Will the Real Conservatives Please Stand Up

Will the Real Conservatives Please Stand Up

Last night was a special night at the Center on the Park in Meridian because Idahoans got an opportunity to meet nine of Idaho’s most conservative legislators. These are the public servants who have taken the time out of their lives to stand up for the people against the establishment and if you missed their speeches last night, you missed an awesome meeting. (See video below.)

This collection of elected legislative patriots told a crowd of 250 about how they have been working to change our state for the better. I’m not sure which was more heart wrenching, the speakers, comments or the audience’s reaction to what they said. For years, we have been writing about the crony establishment and how they have been destroying our state with insurmountable new rules and regulations each and every year, and leadership from the top down leaving those who were new to the legislature to languish in their shadow.

I do believe that this year’s election could actually be the real beginning of change for our state because of these nine citizens who are willing to fight this crony system that has been thrust upon us for the past 12 plus years under Governor Butch Otter’s leadership. It’s time for change, and if these legislators were to accomplish even half of what they talked about at last night’s meeting, we could find ourselves on our way to fixing a broken legislative system in this state.

The changes they want to make in our state will only be possible if the citizens of Idaho get out to the polls in the primary election slated for May 15 of this year to keep these candidates on the ballot for November. Without voter support, we will wind up with more of the same sloppy government of tax-and-spend for another two to four years.

Idaho is one of the most beautiful states in this country and people want to live here because of the traditional conservative values of the people here. The problems are fixable but someone has to take the bull by the horns and make the changes necessary to bring this natural resource state back to life. Last night we heard about the need to lower taxes, increase wages, promote better-paying jobs and show companies that this state is a great place to do business and hire competent employees.

These nine legislators know that education is important not just for college-bound students but for those that want to find good paying jobs in industries like mining and timber. We heard them talk about more freedom in our choice of healthcare and being able to lower costs for premiums which have soared under the present administration who have been all too friendly to healthcare companies that support their campaigns with money.

Gem State Patriot News would like to thank all of those individuals involved in bringing this conservative group of legislators to the attention of the people and hope that more forums like this will be held in the future. We would like to give our special thanks to the legislators who participated in this forum and are willing to stand up as citizen legislators and bring proper order and prosperity back to our state.

As we always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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