The Great Reset

Dear Representatives and Senators;

You are being asked to read this information as it is the path our country will be taking if Biden assumes the office of president. Whether you are Republican or Democrat does not matter, this is an issue of forever losing the foundation of how our Republic was instituted with self-governance by the people, and you being elected to represent the people. Please, do your own research with the links provided.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has created the Great Reset which is a plan to use 5G as a way in which to change the world and end capitalism. All activities of life will be affected by this plan. As you know the foundations on which we live have already been impacted and taken from us, how we work, how our children are educated, the crushing of small businesses, our ability to worship, and now the very way in which we vote has been horrifically compromised. In fact, many activities such as work, education, and even healthcare have already been moved online, which is part of what the Great Reset is about. It is the intent of the WEF and its global corporate partners to never allow a return to our once normal life before this pandemic.

The links explaining this are below. With a Biden presidency this will be implemented and it is only you as representatives that can stop it in Idaho. All control of our lives will be assumed by global corporate leaders through 5G, from resource use, our work, how we educate, and how we conduct our lives. We cannot let this happen. Individuals who are experts on this subject have been attempting to alert us to the devastating effects this will have in the United States and across the world.

Perhaps some of you may hold a belief in these changes. Ending capitalism, and changing our lives to a sustainable world will remove all of our freedom and liberty. It is an oxymoron, one cannot exist with the other. I know those who are in various regional entities have been educated in this thought. But to continue to support this is only moving further away from our Constitutional rights. Every link provided is either from the WEF website or other legitimate sources.

This will be shared with Idahoans, so they understand that you have been provided the information that presents a threat to us and our state. Hopefully, you understand Idahoans will be watching to see how much you participate in this agenda. If the question is, “What can we do about it?”, the answer is, stand up to the federal government, do not allow these intrusive changes in our education system, our freedom to conduct businesses, prohibiting us from worshiping, forced medical care through a computer monitor, collection of private medical information that is shared, and no forced medical treatments such as vaccines. These are only a few areas of concern.

Our system of governance, work, education, worship, shopping, socializing, travel, even voting has already been successfully disrupted by this agenda. It is the intent of the WEF and its global corporate partners to never allow a return to our life of freedom, participation in a Constitutional Republic, or a nation ruled by laws.

Here is the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset. and the intent to implement it now. Under platforms you can read about all of the plans to change the world.

This podcast explains Covid-19: The Great Reset.

Here are WEF partners in the Great Reset, Micron and HP are included along with Moderna and Pfizer who came out with the vaccines, Facebook, Walmart, and Google.

WEF calls the advent of 5G as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), giving the corporate world the ability to gather, share, monitor, surveil, and utilize data in order to control resources, and society. As this article itself states “Simultaneously, governments will gain new technological powers to increase their control over populations, based on pervasive surveillance systems and the ability to control digital infrastructure”. The federal government is pouring millions of dollars into 5G.

5G gives the ability to not only for surveillance but to create the Internet of Things (IoT) which will tie all devices together with the ability to gather and share data.

With 4IR, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms will be used to make decisions about every aspect of life. A future of Technological Governance, not governance as a Republic, but “maximizing data use to benefit society”. This will all be managed by global corporations.

WEF created a Strategic Intelligence platform to execute the Great Reset, all participating countries, issues, and sustainable development goals are listed here.

The WEF Great Reset is about destroying capitalism, or what they call “reinventing” it, and creating a new economy. The primary goal has always been about changing and controlling the economy.

As this Klaus Schwab article explains the objective is “state capitalism,” which entrusts the government with setting the direction of the economy”, and “positions private corporations as trustees of society“, which is also known as corporatism, the very antithesis of free market capitalism.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development is prepared to reinvent capitalism as well and have had a Vision 2050 plan since 2010.

According to the WEF, the world will operate under a digital economy. The Federal Reserve is preparing to support this digital economy, and researching it, which will give the government and corporations the ability to track everything we do. The plan is changing our monetary system over to a digital currency and economy that will shape the future of our society.

Schwab is using Covid-19 as a means to implement his Great Reset, but it was always planned that way.

To learn about the direction we will be taken, and prepare for it, here is Schwab’s plan for the Post Covid World. In this book Schwab specifically states, “Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.” Challenges and Opportunities Post Covid-19 are also outlined by the WEF, and Reset and Recovery.

With the end of US dominance, we will instead have global powers.

Here is a summary of all the areas impacted by the Great Reset.

WEF and Schwab talking on video about the Great Reset, start at the 3:25″ mark.

The WEF and UN signed a Strategic Partner Framework to finance and implement Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals

Preparations are being made for the next crisis, cybersecurity. With federal agencies already being active participants in this endeavor, the goal is creating an “Alliance to Combat Global Cybercrime that will include law enforcement agencies.

The intent is to take the unemployed, retraining, and recreating a new workforce for this agenda, again for the post Covid world. “Upskilling” is the word being used to reskill workers who have been unemployed from the pandemic for corporate needs. Work and education has already been changed to online and the intention is for this to continue.

It is the same for healthcare, use of telemedicine for evaluating and treating patients, all online, and as this video suggests, large corporations are ready to take over. With electronic health records and digital care they will have full access to data on us, perfect for their value based ideology, using algorithms that will force healthcare providers to follow.

Agriculture will be managed by AI to control the food systems that is intended to feed the world. Global corporate partners such as Monsanto will be making these decisions with “human capital“, prepared through its changes in education to a corporate workforce, doing the work.

Our energy sector will be changed to renewables. The federal government is already pouring millions of dollars into renewables.

Cities will also be changed and how we live.

Through its WEF Water Environment Federation, how we use water will be forever changed. In Idaho the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association is a member. Suez in Boise is also a WEF participant, perhaps this answers why Suez needs such high rate increases.

Even the media will be used to shape what it wants us to know. With Facebook, Google, New York Times, Discovery, Time, and Netflix as partners this will be easy to do. Without specifically naming it, Time is already promoting the Great Reset. It’s as if the magazine had inside knowledge of the future.

This will be our new technocratic world, groups of individuals from different spheres of society that will be making the decisions as unelected participants. There will no longer be a need for a representative government.

Trudeau in Canada has joined the agenda.

The WGA is bringing this agenda to us through their Reimagining the Rural West Initiative, reimagine is one of the WEF words for the reset.

Biden is set to participate in and implement the Great Reset.

Biden has appointed John Kerry as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. He supports the Great Reset.

John Corbett report on the Great Reset. The above links substantiate what is in this report.

The above are only a few examples of what the WEF Great Reset will execute upon us. It is your job to protect Idahoans from this agenda. Don’t accept any federal dollars that have these objectives attached. Also, put constraints on Governor Little that restricts him to working with the legislature on accepting federal dollars, how money is spent, and listening to the legislature as the voice of the people. Only you, the legislators, have that authority. It is time legislators exit regional entities and Governor Little leaves the WGA, focusing instead on the will of Idahoans to retain their sovereignty and authority.

3 replies on “The Great Reset”

And who will be in charge of it all? Israel once they wipe out 80-90% of us. The rest remaining will be controlled slaves, the goy. Those that don’t measure up will likely be processed into food for the others. It’s that sick! Watch what they do now, nothing compared if they get their way. It is simply good against evil. Many will be a friend of the devel.

How in the name of #×%&$\* will this world today exist, without OIL, praytel?!
There is virtually nothing in our everyday lives that hasn’t been manufactured and / or touched in some fashion, by the use of OIL! The ships, trucks, heavy equipment, plastics, rubber, heating, cooling, computers, etc,. Name virtually anything today and chances are that, “IT” “IS”, because OIL had been utilized in the making/providing/even tech advances are because of “IT”.
The old adage “don’t fix it if it isn’t broke” can be applied to these World “reset” idiots, I/We, deem them to be broken! That may require repairing, but Our Country and it’s proud people’s Capitalism based economy Does Not! Adjustments, yes.
Who and What gives anyone the right to come clean our home? Clean your own homes before attempting, by way of sneaky subversive means, to clean mine!
I will never comply with any, illegally attained thus far, so called power! Greed is a much more apropos term for power (by their definition)! Corruption and a Rose by any other name, is still corruption and a rose.

I have researched the Clintons, beginning with their “king & queen” of Arkansas days and have discovered some enlightening “coincidence’s”, (of which I do not believe in, but are instead “BY DESIGN” I believe), that when viewed in the rearview mirrors, indicated to me a plan that had been in the works or possibly the Clinton’s were the fiduciaries over and appeared to have been initiated in the latter half of the 1970’s!
These revelations, as a lifelong aircraft electrical & electronics troubleshooter, surely mandated further investigation. I found the beginnings of the “Fabians Society”, 1884, England. “Democratic Socialism” was their cause, infiltrating England’s Monarchy at the beginning of the 1900’s (landslide takeover of the Parliament), worked out just dandy for their people, didn’t it?
Glenn Beck’s “The Hydra” explains it perfectly and had the MSM conspirators not stomped all over the First Ammendment to our Constitution, our current excuse for a House of Representatives (embedded Democrat conspirators, all), All Agencies of the Obama administrations being infected (with lunitic conspirators) as well, just look at Comey, Holder, Lynch, Schiff, Nadley, need I go on?
We/Americans could have done much more about today, had anyone put a 30 year long plan puzzle together sooner! Subversive, Seditious and Sorry-assed so called “Americans”! It makes me sick to think of friends who lost their lives for this nation and their families!
With faith, the SINFULNESS of these World Domineers, operating under the guise of “a better way” will not go unpunished.
“Cutting the head off the Hydra” is recommended viewing for PATRIOTS! Oh,..
I haven’t even began with legislation quickly, quietly and variously shoved into place, gov acquisition of DARPA type mfgrs, programs utilized against the masses (all ELECTION & VOTER FRAUD related) such as HAARP, HI PASS, BLUBEAM…? Who knows and who has power enough to utilize that sort of equipment?
Is it a coincidence that, Fabians and Nazi Germany, as well as the Elitists (Rothchilds & Rockafellers…) acquiring 3 Fed Reserve banks in Europe back then and our own CIA, we’re very interested in Nikola Tesla’s discoveries (radio theory based & others)?
I know radio theory and it’s capabilities, coupled with tech advancement speed and I’m afraid most the World doesn’t know or doesn’t believe they’ve Been HAD! DECIEVED! Tell us that’s not corruption one more time… oh, and now with 5G, CHINA-VIRUS, ELECTION FRAUD, “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM”, etc, what do the lefties think is happening? Can they spell Assault? How about Assault & Battery – thru manipulation of the human mind? Can they spell War Crimes? Well, no need to pretty soon, as there won’t be our Rule of Law, only Rule of Man, but I digress.
Semper Fidelis! Semper Paranis!

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