Paul Ryan is the Reason the GOP is Losing America

I have a message for Donald Trump: DON’T CHANGE A THING.

Donald, from the moment you started running for President…the biased-liberal mainstream media, government bureaucrats, career politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, establishment Republicans and various corporate CEOs- who are all in bed together- have tried to damage you, destroy you, or change you.

But you stuck to your guns. You charged ahead and did it your way. You didn’t change a thing. You spoke directly to the people. You spoke over the heads of these elitists, globalists and “one world-ers.” You understood they didn’t have the best interests of America, American workers or the great American middle class in mind.

And it worked.

The Republicans who criticized you have all been wrong. You’ve marginalized them one by one. Mitt Romney. Jeb Bush. John McCain. Lindsey Graham. Mitch McConnell. Let’s not forget commentators like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, and the Editors of National Review. They are all meaningless now.

When Karl Rove and George Will go on air, we all now change the channel! Because we know exactly what they say and think…they are anti-Trump because to them Trump finally and truly means real change…not Barack Obama’s B.S. change, but real change! And they don’t want it. So Trump has rendered them meaningless.

Now it’s Paul Ryan’s turn.

You’ve beaten them all. Their thinking…their language…their ideas don’t win elections…don’t appeal to middle class or working class Americans. They no longer matter. The GOP is your party now.

You tell the truth. You speak with raw emotion. You are politically incorrect. You tell it like it is- even if it shocks some who’ve never heard straight talk before. It worked. You vanquished the 16 best candidates in GOP history. You destroyed them. You made them disappear.

Even more remarkably, they raised and spent hundreds of millions. You spent almost nothing. And you won! Your raw truth beat their big money.

Heck, these politicians all became rich men on our money…look at U.S. Senator Harry Reid. He entered the Senate with modest means, today he is one of its richest members. How did that happen? Donald is the only one who can put a stop to it. The “test run” was beating all the big money interests and their candidates in the GOP primary.

Donald, if you stick to your guns, you will do the same to Hillary Clinton (or whomever the Democrats wind up nominating (if she is recommended for indictment by the FBI before the convention). This election is yours, if you just be Donald. Don’t change a thing. That’s what got you to this amazing place in time.

Now it’s Paul Ryan’s turn to become irrelevant in his own party…to become meaningless…to disappear.

Republicans have won nothing on a national basis with Paul Ryan’s image and ideas. He’s boring, traditional, moderate, vanilla and establishment. He won’t take a gamble. You’ve been a riverboat gambler your whole life. You’ve been up and down. You’ve been close to disaster. Yet you’ve come out of it with $10 billion dollars and one of the great business empires and brands in history.

What’s Paul Ryan built? He’s been in GOP leadership for eight long years while Obama damaged the economy and the country. He was there while Obama stuffed taxes, regulations, spending, Obamacare and outrageous illegal Executive orders down our throats- and Ryan and his GOP establishment buddies did nothing. They were powerless, feckless, impotent cowards. They allowed it all to happen. They didn’t fight like Americans. They waved a white flag like The French.

So when Paul Ryan disavows your comments about the Mexican-American Judge in your Trump University case and calls your words “racist” consider it a badge of honor. He’s the coward and appeaser who waves the white flag every time the left cries foul.

You know why they cry foul? Because you’re winning! Right when victory is upon us…inches away…at the very moment our tactics are working…that’s when liberals cry foul…scream “racist”…and GOP establishment weaklings and cowards cry “Uncle.” That’s Paul Ryan.

Ryan is the typical Republican leader who brings a knife to a gun fight. He plays by gentleman’s rules, while liberals bring machine guns and cut us to shreds. They’re banging our brain in, and Ryan keeps playing by gentleman’s rules. He thinks its badminton with Muffy at the country club. But it’s war. And we need a wartime leader. That’s you, Donald.

Quite simply Ryan and his fellow establishment cronies are either idiots, or sleeping with the enemy.

Trump didn’t say anything racist. He just told the truth. It isn’t his Mexican heritage that makes the judge unfit to oversee the Trump U. case. It’s his membership in a LaRaza lawyers group. It’s his past statements about his Mexican heritage. It’s his handing out college scholarships to illegal aliens. This judge can’t be trusted to oversee a Donald Trump case anymore than the Democrat Mayor of “sanctuary city” San Jose and his LaRaza-affiliated police chief.

That San Jose police chief clearly ordered his 250 riot police to stand down and do nothing, while Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied right in front of them. It’s time to speak truth. It’s time to call a traitor, a traitor. These people in power have an agenda. They’re not on our side. They’re not on your side. We need to call them out.

None of the people in power can be trusted anymore- whether they be white, black, Mexican or any other race or creed. They are all part of “the system.” They are all out to protect the way things are…to protect their power…their crony capitalism…their obscene pensions…the open borders that kill middle class jobs and lower our wages. They are all in on the scam to destroy America’s middle and working class, and make us dependent on government. To give the power to the elite. To leave the rest of us powerless and at their mercy.

Donald hit the nail on the head again. This case is about so much more than a judge’s race or heritage. It’s about a corrupt and biased judiciary and legal system, in bed with the DC establishment ruling class.

Here are the questions that need to be asked about Trump’s case:

1. Who put lawyers in charge? Who says they have our best interests in mind? Or is their only goal to protect the government and the “ruling class” and hurt people like Donald Trump who stand up against the power elite?

2. A judge is supposedly 100% impartial. Really? How is that possible when he belongs to advocacy groups opposed to what Donald Trump and conservatives stand for? His Mexican heritage does not matter. His belonging to a La Raza lawyer group and giving away scholarships to illegal aliens matters very much. Paul Ryan is either too stupid to see that, or too scared to be called a “racist” to tell the truth.

Could an innocent black kid get a fair trial from a judge who belongs to a white supremacist group?

Could a white cop get a fair trial from a judge who marches in “Black Lives Matter” protests and denounces cops as “racist”?

Any judge who belongs to groups that oppose the defendant’s views must be removed from the case.

3. Why doesn’t the system require that both parties to any legal action agree on the judge? Why should any defendant’s case hinge on the luck of the draw? Why should a defendant have to pray for a judge who is fair…versus one with an agenda?

Donald Trump should turn this into a teachable moment about the unfairness of the legal system. How it is stacked against anyone fighting the system and the elite DC establishment.

This is a case of big government, big business, big media, politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, judges and a corrupt legal system tilted against anyone fighting corruption, fighting big government, fighting the system.

Don’t run from it Donald. Don’t back down. Instead, DOUBLE DOWN. You’ll become a folk hero…and the next President of the United States.

As far as Paul Ryan – ignore him. He’s the old guard. He’s a loser. He’s another Mitch McConnell. He’s the new John Boehner. Paul Ryan is the reason the GOP is losing America.