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Attempts by Media to cover up Twin Falls Refugee Problems tells us ‘Journalism is Dead’

The establishment media is bought and paid for by the corporate lobbyists and establishment politicians. Everybody should be irate at the local news media and how they handled this Refugee incident in Twin Falls, and what is more abominable is the reaction of the city officials. It was almost as if everyone wanted to cover up this attack on this little girl because it involved refugees, and they were afraid they would incur the wrath of the federal government. The Gem State Patriot posted two stories by WND on Facebook after seeing they had done their homework and had thousands of hits on these two articles in a matter of hours showing us that this story had not been in mainstream media.

It’s funny we joke about the fact that the Idaho press club wouldn’t allow The Gem State Patriot to join their group at the capital because our newsletter and blog had a conservative bent. Well now I’m glad that we were never allowed to join this group of suppressive journalistic jerks that wouldn’t know how to report a story if it came up and bit them in the hind end. If this doesn’t show the people of the Treasure and Magic Valleys that we have a completely biased press ready to do anything to promote their agenda, and that of those that pay the handsomely I don’t know what will.

The refugee situation is all about money from the federal government and the crazy thing is that this is our money being used against us. We are talking about billions of dollars flowing in to resettle these people all around the country. We don’t treat our Veterans as well as the refugees that are being filtered into our communities. We always see homeless veterans on the streets, when was the last time you saw a homeless refugee on the streets? The real problem with resettlement lies in the fact that Muslim they are not assimilating to our way of life but instead sticking with their old customs and values. For over two centuries we have accepted and even encouraged immigration to America but with our acceptance of these immigrants came the responsibility of assimilating to our way of life. If we don’t speak out about the problems with these resettlements they will continue to change the land scape of Idaho’s population base. Many of our federal law enforcement officials have stated that we still don’t know if many of these refugees are would be terrorists because of what may be cursory background checks, and that is the larger problem when it comes to keeping our communities safe.

The real question is why aren’t any of our legislators speaking out about these problems? They have been silent as church mice at a Sunday sermon. Not only have we heard nothing from our state legislators but it appears that our Washington representatives have also contracted a severe case of laryngitis. It would be nice if someone spoke up on behalf of Idaho’s citizens.

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