Conservative Rally May 4th at Kleiner Park in Meridian

On Wednesday, May 4th, there will be a conservative rally in Meridian, Idaho, at Kleiner Park.

The event is sponsored by conservative candidates including Janice McGeachin, Dorothy Moon, and Bryan Smith. Our good friend Kevin Miller will serve as the MC.

Speakers include Michelle Malkin, James Lindsay, Stew Peters, Az. State Sen. Wendy Rogers, and Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier.

You can see more details on the event flyer below.

You can indicate your interest and see which of your friends are attending by clicking here to view the event listing on Facebook.

One reply on “Conservative Rally May 4th at Kleiner Park in Meridian”

Mid Terms;
God bless all those who have stepped into the ring. At least they are stepping up and DOING something. Conservatives WELCOME that participation IF the candidate’s hearts are pure. We ALL KNOW this is a MOST CRITICAL TIME in our state and nation’s history. Freedom WARRIORS who are pure of heart, dedicated to freedom and Liberty for ALL, knowledgeable about what and who they represent, and CAPABLE of wiping out the establishment RINOs are who is needed. New faces in the game that have not a clue on ‘how things work’, consequently how to fight back effectively, are NOT who we need at this time. On the job training is not for a time as this. Where were they 10 years ago when we still had time for them to OJT ? It’s like sending Basic Training graduates out on highly specialized Spec Ops……….IMHO

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