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Op-Ed “The Destroyers”

The problem with most politicians today is they are some of the most selfish people you will run into in your life. Everything they do is to help themselves not the people they represent. For instance, take the four congressional representatives who have been berating President Trump and calling him a racist and too many other things to mention.

These four representatives do not deserve to be associated with our congressional process as they care only about drawing more attention to themselves with their one-off comments about our president without any foundation for their accusations. It is the Media’s constant attention to everything they say that gives them a platform because it agrees with their narrative that Trump must be stopped and stymied at any cost. They hold these selfish elected officials up on a pedestal and literally print and record every sour sound bite they utter about our country and president.

Of course, they have the same right as anyone else in this country to say what they please because of the first amendment however, viral and unsavory their comments. The problem lies not so much with them but with the liberal media spreading their sour grapes across the electronic media spectrum in hopes of discrediting the president. I try to ignore anything they have to say regardless of where it may be published or echoed as their words are basically meaningless. Their comments come from their deep-seated hate not only for the president but for most of the people of the United States who agree with him or as Hillary called us the “Deplorables”. The more we talk about these people the more attention they get so it is best, in my opinion, to try to ignore their unsubstantiated and hateful comments along with anything they might promote in the media.

Most Americans would not be able to pronounce or for that matter spell the names of these naysayers because they are so unimportant. In a recent poll done by the DNC released in secret, it showed that these four so-called congressional leaders had a 19% approval rating. That alone should tell you a lot about who they are and what they stand for. They would like to change our country to something our forefathers died to avoid. These four representatives are not builders they are people who want to take away our freedoms and our way of life most of all because they are jealous of how great this country is. They are no nothings who do nothing unless it is going to help them to further their agendas.

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The America I know is a loving country that has been accepting all who come here since it was founded to build a new life, raise their families in an atmosphere free from oppression and have opportunities galore. These young loudmouth critics and their parent’s heritage can be traced back to places where there were limited freedoms and very limited opportunities even some who may have lived under the thumb of oppressive dictators. America has always been and still is the great melting pot of the world and accepts just about anyone who wants to better themselves and assimilate into our culture but still keep their own original cultures and religious beliefs without fear of oppression. If America was such a bad place why are we still being inundated by illegal and legal immigrants trying to get into this great country by the millions?

These four vicious dissenters were given the opportunity to be representatives of the people in their communities and have taken advantage of their positions by condemning and criticizing the very country that gave them the platform they are now speaking from. I seriously doubt that many of the voters in their respective districts agree with their views and would not be surprised to see them all out of office in the next election cycle. These are not servants of the people they are exploiters looking to be acknowledged through their vitriolic statements about a president who works for no salary and has turned this country around economically making life better for all of us.

I challenge you to name one thing that any of these four representatives have done to make our country a better place to live. These people have no love for our way of life and do nothing but rip and tear at the very fabric that made this country great. They are the destroyers who only look to turn this country upside down with their lies and pitiful rhetoric about a man who has lived the American dream. For all of the faults that President Trump may have he understands the American dream as he has lived and is striving to give that opportunity to every American. So I say to those four representatives the same thing the president has said. If you don’t like it here in America please feel free to leave and do it as soon as possible because we really don’t need you here.

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The saddest part is when the “representative” carries an R behind their name, claims to be a Conservative Christian Believer, and is in reality a back-stabbing, manipulative liar who will do anything and attempt to destroy anyone (even a colleague) in order to keep their popularity and their seat.

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