Complete & Total Vindication

Obama was up to his old tricks again on Tuesday with his farewell speech. Once again he lied about the economy and jobs.

Or maybe I should phrase it differently: Once again, Obama chose to omit the facts.

The good news is I feel vindicated. All conservatives should feel vindicated. As in…

Complete and total vindication.

The great news is our vindication is wonderful news for America, the U.S. economy and the world’s greatest middle class.

The vindication is on multiple counts.

First, conservative businessmen like me have been alone in the wilderness shouting from the highest mountaintop for eight long years, that the economy was horrible, and we were all being lied to by the Obama administration. The daily propaganda we were fed that the economy was “healthy” or “in recovery” was the very definition of “fake news.”

How do we now know it was all a lie? Would you accept the word of the top Obama economist? Alan Krueger, Princeton economist and formerly Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors just released a study confirming everything conservatives said was true…and everything Obama tried to sell us was a lie.

Krueger and his partner, Harvard economist Lawrence Katz report that 94% of every new job created under Obama was a part-time job.


Funny, I never heard this fact quoted in Obama’s farewell speech on Tuesday.

This proves the entire Obama economic narrative was a fraud. There were no jobs created- unless you wanted to work part-time for low wages, with no health insurance.

The only jobs created under Obama were jobs for high school drop-outs and illegal aliens. Unless you wanted to work part-time for minimum wage at a retail store…or mow lawns…clean toilets…wash dishes…or tend bar. These were the only jobs created for the past eight years. There were no real jobs…middle class jobs…high quality, high-wage jobs you could feed a family of four and pay a mortgage with.

Who proved it? Not Donald Trump. Not CATO or The Heritage Foundation. It was proven by the Chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors.

But this news wasn’t a surprise to me. Because I reported a year ago in hundreds of media appearances that Obama had created an economy that only benefited illegal aliens.

I based my opinion on a report from Obama’s Labor Dept. that every net job for women in the past decade went to “foreigners.” That’s right, Obama’s own Labor Dept. proved that women gained a measly one million net jobs in the past decade- a miserable number. But of that million, the entire net gain went to “foreigners.”

The Labor Dept. admitted they are not in the business of identifying whether foreigners are legal or illegal. Only that these workers were “foreign-born.” So every net job gained in the past decade in America went to foreign-born workers. Here’s a commonsense question: Do you think these are legal Canadians, Brits, Austrians or Australians? Have you met many new American citizens from Iceland? Because I haven’t.

Last I checked our country has been overwhelmed by illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico and Central America. Common sense therefore tells you every net job gain went to illegal aliens.

But as far as the heart of U.S. economy- middle class Americans who did everything right, everything asked of them- good people with college degree, skills, English proficiency, no drugs, no criminal record- this group was abandoned by the Obama economy. We got the shaft. We were left out in the cold.

Don’t take my word for it. Just ask Obama’s former chief economist. His study confirms why all the jobs went to “foreigners.” Because these jobs were low-wage, no skill required, no education required part-time jobs.

That’s vindication.

But I don’t want to be right. I want to make America great again. I want to save capitalism, small business and the great American middle class. That’s what should matter to all conservatives.

The great news is we have more proof of vindication.

Everyone agrees the economic engine of America is small business. Small business creates two-thirds of new jobs. Want to know what’s wrong with the economy? Ask a small business owner. Want to know how to fix the economy and create jobs? Ask a small business owner.

Well small businessmen and women are the happiest they’ve been in 37 years because of Trump’s election! The U.S. Small Business Optimism Index surged after Trump’s election to the highest levels since 1980. And here’s the really great news. THREE TIMES more small business owners think it’s time to expand than at any time in the past eight years of Obama.

I’ve argued for eight long years that the US economy could be turned around quickly by simply electing a fiscally-conservative, pro-business President like Ronald Reagan. Just like Reagan turned around the misery and malaise of Jimmy Carter by dramatically cutting taxes and regulations, a new Reagan could turnaround the horrible Obama economy with the same prescription.

Well we’ve found our Reagan. His name is Donald Trump.

Complete and total VINDICATION.

Doesn’t it feel great? We’re back on track. We’re about to make America great again. Obama is gone and…