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Your Vote Doesn’t Count

‘Says King Little and his Merry Men’

Your legislators do not care about the people they were elected to serve and are telling you all to go pound sand. The Fox is in the Hen House Making Chicken Dinner.

Our Governor Little declared an emergency and basically took control of our state.

1. He shut down the state and decided which businesses were essential and which were not. Causing unemployment to jump from 3% to 11%.

2. He has refused to recall the legislature into session so the people’s representatives could be heard on his decisions.

3. He ordered churches to be closed because of spreading Covid19 yet never said one word about a rally of 5,000 people in front of the state capital for George Floyd.

4. He handpicked his crony buddies to be on a committee that is going to distribute over $1.25 billion federal dollars as they see fit without any input from your elected representatives. If loyalty comes at a price, $1.25 billion will buy a lot of loyalty.

Our constitution divides our government into 3 distinct branches. Executive, legislative, and judicial, and he has locked out the legislative branch that represents the people by not reconvening them and basically has taken over as a dictator of our state.

On June 23rd at 8am, there will be a rally at the capitol, and those legislators who feel a moral obligation to reconvene the legislature will meet at the capitol. So far only 14 out of 105 of your representatives have agreed to attend—the rest basically told you all to go to HELL.

There is no legal basis for them not to attend this meeting and there is legal standing for the legislature to be reconvened, however, House Speaker Bedke along with other legislative leaders paid a law firm to do their bidding and render an opinion that would say it is unconstitutional to reconvene.

Legal opinion or not, the governor and the legislative leaders, for some reason, do not want the people’s voice heard and have basically cut you the people out of our constitutional form of government. We believe they have $1.25 billion reasons to keep your voice out of the distribution of these funds.

If you want a dictator and his cronies to continue to run our state without any input from your elected representatives, then just sit back, do nothing, and allow the Idaho carpet baggers to take over. If you do care, make sure you call your representatives and tell them you want them to be at the State Capital Steps on June 23rd at 8am to voice their objection to this executive takeover of our state government. Call your representatives and ask them why they are not going to this meeting.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

2 replies on “Your Vote Doesn’t Count”

Do you have the list of those who have said they will be there? I texted my one true representative and he said he is going to be there. My other rep was appointed to fill a wrongfully vacated seat and has never answered any emails that I sent him.

• Judy Boyle, Midvale – 6 Terms – Chairs House Agriculture Committee
• Tammy Nichols, Middleton
• Brent Crane, Nampa
• Dorothy Moon, Stanley
• Mike Kingsley, Lewiston
• Priscilla Giddings, White Bird
• Vito Barbieri, Dalton Gardens
• Tim Remington, Coeur d’Alene – A Pastor
• Heather Scott, Blanchard
• Tony Wisniewski, Post Falls
• Chad Christensen, Ammon
• Terry Gestrin, Donnelly
• Paul Shepherd, Riggins
• Ron Mendive, Coeur d’Alene
• Christy Zito, Hammett
Diego Rodriguez, Freedom Man PAC
Ammon Bundy
Eric Parker – founder of the Real 3%ers of Idaho

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