A week of Contrast

Saturday, February 25, I attended the Idaho Second Amendment rally at the Capitol in Boise. A peaceful, powerful statement of the dedication Idaho citizens feel about their right to bear arms and their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and freely express their views. The weather was perfect, with sun blessing the event from time to time to refresh the soul. So amazing that the founders in wisdom, blessed with the power of discernment, acknowledged that our Creator blessed us with these rights. Interesting still that, the First Amendment is Protected by the Second, that the loss of the First and Second Amendment, will ultimately lead to the loss of all rights.

In contrast, Thursday morning in State Affairs Committee, we heard proposed legislation that will bring our Notary system to the electronic age. This is proper, business is conducted from coast to coast and worldwide using internet. My concern about the bill was the inclusion of United Nations Language. I asked both presenters of the bill if there were litigation over documents exchanged via the internet, would said litigation be subject to United States Courts, be subject to arbitration by United Nations Courts. Though very knowledgeable, neither presenter had an answer to this very serious question. I felt that the legislation should have been held until there was an answer. Sadly, there were not enough votes in the committee that felt that this was an important issue.

As a legislator I believe it is my job to protect our state from outside invasion, be it the sword or the pen. I strongly feel there is no place in our statute or law for any language from the United Nations or any other form of Government. Our founders both state and national foresaw these dangers and trusted that we would be cautious and with the power and trust of the citizens of the state and nation protect our land, our way of life, our government, and our courts.

44 members of your legislature defended your rights by defeating House Bill 91. Nicknamed the “data collection bill”, this legislation would allow citizens immunization records to be kept in a central filing center. You could opt out, however, floor testimony was powerfully given relating that though opted out, one legislator’s records were reported. Thank those 44 who defended your rights’.

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We represent you. The most powerful tool, next to your vote is access to your representatives. It is their job to be available to you, to hear your voice. It is your job to be respectful in your approach. Civility is one of the most important components of a successful society. During our campaign, we would quote often the phrase, “grace, class, and dignity.”

Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your representative voice. Stay involved. Know what is happening at your seat of government on all levels.

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