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Life with Luna more Harm than Good

‘Another Fox in the Hen House’

If you haven’t already read this article from 2015 on common core in the Federalist, it is a must-read for anyone interested in our current education system and how much it is costing us as a state and nation.

I was quite involved back then with about 30 conservative groups in trying to get Reed DeMordaunt head of the education committee to hold hearings on common core. Mila Wood and I met with Reed and handed him a resolution with the signatures of 30 leaders of conservative groups representing over 40,000 Idahoans. DeMordaunt would not even read the resolution. I told him that Common Core was not supported by the National Republican Party nor the Idaho Republican Party; his reaction was to snicker at us both and tell us he did not know that. If you’re a representative of the people and don’t even know what your party is supporting, you are too ignorant to represent the people of Idaho and should resign.

Reed stuck to his guns and there were no hearings held on Common Core. I was finally made aware that one of the reasons was that Reed sat on the Albertson’s Board for Teachers Compensation which are strong proponents of Common Core. It also so happens that Tom Luna is a very close friend of both Reed DeMordaunt and his wife Gayann, who is now serving in the same seat he was as representative of District 14.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive”. The crony Idaho Republicans like DeMordaunt have more back door deals going on that waste our tax money than you could possibly conceive. Getting rid of common core is like trying to get rid of a bad mold in your home. People seem to forget that education is the second largest expenditure in our state. If you don’t think many of those who are well connected with government are not sucking on this government teat in education, you’re just fooling yourself. Just look at the West Ada District, which has a budget of over four hundred million. How much of that do you think goes astray each and every year in contracts to those favored by the administration? Even Governor Otter and his wife got involved in an election for board members for that district, which is very unusual for a governor. You have to ask yourself, “Why”

Common Core has never been about learning for our kids. It is a way to funnel taxpayer money to political friends who were the spearhead of bringing Common Core to Idaho. The enormous amount of money that was collected by textbook companies and testing companies because of the new standards was in the hundreds of millions. As Mrs. Zimmerman states in one of her articles, Common Core has been a huge paycheck for certain members of the State Dept. of Education. Most of them support Common Core and those who have left found more lucrative jobs and salaries in other positions related to Common Core.

Back to the subject of this article, Tom Luna, who was so instrumental in getting Common Core into Idaho’s educational system. He is back in town and it is alleged that he has broken sunshine laws and is being investigated by the Attorney General’s office for not registering as a lobbyist. Why this would be a surprise to anyone is beyond me as tigers don’t change their stripes. What is really important to Republicans is that this man who has caused such a turmoil with his introduction of common core is still lobbying our legislators. Worst of all, he is running for the position of Chairman of the Republican Party!

If he were to be elected to this position, can you possibly imagine the influence he would wield within our party with our legislators? Talk about having the preverbal “Fox in the Hen House”. If you thought Otter was bad for Idaho, this man is of the same ilk and has benefitted immensely from Idaho’s joining the Common Core race to the swamp

All we are going to say is there has to be a better candidate than Luna as he would do more damage to the party than good. If you are a delegate to the Republican Convention this week, we urge you to think about the problems this man could cause if he were elected to the position of chairman. We need to stop electing people who are working for themselves and not the people of Idaho. We have already seen Boise turn Blue, and if we are not careful, the rest of the state will soon follow. If this man can’t be trusted to follow the rules now, how do you think things will be you he is elected chairman?

The BIG question that is still being asked is: Did the Obama administration give Pearson Publishing $350 million in tax dollars to create a Common Core curriculum, and did Obama get a $65 million dollar book deal in return? If so, is that a quid pro quo? Everyone wins but the taxpayers.

‘We Get the Government We Deserve’

One reply on “Life with Luna more Harm than Good”

Thank you, Bob for this wonderful newsletter! I certainly was blessed to live in Idaho for a couple years ( 2011-2013); to meet so many rock-solid American Patriots!
Education is of primary importance if we’re to save our nation—our CHILDREN are the greatest natural resource! Common Core must end along with all SEX ED—“Curriculum for Deviancy!” Educating for RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR with the ABSOLUTES of right & wrong, good not evil! GOD-willing, I will present this at the September TX SBOE, State Board of Education! Since the assault to our moral, GOD-fearing nation by SCOTUS in the 1960’s, Government public education’s MISSION has been/is “Education for IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR!” Solution: taxpayers must END ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS and ABOLISH the Union NEA, Nat’l (for perversion) Education Association! The criminal assault to our childrens AMERICAN DREAM, by the NEA, Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ, is CHILD ABUSE!
Checkout our Democrat-run cities of May-June 2020: burned/rampaged/looted by young people educated for drugs, perversion, suicide, anti-social, dumb-downed by textbooks & teachers w/o truth of American History, deprived of the American Dream for their future! All this equals CHILD ABUSE !
IDAHO/IDAHOANS PLEASE STAND UP! Rally in your communities, towns, cities and PRAY: Bible, 2nd Chronicles 7:14! Revival is starting-in Tennessee & MN?

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