other things. Most of all we talked about the fact that if one should or should not wear a mask should be up to them—not mandated by a government agency. Businesses should have decided what was best for their customers and employees, not made decisions based on complying to an “emergency order” that would allow for unique coding and billing for services. We most of all recommended talking to your doctor and listening to their advice instead of deciding based on the opinion of “experts” in the government or media.

On Feb. 22nd, 2023, a “meta-analysis” was published by UK based Cochran group that publishes metanalysis reviews and coalesces medical articles. I do not take much head in “metanalysis”, but a VOX review of their findings is provided below:

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A YouTube Video that I used for the title of this article was produced by the McCaffrey Medical Group in the mid-pandemic.

What was presented in that video by a practicing physician is more in line with the Cochran analysis than what was recommended to us by “THE EXPERTS” during the pandemic. For a single technical reason in the meta-analysis—the inability to break out sub-groups that have already been coalesced— like a vulnerable group or a young and healthy group I only agree with about 90% of the presentation:

I will let the article and presentation speak for themselves. Science is never ever “settled”.

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3 replies on “If the Mask Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit”

It is TOTALLY ILLOGICAL and Pure BS as well, to say or even Acknowledge that any Cloth or plastic mesh mask of ANY type or kind can stop something as small as a Virus! It’s Absolute Nonsense! It’s a Complete LIE!!!!!!! Living here in Northern Utah, we traveled to Malad and to Preston where the COVID LIE was not in effect to buy ALL our Groceries and Hardware needs. For the 3 months of the highest COVID Hysteria here in Utah, we spent about $3000 in Idaho, NOT Utah. I have NEVER Cowered like a Whipped DOG behind the mask of Satan! Like Russ Nelson and others so-called Learned people and people of Authority. I found it personally very saddening to see Russ Nelson, Leader of the Faith, Cowering like a Whipped Dog on stage at the conference that was held then. And I saw all those members of the Gestapo both in Utah and Idaho All Cowering like Whipped Dogs behind the mask of Satan where ever they went. Some tough guys they were! It made my estimation of the Gestapo here and there go even lower! What a bunch of Cowardly Sissies! To even acknowledge the wearing of the mask of Satan as anything other that Foolishness at its highest point, is downright Despicable! I guess the fault may lie in our Educational systems in AmeriKa. To teach young people from the earliest ages that 2 + 2 = 5 and that all Authority figures must be worshiped no matter what Nonsense they spew from their Lying mouths. I guess the adults of today just don’t know any better than to believe in Fantasies. Its what they’ve been taught all their lives.
Steve Nelson (I am NO Relation to that man in SLC!!!)

Thank you Steve,

Anyone looking at the You Tube video can see both sides of the story presented logically and make up their own decision, or they can let some “expert” or government agency tell them what to do. I have lost respect for the word expert and people who put that word in front of their names or credentials. I have lost respect for the media that failed to even acknowledge that there was two sides of the debate and failed to tell us about the “leak from the Wuhan lab”. The FBI. DOD, and DOE have now stated for the record that the Covid pandemic was caused by a lab leak in Wuhan. Oh my gosh the FBI said it was a “Wuhan lab leadk”. I might have to rethink my position—-just kidding.

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