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Biden throws down the Gauntlet to Conservatives

I have to say I have never in my lifetime heard a more divisive and incendiary speech than the one Biden gave at Independence Hall. He threw down the gauntlet to every conservative in this country and he as much as said if you get out of line, we will bring the full force of the U.S. government down upon you. The words in that speech were the words of a wannabe dictator. With the background of blood-red walls and two marines standing on either side of him, this was clearly a visual threat to all Americans who don’t agree with his policies. Let’s all remember that Joe Biden is a puppet of the cronies from the Obama administration who are pulling the strings and set the tone and tone and optics to make Biden’s speech appear quite threatening to conservatives.

That speech was intended to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who might be willing to speak out against this regime. I don’t believe that Joe has a clue as to what he said or why he said it, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama and company were the ones behind this obvious attempt to show that they have the power and you had better not challenge them. Joe Biden will go down as the most divisive president in U.S. history. The power struggle for the survival of our country now hangs in the balance in the November midterm elections and they will determine which direction our country will be heading. This regressive speech by Joe Biden was intended to push conservatives a little further to the brink of considering civil disobedience or possible armed conflict which would give the Biden administration a reason to declare martial law to be enacted just before the election. We sincerely hope and pray that this does not happen as our country has enough problems with crime and punishment currently affecting our big liberal cities. Joe declared war on over half of the country with his abrasive comments about MAGA conservatives being Simi Fascists. Conservatives need to be cautious on how they react to a speech of this nature and should remain calm. They should be out rallying the people to show up at the polls this November so we can take our country back in the way our forefathers intended when they wrote our constitution.

Every conservative needs to do a rerun of Biden’s speech and realize that he is telling you not to go against him or his policies and if you do you will find out where the real power lies. Nothing would suit Joe and company more than to see a real insurrection take place so he and the liberal left would have a reason to come down hard on the MAGA conservative movement. Over the past year and a half, the Biden administration has stolen our children’s and grandchildren’s chance for prosperous futures with his free spending, throwing our country into a death spiral of debt that we will never be able to repay. This undemocratic speech was crafted specifically to raise the ire of conservatives so that they would put them on the brink of psychical violence and that is the last thing this country needs. I fear that once that train leaves the station our country will be derailed in a way that would it split forever.

The root of our problem has been and still is in our public education system run essentially by the government. Until we turn away from a government financed education nothing will change, and our children will continue to be subjected to the whims of the progressive liberal teachers and professors who are responsible for educating our children. We all know that our kids are being indoctrinated every day they spend in a government-controlled school. These liberal institutions fill our children heads with lies, bend the words of our constitution to fit their needs and indoctrinate them with their progressive policies while we foot the bill with our tax dollars. We need to go to a system where our tax money follows the children where parents can opt out of the current government system and find private schools that teach the basic ethical and moral values our country was founded on.

Conservatives need to send Joe Biden a message this November that they don’t agree with his Woke Socialist agenda or the big government that comes with it. They don’t want higher taxes or more frivolous spending on government sponsored projects for climate change when there is no real return on investment to the taxpayers who are footing the bill. I believe Joe Biden has made a huge political mistake with his speech railing against conservatives and calling them Semi Fascists as this group makes up 84 million plus voters and he will pay the price on November 8th when the Republicans take back the House of Representatives and the Senate. If you don’t vote you will be partially responsible for the consequences that we will all suffer under the thumb of the Woke Progressive Liberals led by an inept president who will use government agencies like the FBI, DOJ and the IRS to go after anyone who speaks out against them.

Remember people, “We get the Government We Deserve”.

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