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Don’t close the Meridian Library – Change the Management

I want to give you my opinion on the Meridian Library controversy. This is not so much about the books in the library, but about which books are accessible to children. Everyone should realize that Both Boise and Meridian are in the throes of cultural change as more moderate and left-leaning citizens move into our state and settle in these popular communities.

Idaho is in the process of a monumental change in the densely populated cities and counties as this is traditionally where the best paying jobs are and where diverse educational opportunities and facilities are easily accessible. I witnessed this same transition take place in the urban cities of New Jersey. Wisconsin and Colorado where I formerly lived. As I look back on these three states it has become clear to me that this transition I witnessed is now happening in Idaho.

This is a cause-and-effect relationship as to why these cities and counties change from conservative to moderate and eventually lean left. I’ve said many times on this show that the Corporations and higher educational institutions are the root cause of this sea change that is and has been taking place throughout our country and why we are so divided. This transition has been working its way into Idaho for the past 2 decades. The problem is it has happened so slowly that most Idahoans haven’t noticed the liberal creep taking place until someone like Mayor McLean was elected. The large corporations and learning institutions have been teaching diversity for decades and we are not realizing that the managers of these corporations and learning institutions are from a different generation that has been indoctrinated in our public school system where God has been replaced with idioms of diversity. The wokeness and diversity that conservatives are fighting against today took place on their watch because they were not attentive to what their children were being taught. Now their conservative values are being challenged by the very children they raised and educated so I don’t know why they are surprised at these changes in attitude by this younger generation.

This problem with the library and the books they are making available is only a symptom of the problems we are dealing with, and they will not go away by closing the library. The citizens of Meridian must find a way to fix this by working with parents on objectionable material and allowing them to participate in the decision-making process of what material is appropriate and who may have access to this material. Closing this library would be a travesty. The problem is the management of the library and that is what must be changed.

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Regardless of what the library does it will not change the availability of inappropriate material to our children in this age of instantaneous information. The various social media platforms are some of the most egregious places where children can find the same type of material; and worse that is available in any library. While we scream and shout about the availability of pornographic material in our libraries, we only recently as the last 2 years realized what inappropriate material is being taught to our children in our public schools.

The current generation of parents were born in the 1990’s and many grew up in the densely populated areas. These are the cities where their children were quietly indoctrinated with more liberal ideas about diversity and attitudes toward the LBGTQ life. This happened because parents were too busy working and making a living and thought little about what their children were learning in public schools. You can’t change the attitudes of this generation but what we can change is the attitude and values of the next generation by changing what is being taught in our public education system. Parents need more options in the education of their children and this is why we need to find a way to allow school choice where the money follows the children not as it is now where the children must follow the money. If we don’t change the system, then I fear that the divide that now permeates throughout our nation will continue to grow and eventually the left will get their way which would be a travesty to the survival of our country.

I would ask everyone who reads the GemStatePatriot to read this important article by the Idaho Freedom Foundation to give you an idea of what is being made available to our children in our public school libraries.

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2 replies on “Don’t close the Meridian Library – Change the Management”

I’ve stated many times that the library needs to have a room with the offensive materials like the video stores used to where adults only go in and browse and a clerk should be in there to check the items out. Also make it where they need to produce an I.D. To prove their age. Really a simple solution rather than closing the library. Yes, it will require another staff member and may be boring to sit there, but I’m sure they could find something for the staff member to work on.

Offensive materials have no place in our libraries. Libraries are for every one; not for porn or other questionable reading. Libraries are for CHILDREN, YOUNG ADULTS and ADULTS who want to further their education or read for pleasure. No monies or taxes should ever go for perverted smut in our public libraries. This country needs to get back to basics, manners, respect for self and others, responsibility and trust. If we can manage these things, there will be no room for questionable rot.

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