The Fix is in for Hillary

What is it about the Clintons that they are always one step ahead of the law? Does anyone really believe that Bill Clinton and his happenstance meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix was not meant to be publicized? Once again we see the genius of the Clinton strategy to deflect public attention from Hillary to Bill and Loretta. We are all aware that Bill appointed AG Lynch to the federal district court so there is a bond that ties these two and by proxy Hillary together. Our bet is that Bill expected someone to find out about this meeting, and also counted it to be publicized in the media. Just the fact that these two met for 30 minutes on the Phoenix tarmac taints any case that might be brought against Hillary before the presidential election. This is the reason that Lynch came out today and said she would abide by any recommendation from career attorneys at the Justice Department and the FBI head on whether to prosecute or not. Lynch said nothing of interest was discussed only Bill’s golf game and their respective grandchildren. The simple fact that they met clouds the picture for any decision to prosecute Hillary by this attorney general.

There are two investigations going on currently into Hillary’s e-mails. The first is if she violated federal law in using a private server and the second is e-mails on the Clinton Crime Foundation. Either way if she is indicted for either offence she will be disqualified to run for president. Do you really believe that Bill, who escaped impeachment while serving as president, would be dumb enough to allow anything like this happen to crush their family empire? The fact is that they are hoping that this meeting with Loretta Lynch will cause another outside investigation about the investigation that will cause a delay of any indictment of Hillary until after the Presidential election in November. Even if Lynch recuses herself from the investigation, it will more than likely be taken over by someone friendly to the Clintons that would want more time to go over evidence and again delay the indictment till after the election. Loretta Lynch has also said that she reserves the right to overrule the recommendation of any career prosecutors and the FBI in the e-mail investigation. A right that she would have in any case. Back to square one.

Everyone must understand that the career prosecutors are not likely to recommend indictment as most of them plan on staying at the Justice Department in their positions and would not take a chance on upsetting the Clintons who could be back in the White House. All in all folks the meeting of Bill and Loretta has just killed any chance of Hillary being indicted before the election. They also know that if Trump is elected he will probably order another investigation into not only Hillary’s e-mails but into the selling of favors to foreign governments for contributions to the Clinton Foundation. This is one of the reasons we need to get Donald Trump elected in November because we will not survive another four years of the Clinton crime syndicate occupying the White House.

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