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A Rerun of 2018? Will Humphreys be a Spoiler or a Hero?

Hero or Spoiler? With only a couple of weeks left before the Primary Elections it is time for conservatives to unite and consolidate their power and that can only be accomplished if Ed Humphreys were to drop out of the race and support Janice McGeachin along with Bundy supporters. The Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition of a spoiler is: One that Spoils, one (such as a political candidate) having little or no chance of winning but capable of depriving a rival of success. The definition of a Hero is: a person admired for achievements and noble qualities: One who shows great courage. Which one of these definitions will define Mr. Humphreys when this primary election is over? If Ed is a true conservative he will see the light and do the right thing by dropping out of the race and throw his full support to the only republican candidate who has a chance to win which is Janice McGeachin. Ed is one of the youngest and brightest candidates we have had in recent history that has been willing to challenge the establishment and at some point in the future will make a great governor should he decide to run again. We have listened to Mr. Humphreys’ ideas which have a lot of merit but he is still trailing a distant third in the polls with between 6 to 10% of the vote which is not enough to win the primary.

Will History Repeat Itself? Everyone should remember what happened in the 2018 election when Tommy Ahlquist entered the gubernatorial race knowing that he would draw enough votes away from Labrador to allow Little a win. We called him a spoiler because with Ahlquist in the race it gave Little an opportunity to win with a plurality which he did with 37.3% of the vote. We believe to this day that Ahlquist was put up to running in this race by the IACI Cabal who needed to dilute Labrador’s popularity if they were to maintain their hold on Idaho. Don’t think for a minute that they are not shaking in their boots that Labrador becomes AG. Ahlquist was the perfect candidate to do this as he was known for all of his successful building projects and his achievements as a businessman, plus he was Mormon as was Labrador which helped split the vote. He had a lot of his own money to spend on the election but we believe he was also taken good care of buy the same people who were backing Little. We never believed that Ahlquist was a conservative republican but instead was just running as a shill to permit Little to win with a plurality of the vote.

IACI’s Plan is in Motion: While we don’t believe that Humphrey’s is in the same category as Ahlquist by any means we do believe that he has received monies from RINO sources who we would find to be skeptical supporters at best of his campaign. The good old boys always have a plan and they execute their plans with precision. Their only goal is to keep control of our state government and the huge and growing bureaucracy that gets larger every year making it easier to funnel our tax dollars to business who support them. This is perfectly legal and done by providing goods and services to these bureaucratic entities. We have always said if you follow the money far enough up the ladder you will always find the corruption attached to it. Does anyone think that the corporate lobbyists and IACI support Little because he is the brightest light on the Christmas tree?

Little has been anointed by IACI as the heir apparent again: Little is one of the good old boys coming from a wealthy ranching family and from 1981 to 2001 served on the board of directors of IACI and eventually rose to be its chairman. The only reason that Little is in the position he is now is because of past appointments by former governors who also had ties to major lobbyists and IACI. Little was appointed by Governor Dirk Kempthorne to fill a state senate vacancy in May 2001 and rose to the position of Majority Caucus Chair, which he held until 2009 when he was appointed Lt. Governor by Butch Otter. He ran for governor in 2018 against Tommy Ahlquist a businessman and former Congressman Raul Labrador. Little was endorsed by a bevy of good old boy RINOs like incumbent Governor Butch Otter, former governors Dirk Kempthorne and Phil Batt, and of course U.S. Senator Jim Risch. We firmly believe that had Tommy Ahlquist not entered this race as a spoiler Labrador would have been governor which would have spelled disaster for IACI and their crew as Labrador never patronized lobbyists. During his campaign, Little called for a phased-in $350 million reduction in the state income tax which would mostly benefit corporate elitist. The clincher was his promise to eliminate the regressive Idaho grocery tax. Well we all know that his grocery tax elimination was only a ploy to win the election as he reneged on this campaign promise. Little wound up winning the primary with a plurality of 37.3% of the vote, Labrador took 32.6% and Ahlquist 26%. Ahlquist and IACI did their jobs well.

The Fairytale Finish for 2022: As you can see we are trying to draw a parallel of the 2018 election compared to the upcoming primary to show you that the fix is in with the current polling showing that Little will win the primary in two weeks if nothing changes. The only chance Idahoans have of getting rid of this RINO constituency is for Humphrey’s to drop out and back Janice McGeachin. Even than it would be a very close race at best but it would give conservatives an opportunity to take our state back from the corporate lobbyists. We believe that Ammon Bundy was not only smart to drop out of this primary and run as an independent in the general but he also gave Janice a chance at grabbing the brass ring. This could only happen if Humphrey’s also dropped out of the race. Bundy supporters could vote to support Janice in this republican primary without doing any harm to his candidacy in the general since he is running as an independent. It would then be Bundy’s choice to either run against McGeachin or become an ally to help her become governor in the November general election. We believe that if these two things came to pass that Janice would at least bring Humphrey’s and Bundy in as advisors to her administration not just as a gesture of thanks but because these two gentleman could be valuable assets as advisors.

Do we believe in Fairytales? The answer is unequivocally “NO” but we do live in hope that the conservatives will stop being their own worst enemy and wake up to the real challenge which is getting rid of the RINOs who have been destroying our state with their corruption for decades. To do this conservatives would actually have to cooperate with each other, something we doubt seriously from past experience that their egos would allow to happen. The lesson that will be learned by conservatives once again is without team work to consolidate their power they will never win another election against the corrupt forces who want to maintain control of our government. Even with former President Trump’s endorsement for Janice and the infamous Glen Beck turning his nose up at Little and predicting he will lose the primary it is not likely that we will have a real conservative as governor next year. Allowing Brad Little to win this election will mean the continued expansion of government spending and the prospect of watching Little and his band of corporate elitists turn our Red State Blue over the next 4 years. Idaho will also be subjected to many new federal rules and regulations that will be enforced because of all the CARES money Little took from the Fed’s during his declared emergency for 2 years.

As I always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve” but we can always Pray for a Miracle.

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Great article Robert. Ed will be Governor of Idaho someday. Conservatives have a card to play, and our only chance is to consolidate and coordinate our efforts. Ed and Ammon should announce support for Janice in the primary and if she wins, they should announce support for her in general. In exchange Janice and Ed should announce their loyalty to Ammon or another conservative write in candidate. The question then becomes are they loyal to their party or to their conservative principles? Conservatives can win only if they have one candidate running against Brad in either the general or the primary. The odds are slim, but our only chance is a one on one. When will we learn? Raul for AG. Priscilla for Lt. Gov. Make Idaho Great Again.

Spoiler Alert: Brad the Impaler will repeat as Governor; Bedke, the heir apparent, will be Lt. Governor and Waffle Wasden will repeat as AG. How do I know? I’ve seen this movie before. Too much hubris in the other primary candidates for Governor and AG, each thinking they will win when polls and common sense says their “ground games” have not overcome the influence of the donor class. Giddings committed too many unforced errors early on in the game, which got her “censured” by the leader of the Do Nothing House; and Macomber, who would make a real AG, will likely prevent Labrador from beating Wasden. The vast majority of Idaho voters are intellectually lazy…yes, I’m a native and have observed many elections in my three quarters of a century in this great state. Simply consider how many actually bother to vote in the primaries compared to the typically anemic turnouts in the general elections in non-presidential years. Until Idaho conservatives get a real and focused, rally-behind-the-best-conservative-against-the-establishment-phony ground game, we’re just Cub fans. We’ll be in the big show, every hundred years or so…

I believe you are on target, except for maybe Giddings. ID is controlled by the good old boys and gals. I believe Humphrey is being sponsored to be a vote splitter.

I agree with your assessment on Humphrey. I have seen new signs pop up over the last week or so. Could be that Little is feeding him?

People, any one can check the Sec. of State page and see who donates to the candidates. Ed’s campaign runs on “follow the money”. Please point out anybody on his donor list that is a Rhino. He has raised more money by grass roots efforts than Janet would ever hope to. And who participated in the ‘pole’ that showed Ed at 6%? Never heard of it or have spoken to anybody that was part of it. Janice had the chance to put Ed away months ago if she would have debated him and showed she was the best candidate.

Mid Terms;
God bless all those who have stepped into the ring. At least they are stepping up and DOING something. Conservatives WELCOME that participation IF the candidate’s hearts are pure. We ALL KNOW this is a MOST CRITICAL TIME in our state and nation’s history. Freedom WARRIORS who are pure of heart, dedicated to freedom and Liberty for ALL, knowledgeable about what and who they represent, and CAPABLE of wiping out the establishment RINOs are who is needed. New faces in the game that have not a clue on ‘how things work’, consequently how to fight back effectively, are NOT who we need at this time. On the job training is not for a time as this. Where were they 10 years ago when we still had time for them to OJT ? It’s like sending Basic Training graduates out on highly specialized Spec Ops……….IMHO

I think you hit the nail on the head with this article. I have written a personal letter to every person who ever gave money to Humphreys telling them that if they vote for Humphreys it will in fact be a vote for Little. But, I doubt that anyone is listening. I asked Ed to drop out a long time ago, but he was not listening. So it will be Little, Wasden, Bedke. Thanks Jim Hollingsworth

All the doom and gloom comments, above, are just excuses for people to sit around and whine. Then when your self-fulfilling prophecy comes true, you pat your collective selves on your lazy backsides whilst letting everyone know you were “right”. Stop whining and volunteer to help a conservative candidate who is doing his or her level best to give us constitutional leadership.

Hi Bob,

It was clear a decade ago, when I laid out, in detail, the scenario we’re undergoing in my last book, that it was more likely the path for the country would turn catastrophic due to the RINOs and general apathy and ignorance of the average voter.

Well, here we are in spades and most everybody still confused as to the “why.”. I see no where and no way at this late date, to change the outcome. Until, the complacent and apathetic are thoroughly pounded into the dirt, through the course of events, nothing will improve. That’s the only way some people, most people, ever learn.

Simply consider how many actually bother to vote in the primaries compared to the typically anemic turnouts in the general elections in non-presidential years. Until Idaho conservatives get a real and focused, rally-behind-the-best-conservative-against-the-establishment-phony ground game, we’re just Cub fans
Forward Observer pretty much hit the nail on the head as did the article. The vote spit appears to be a nation-wide tactic these days across America. Its happening right now in Pennsylvania. We have Libs changing party affiliations just for the primaries in order to vote split. And worst of all we have a nation of Complacency within the Republican Party. The lib are out in force registering people and putting up signs. I took a ride through District 6 yesterday and Democrate sighs outnumber Repulican sighs be 100 to 1. Our Latah GOP website has nothing on it. DC is gone. The only fight we have left it thorugh our state (nullification and the Tenth Amendment) yet here we sit waiting for the next sporting event. This was why the romans had games in the collosium. So no one would notice the Rome was failing.

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