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Bend over Taxpayers, Here it comes Again

So once again Governor Little and his puppet masters at IACI have screwed the taxpayers of Idaho. As I had said a couple of weeks ago, this was a done deal lame-duck session of the legislature and there was no changing it. If the citizens of our state don’t realize after this special session that they have absolutely no say in how their tax money is spent by the liberal elitist RINOs running our state then they are as brain-dead as our president. Brad Do Little, Scott Bedke, and the rest of the RINO herd have just told the citizens of Idaho that they don’t care about what you want, they are going to follow the orders of organizations like IACI, the teacher’s union, and the large Woke corporate community who support their reelection.

This was the last hurrah for the RINOs as the new legislature would never have allowed this bill to pass. We are now going to feed hundreds of millions more of our tax dollars into our education system without any requirements for better performance. With a 2-billion-dollar surplus, the average taxpayer will not see very little in the way of tax relief from this bogus bill. The official comment from the office of Brad Doolittle our governor is “Idaho Joins the Flat Tax Revolution”. Idahoans will receive one-time checks totaling about $500 million which will do little to ease the huge inflationary increases that have taken place in the cost of food, shelter, and fuel over the past year. There will be no change in the Grocery Tax which our governor promised to eliminate just before the 2018 election.

Taxpayers will receive a reduction in the income tax rate from 6% to 5.8%. The only thing flat about this tax is that it falls flat on its face. Idahoans should understand what this change in the tax code will mean to them and the Idaho Freedom Foundation has done an analysis of this change and how it will affect them so here is a link to their take on this change. Here:

We hope the voters of Idaho will finally wake up and see that our state has been taken over by the members of IACI and the free-spending RINOs who sit under our capitol rotunda while it is painted a bright Blue. The Democrats all had smiles on their faces as they got much of what they wanted for education and if you don’t think this will give democrats the impetus to vote for our liberal governor Little, you’re sadly mistaken. If you had any doubts about Little and if he was moving to the left this special session removed any of them.

Joe Biden has said that conservatives are a threat to Democracy well folks I would say that Governor Little and his RINO herd are a direct threat to our state remaining conservative. So, let’s talk about how this $2 billion surplus being divided up in this special session and what will do for education. Our thanks to Brandon Durst who has broken it down quite nicely for us. This special legislative session was set up by IACI, the big business lobby and the Teachers union to pour $410 million into a broken government-run education system. The Legislature set aside $80 million annually for higher education programs and earmarked $330 million for K-12 schooling with no clear message as to how the $330 million would be spent. We now have a $330 million pot of cash to be distributed as the 2023 legislature sees fit. This money could be used to fund education choice programs, in which education dollars follow students to home schools, private schools, or other options that best fit their needs, but we doubt that is where it will go. The real scenario is that Little and his Education Inc. buddies will once again get their way, and those dollars will be poured into government schools, and educational outcomes will never improve.

We were wondering if any of our readers think Ammon Bundy the Independent candidate for Governor has a better plan on how to fix the tax problem in our state, so we are going to give you an opportunity to decide. Here is LINK to Ammon Bundy’s plan to relieve Idahoans’ tax burden. See his written plan and a video for those who don’t like to read Here:

Idaho is at a crossroads and in November we will all be making a decision as to which direction our state will be heading in the future. The media will play a big part in this election, and they are going all in for Governor Little giving him accolades for a job well done. What’s important is for Idahoans to look back at the past 4 years and ask themselves is this the Idaho I want to live in or is our state making a left turn away from our conservative values? We ask you all to remember the surprise discovery of Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools and the abrogation of our constitutional rights by Governor Little during his 2-year Covid State of Emergency closing non-essential businesses and ordering Idahoans to stay in their homes. Idaho is in trouble, and I fear that too many Idahoans have been taken in by Little and his elitist cronies with their promises.

Once again, he has set himself up to take control of our state in the November election by making sure that everyone gets a refund check while he puts a little tax rebate in one pocket and takes it all back and a lot more from your other pocket. It’s time to get rid of the leftists who have been running our state for far too long and bring in some fresh blood to set us back on the right path to conservatism.

Remember: “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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