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Is America at a Crossroads with Christianity?

Many of our churches are struggling to survive with waning membership

We don’t hear enough about how we can change things through the power of prayer. I know in my life it has been the one thing that has helped me get through many bad times in my childhood and as an adult. My fear today is that too many Americans have stopped praying and maybe even believing in Christ. When you listen to all of the vitriol being spewed by the media it is no wonder that we have many of our current problems with a divided nation. I believe much of this can be explained in a recent survey that was released showing that the Gallup polls and other statisticians have turned in the same percentage of about 40 percent of the population on average attend church each week for the past 70 years.

A different sort of research paints quite a disparate picture of how many Christians in our country actually attend a local church on any given Sunday. This new survey is very revealing in that it shows the actual number of people worshiping each week is closer to 17.5 percent or about 52 million people instead of the pollster that reported 132 million (40 percent). The various religious denominations have been experiencing lower attendance for the past 30 years while the polls have remained stable because of the Halo Effect where people tend to embellish good things to pollsters like attending church but tend to hide things like drinking.

This is itself should be cause for extreme worry in a country that was founded on Christian principals, however; it does make some sense when you look at the division that has taken place in our country over the past 2 decades. Have you ever seen the soccer fields on Sunday mornings filled with parents and their children? It seems we don’t have time to spend on religion but will make time for just about anything else. When we took prayer and bible reading out of our schools back in 1963 I believe it ushered in a new era of change in America. That law has cost us three generations of our children’s education to be devoid of any religion in our schools. We have also seen many changes in our school curriculums when children are in their most pliable learning years. With the government in charge of public education, we have allowed that government to coerce boards of education with millions of dollars in government funds into teaching what they want and taking education curriculums out of the hands of the parents.

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It is disheartening when we look at the gains made by the LBGT community and that our children are now taught that changing your gender is ok because of government-sponsored education. We have experienced increasing divisions when it comes to race relations, much of this taking place during the Obama administration’s reign. Religious organizations were forced to accept contraception as part of their health care plans against their religious principals and drugs have become a part of everyday life in many of our states.

The devil has certainly been at work in America and I worry about our future when you look at the corruption that is taking place in the political arena both nationally and locally. Things have been changing dramatically for the worse in the last 2 decades and I’m only hoping that with the election of President Trump we can bring our country back on course. When many Americans look at our president they see a man who used to be a billionaire playboy and did all sorts of things that most Christians would abhor. When I look at the president I see a changed man with a positive Christian attitude, someone who has made an enormous impact on our country in 3 short years. Many don’t want to believe that President Trump has actually turned his life around along with the country and is leading us to new prosperity.

They continue to sow the seeds of destruction in our government and in our every- day lives as they try to control everything we do. The President may be a bit unconventional but I do believe that God has touched him in a special way and given him the task of bringing sanity and clarity of purpose back to America. He certainly is a compassionate man when you see how he has worked to fix the problems for our veterans, expanded religious liberties and has become the strongest Pro-Life president in our history. While he talks like a kid from the streets of Brooklyn he always seems to get his points across because he speaks in plain and simple language when talking to the American people. It’s time to get rid of the politicians who use doublespeak and talk out of both sides of their mouths. They are the ones who bad mouth the president every chance they get the same ones who have done nothing to improve the lives of Americans for the past two decades.

We always hear politicians like Speaker Pelosi talk about how she is praying for the president and how she is a strong follower of the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, her actions do not match her vindictive and rancid public comments to the press. My question to Speaker Pelosi is how you can be a good practicing catholic and promote wholesale abortion? Politicians like Pelosi are Christians in name only who tell the pollsters they attend church regularly but never listen to the sermon. She reminds me of a lady in my childhood who would come to church each week wearing a mink coat and when the brass collection plate came around she would jingle her keys in it pretending she was dropping in lots of coins. We are in a battle of good vs evil and I pray to God that the goodwill finally win.

Our forefathers were often called the “Black Robes” This was the name given to pastors by the British in colonial America that were very instrumental in winning our independence. I pray for the day that our clergy will once again speak out and talk about the great injustices that take place in our country because of a corrupt political system. The big question is will they have an audience to preach at and will they be too concerned about losing their tax exemption and chance angering our bureaucratic masters. Perhaps if we would all take a moment out of each day and pray for our country and its leaders the lord would be gracious and bring us back to some sanity. We can only hope.

When you look at some of the Democratic candidates running for office it should send chills up and down your spine to think that one of these people could actually be our next president. We make a lot of choices in our lives and I only hope and pray that Americans will choose carefully in this 2020 presidential election. If we do not choose wisely, there may be no coming back from the depths of destruction and our Republic will be lost forever.

May God Bless America; we certainly need it.

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Dear Bob. You should check out your local “senior center” at 5:30 PM Sunday’s. You might be pleasantly surprised.

I’m currently in Tucson AZ in one of the largest RV parks in the country with about 3,000 seniors so I would guess this would qualify as a senior center so what is your point sir.

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