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Is America a Racist Nation?

During a recent volleyball game between BYU and Duke, it was reported that a BYU fan sitting in the student section was using the “N” word toward a black Duke volleyball athlete. Others present report that the incident never happened. It was a lie—but a lie that keeps repeating to advance an agenda. That America is racist. That White people are evil. That Black people are still being discriminated against. I want to set the record straight.

My experience with racism is, perhaps, different than most people’s. As a person of an ethnic minority, I came to America at the age of eighteen. My first stop was Hawaii, a state known for tolerance and acceptance. I was already fluent in English, and I communicated almost exclusively in English. I used other languages only when I ran into other Chinese. Soon I was told that it was the Chinese immigrants that built the Transcontinental Railroad, and that they were not appreciated, etc. I was also told to stick with the people of my kind…I was being groomed to be a racist.

It was at that time that I first experienced racism in America. It came from people of my kind because I was not acting Chinese enough. Note that I did not experience racism from white people, black people, or brown people, but from other Chinese.

My experience is not unique. Talking with my friends of other ethnicities, they expressed to me a very similar experience: that racism in America is misplaced, and the biggest problem is among people of the same ethnicity.

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Quite a few years ago, I watch a documentary about light color Blacks being targeted by dark color Blacks. I can sympathize with the light color Blacks.

My conclusion is that America is not a racist nation. In fact, she is the most racially tolerant nation on earth. People from all over the world dream of coming to America, to be free. When they arrive, they are welcomed and given an equal opportunity to participate, have a better life, and succeed. Because of my own experience, I learned to love America.

To those that still believe and are engaged in selling the propaganda that America is racist: you are wrong. The left has been fostering a climate of hate for their political gain. The Duke volleyball player accusation was but one of these hurtful manifestations. Their narrative is to divide America, foster discontent, and force America to deviate from the path of freedom, and overthrow the current system in favor of one with them in charge.

Mr. da Rosa immigrated to the United States from Macau, a former Portuguese territory, now part of China. He is an ethnic Chinese.

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2 replies on “Is America a Racist Nation?”

Great article and thank you. America is not a racist nation. There are people of all races who try to capitalize on the false premise of being a “victim”. Victimhood creates dependency and is the antithesis of individual liberty.

Of course we are racist. Go look at the June 22, 2022 article by Jim Jones at the Idaho Capital Sun titled Idaho’s Minidoka National Historic Site reminds us to remain vigilant about racial injustice.

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