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WINNING “Divided WE Fall (Fail) — United We STAND”

Six weeks ago, I proposed a remedy to the problem that conservatives have in this year’s Republican Governor’s primary. Just like 3 years ago our incumbent Governor will win the primary with less than 40% of the vote. I suggested a series of debates between the three conservative candidates and any other Republican Primary candidate including Mr. Little. Mr. Humphreys and Mr. Bundy agreed in principle to the proposition, but Mrs. McGeachin said she would debate only if the Governor also agreed to be on stage and debate at the same time. Everyone knows that would never happen.

Any one of the three conservative candidates in my opinion would be far better than our current Governor. Mr. Little is a good man. He loves his family. Unfortunately, my greatest fear has been realized. Like the current Idaho Speaker of the House, he is a legacy politician, who started in politics on third base and now thinks that he has hit a home run! Same with Mr. Speaker. In any field of endeavor those who rise without starting at the bottom invariably have a sense of entitlement regarding their position, and the relationships that are so critical to developing leadership skills and savvy are never learned. One can never have a connection to “We the People” via a special interest group or lobbyist. That is precisely why “process” is more important to them than principle. Just look at the censor debate about Lt. Col Giddings to see the difference. A company man who manages, is very different than a self-made person that leads.

Anyone of our conservative candidates is far better than “Jr. Little”.Janice McGeachin is a wife—mother Lt. Governor—and successful businesswoman. Amon Bundy is a man of great faith and moral and political courage. Ed Humphreys is a self-made millionaire who has leveraged his wealth and family security to fight for the principles that he and his family stand for.

Each conservative candidate has some baggage that needs to be addressed up front. Three debates with each other under terms and conditions that all three would agree to would be an appropriate way to early on address the negatives—early and often and get the one that comes out on top of those debates ready to take on Mr. Little.

There are three people that need to come out and help facilitate a process whereby we can have a one-on-one match in the primary. Robert Neugebauer from the Gem State Patriot, Wayne Hoffman from the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and Kevin Miller from KIDO. These men in addition to being respected in the conservative community, carry a tremendous amount of influence. It is a shame that they don’t all get along better like Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity.

With that in mind I must say that I was disappointed to hear Mr. Miller say this morning on his show,-I paraphrase, that trying to get the three candidates to debate was futile and therefore trying to get a single conservative candidate to run against Brad was going to be impossible. If the Governor was listening as I am told he does often he must have smiled and said, “Thank you Kevin”. I for one was disappointed.

Mr. Hoffman as head of the Freedom Foundation cannot use his organization in a political fashion. They are as I understand a “policy organization”. I must say that I serve at Wayne’s pleasure as their medical advisor, but as an individual speaking for myself, I have every right to voice my political opinions as well as write about policy. Wayne can do the same—just keep the organization and the private opinion separate.

Again, in my humble opinion, Mr. Neugebauer can best serve the conservatives of Idaho by being neutral for as long as possible during this process. He should use his platform to define issues and inform the public when conservative principles are not being adhered too in the campaign or the debate.

I have always preferred the debate solution to the conservative “tri-angulation” primary problem. If the one candidate—who I like and respect very much and who I think could come out on top in this process refuses to debate, then we should refuse to give any contributions to that or any campaign until the candidates meet privately—I will pay for the meeting and the forum, and each pledges to put their own interests aside, and support one candidate to have the ultimate face-off with Mr. Brad. We should start our own “Conservative to beat Brad Campaign fund” All contributions should be made to the fund. Any candidate who refuses to put the people’s desires to beat Brad ahead of their own desire to be Governor will not get a penny of mine and conservatives who want to win and not just make a “Custer last stand” will agree with me.

I agree with Mr. Miller’s comments today on KIDO that there is a lot of time and money and commitment put into these campaigns. I might also add ego. All desire to serve, but service takes on many forms. Strategy first requires tactics to meet the long-term goal. The goal should be to win. Any person that would put their own personal interests and ego ahead of winning is not a winner. We need a leader who will support our cause no matter the cost to themselves.

As Mr. Trump has so often said: “Winning—Winning—Winning”

If it is not about “winning” I am not in with my time or my “investment”

What about You? MIG “Fight Like Hell” “Let’s Go Brandon”

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To keep from having Mr. Little win the GOP primary with less than a majority, the other candidates must agree that they will drop out a week before the primary if they are neither of the top TWO. Mr. L will probably have the most votes. That would leave only one of the others to face him in the primary. The winner would have a majority!

The last day to drop from the race is March 25. Much sooner than the “week before the primary”. Ammon, who is a power to reckon with, has taken civil disobedience too far in many peoples opinion. He also skews his data a bit far in his talks. There are less than 200 agencies in Idaho, not over 500 (in any case way too many for a state with 1.8 million citizens). I do admire his ideals. Janice lost her access to the Senate Chambers, removed from her by the State Senators, despite being the Senate President. She is unable to speak without reading from notes. She refuses to debate. Ed Humphreys supporters have raised $25,000 to go to charity if Janice will debate. She has refused because everyone knows, including Janice that Ed would have the upper hand. Can you imagine a person, who does not have the power as a state executive, to retrieve her access to the Senate chamber…? Being Governor! Can you imagine someone who cannot speak without notes, negotiating with foreign or federal representatives or lobbyists…? Being Governor! Can you imagine a person who is unwilling to debate an opposing candidate standing up to anyone…? Being Governor! Especially since Trump’s mantra was to debate anyone anywhere… And he endorsed Janice? Didn’t do his homework… Janice McGeachin as governor would be the end of Idaho!

Mr Bundy is on record to defund the police, he IS NOT a viable candidate in my opinion and should be ignored.

Janice will never debate because in doing so she will show all of Idaho that she has nothing to offer and will be totally crushed by both Ed and Ammon. It won’t even be close. She has nothing to gain and everything to lose from a debate, so she will never do it. It is that simple.

I agree everyone should debate. What are they afraid of? You are supposed to be the servant to the people and the people can’t make good choices without information. We can’t have 4 run for one spot without allowing the people to see the differences in each platform. If this continues then Gov. Little will win by default, something most of us do not want. Be brave, be adult and debate.

Dr. John,
Great commentary. A tragedy when you consider what a Labrador governorship would have made these last three years. We can’t afford Little to be re-elected. Unity by those three to moderate a debate, schedule it, force the issue.
Right on with the risks.

The primary is not between conservatives and Brad Little, but between the people and corruption and cronyism—-just like in Virginia 4 weeks ago. Brad is a good person, but he has been part of “the swamp” for so long that his primary allegiance is to lobbyists and special interests and not to the people. Who does he represent the teacher’s union(s) and hospital-insurance oligochopolists, or students and their parents and patients and citizens? Time for Idaho conservatives to rise and make our case, just like what happened in Virginia.

we need to start a fund, to back the one candidate that will stand against brad. the three must decide who it will be.

Steven Shearer, I agree. Two of the candidates—Bundy and Humphrys have agreed to fund the debate or contribute a significant amount of money to Mrs. McGeachin’s favorite charity or campaign. I have heard from 3 of her advisors who believe she is the only one that can beat Brad and she won’t debate unless he is on the stage. My answer to them and her is simple. If you aren’t willing to “fight like hell” for my vote—debate, then you don’t have my support. Remember what Mr. Trump said the day he came down the escalator. “I will debate anybody, anyplace, anytime. ” If a candidate isn’t willing to fight more for my vote or for themselves, will they be up to fighting the “Boise Swamp”?

I saw a comment that was negative towards Janice on this article and it was already deleted. That pretty much shows the Gem State Patriots bias so there is no reason to trust this rag anymore.

Mr. Trump sent out a campaign money raising request today. Seems like he is not afraid to debate and fight for our votes!

The Left is scared to debate me.

Think about it. I am a so-called “ratings machine” – nobody gets better ratings than me. Yet, there is not a single taker to my offer to debate the fraudulent 2020 election.

The American people deserve to see an honest debate about what REALLY happened during the 2020 Election. If there was nothing to hide, why are the corrupt liberal media and the Democrats so scared to debate me?

I am reaching out to real Patriots like YOU because I want to know what the American People think.

Friend, I am reaching out because I need input from a trusted supporter like you. Will you help me out by taking the poll?


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