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2018 Idaho Republican Primary Endorsements from the Gem State Patriot

Representative for the 1st Congressional District:

The Gem State Patriot proudly endorses former State Senator Russell Fulcher.

We feel that Russ has been a guardian of conservative values during his 10 years in the Idaho Senate and indeed looks out for the little guy with his bill to enact the grocery tax credit to help those in the lower and middle-income brackets.

Although you may hear that the tax cut the legislature gave us this year was the biggest, that is totally wrong. The grocery tax credit is the largest tax cut by far in Idaho’s history because of the effect it has on working families. Russ fought for this credit along with Senator Cliff Bayer against the will of Governor Otter and he should be thanked for his heroic effort.

Russ has extensive experience from his time as an executive at Micron where he traveled the world selling products in many foreign countries. He is a proven leader in state politics and actually came close to beating Governor Otter in the 2014 primary with only a 7% spread between the two. We believe that Russ will do Idahoan’s proud as he serves the citizens of the 1st congressional district. We urge you to consider this truly conservative gentleman when you go to the polls as our next member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Governor for the State of Idaho:

The Gem State Patriot proudly endorses Congressman Raul Labrador for Governor.

Raul has been representing the citizens of Idaho in the House of Representatives since 2010 after spending two terms in Idaho’s House and he is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus. He is a man of impeccable character and is a no-nonsense proponent of tough immigration laws that are backed by President Trump.

We believe that he is the only true conservative in this race and that he is someone who will balance our budget, cut onerous rules and regulations, and eliminate the horrible cronyism that has permeated our state capital for the past 16 years.

He has a plan to cut your taxes to 5% on personal income, 5% on corporate income, 5% sales tax and will eliminate the Grocery and personal income tax. How will he do that you ask? Simply by getting rid of the enormous waste and crony benefits that the state officials and bureaucrats have been giving out to their friends for years. This tax cut will amount to almost a billion dollars and will put more money in the taxpayers’ wallets and stimulate our economy—all by cutting waste in government.

There is no other candidate running who has put forward a bold plan like this that will help the working families of Idaho.

He also has some great ideas for health care reform that are not just words but actual actions that can be implemented once he takes office. These actions will give us all a break by bringing down the current cost of health insurance and health care along with reforming Medicaid and giving us more freedom in our healthcare choices. Raul is a seasoned statesman who cares about making Idaho Great and has the plans to do it, unlike his competition. We urge you to vote for Raul Labrador when you go to the polls on May 15 and help elect someone who cares about the working folks in our state.

Lt. Governor for the State of Idaho:

The Gem State Patriot proudly endorses Janice McGeachin for Lt. Governor.

Janice has a 10-year history as a conservative voter in the Idaho Legislature, and she served as a house member from 2002 to 2012. She and her Husband are business owners and understands that businesses need relief from many of the nonsense regulations imposed by the bureaucrats in the State House. As a business owner, she understands that higher taxes in Idaho have hampered new companies from moving into our state. Her practical experience in the business world and 10 years in the legislature should serve her well in the position of Lt. Governor.

Secretary of State:

The Gem State Patriot proudly endorses Lawerence E. Denney for Secretary of State.

Our pick is, without a doubt, Lawerence E. Denney who is serving currently as Secretary of State and who is a proven conservative who served three terms as Speaker of Idaho’s House of Representatives. He has a long history of service in Idaho’s house representing District 13 and he has been involved in many committees. Lawerence is a proven leader who will continue to serve the people of Idaho in his current position.

Additionally, The Gem State Patriot proudly endorses Brandon D Woolf for State Controller.

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