Is Trump Going Dangerously Too Fast?

I’ve said before that I don’t believe any polls, especially now in this acknowledged world of Fake News. However, four issues surfacing in the news lately regarding President-Elect Donald Trump’s positions are very disconcerting.


This sure sounds like single payer or Government insurance, if you will. The Government runs nothing well! I find it hard to believe that he would let someone schmooze him into this insane ‘simple fix.’ Is he losing his mind? I think not, but I do think he’s too eager to ‘fix’ this. I am concerned about who he is too trusting of for advice. He has bragged about knowing very talented people in New York who are experts on many issues.

Does he not realize that many of them are members of the deceitful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and what they are really about? See:Who the ‘Establishment’ Really Is,” which reveals the CFR’s intentions to steer the US into a World Government.

The best answer to health care is to encourage the states to allow all insurance companies to compete in their states. Donald Trump should understand that nothing succeeds like free enterprise competition and the further removed the government is from it the better. Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine: ‘8 Steps To Topple A Nation And Create A Socialist State‘ listed as No. 1. Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

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Manufacturer’s and all businesses for that matter technically really never pay taxes since taxes are just another line item expense that is factored into their costing equation toward profitability. All taxes are reflected in pricing and tariffs will cause inflationary higher prices. That’s a fact. Just the same as higher minimum wages cause layoffs and higher prices. The sole purpose of a business is to make a profit and accountability must reign or businesses suffer or die.

Trump’s tariff threats are a starting point for negotiations and that can be effective. However, picking winners and losers such as subsidizing companies with enticing land deals and tax cuts such as his partner/VP Elect, and sitting Governor Mike Pence was able to pull off with Carrier Air Conditioning, using the citizens of Indiana’s tax money is a big mistake and very unfair to competitors! It was effective in getting attention and maybe a ball rolling, but enough of this financial nonsense and violations of our Constitutions, federal and state. Nothing should be subsidized. Get on with the tax cuts and eliminating business strangulating regulations.


Define conservative. We want someone who understands his oath of office, our Constitution and upholds them. That’s a conservative, and that’s what we need. Great deals can still be made by a conservative by cutting taxes, eliminating the hell out of business killing regulations, and wasteful, expensive, whole federal bureaucracies and agencies with employees making more than the private sector. Then, that conservative should play hardball with other countries that overly tax our goods, as well as those that don’t have our costing for such as clean water and clean air control in their prices. In those cases, yes, we do charge them more taxes causing their prices to rise in America.


Quoting Wendy Davis from her article in the Gem State Patriot, ‘Dear President-Elect Trump & Transition Team: Rethink Zinke,’ “Congressman Zinke was elected to serve 100% of Montana’s population; however, his decisions strongly favor less than 5% of Montana residents, and expand tribal jurisdiction over non-tribal Montana citizens’ protections, property and civil rights. This has created significant job-loss, economic harm to local counties, towns, and school districts that host Indian reservations, and serious confiscation of state waters and natural resources for the direct benefit to Indian tribes, and direct loss to the State of Montana, its farmers, cattlemen, business and industry.

“Nothing within the four corners of the U.S. Constitution includes tribal governance, tribal sovereignty or any aspect of federal Indian policy. Congress has power over Indian commerce, not Indian tribes. Justice Clarence Thomas put a powerful challenge out to his colleagues on the Bench, and to Congress. Here are his clear words:

“Congress purported [alleged] Plenary Power [all-encompassing] over Indian tribes rest on even shakier foundations. No enumerated power—not Congress’ power to “regulate Commerce… with Indian Tribes,” not the Senate’s role in approving treaties, nor anything else—gives Congress such sweeping authority… And, until the Court rejects the fiction that Congress possesses plenary power over Indian affairs, our precedents will continue to be based on the paternalistic theory that Congress must assume all-encompassing control over the “remnants of a race” for its own good. [Emphasis added]” — Justice Clarence Thomas, U.S. v. Bryant, No. 15-420, U.S. Supreme Court, 06-13-2016

“Terms like—aboriginal rights and time immemorial—are political propaganda. Anything pre-constitutional or extra-constitutional is unconstitutional…or we have no Constitution. The Constitutional priority tree of sovereignty goes like this:

  1. Citizen (Popular Sovereignty, Inalienable rights).
  2. State sovereignty (remember the States created the federal government).
  3. Federal sovereignty (enumerated (limited) powers).

“Why is the Constitution turned on its head, and why are federal, state and local elected officials, including Congressman Zinke, so persuaded that tribal sovereignty is now superior to all other sovereignty in this country? Follow the money and follow political correctness. No elected official wants to be called “racist.” No elected official wants to be taken out of office by a tribally funded challenger.

“Across the Western States our federal senators, state legislators, county commissioners—too many behave as though their primary allegiance is to tribal governments. The federal “trust” relationship with Indian tribes created by the Supreme Court (1823-1830) may never supplant the trust relationship that every elected official takes to the U.S. Constitution, including specifically the first eleven Amendments forged to protect every American citizen.”


I am all for President Elect Donald J. Trump and I know he is human and will make some mistakes. But these four issues are not the mistakes he should make. I know he wants to do right. If given factual information and sage Constitutional advice he more than likely will. But with all the information overload he has to be experiencing and some of the people he might be too trusting of, such as who it was that has recommended Rep. Zinke, I worry for him and America.

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