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Conservative Rep. Nonini Endorses Liberal Voting Sen. Keough

As strong of a conservative that Rep. Nonini is he has made a major mistake in thinking that he needs an alliance with one of the worst voting senators in the legislature Shawn Keough. Why is it that only the conservatives that are willing to bend to the will of the establishment and not the other way around? We have seen time and again where the conservatives vote to pass legislation wanted by the establishment and when it comes time for the establishment to reciprocate they are no-where to be found. With Shawn Keough’s voting record we are surprised that she is still in the legislature and wasn’t voted out years ago. We are sorry Rep. Nonini, but we vehemently disagree with your thought process that by endorsing Senator Keough this is going to give you a leg up when it comes down to difficult legislation you would like passed. Northern Idaho could be the most conservative corner in our state and because of that you would over time be able to vote in a new House Speaker who would appoint more conservatives to important committees like JAFC, but before that happens we need to get rid of the old establishment cronies like Shawn.

Do you really think that Senator Keough is going to help you bring more funds to Northern Idaho if the Governor says no? If you do you are a fool’s fool. Senator Keough is a tax and spend bureaucrat who will vote for any spending bill promoted by the establishment hierarchy and leave the middle and lower income taxpayers to pony up the additional funds. Why is it that we the people didn’t get a tax break this year yet government expanded by 8%? It saddens me that you have chosen to acquiesce and think for some reason you will be recognized for your help in endorsing Shawn.

We all know you have a passion for moving education forward in our state but this is not the way to promote STEM education or get higher paying jobs in our state. That will be done when we rid ourselves of this administration in 2018 which has hobbled us with their over regulation, unfair taxation and a budget which is 35% paid for with federal money. What you should be working on is getting back control of our land so we can utilize what God has given us in the way of natural resources in this great state. One only needs to take a look at Idaho’s earnings historically adjusted for inflation, that since our land has been confiscated by the federal government thousands of good paying jobs have been lost. Enough said for now. We can only hope you will come to you senses but our fear is that you will be taken advantage of and used by Senator Keough and get nothing but lip service in return.

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