Will the United States Go the Way of Zimbabwe?

Here is a riddle for you: What does the Klamath Basin area in southwestern Oregon and northern California, the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, and the African country of Zimbabwe have in common? Answer: Government reform and intentional harassment of farmers ends food production, and in Zimbabwe’s case, brings starvation.

In an article published on Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is begging white farmers to return to Zimbabwe. Once known as the “breadbasket” of southern Africa, readers may recall that in the early years of the decade 2000, the Zimbabwe government conducted major reforms that resulted in terrorizing white farmers, and forcing them to flee the country, turning their land over to the black population Fast forward to 2015 and even with assistance from the USA, the UK and Australia, USAID cannot supply enough food to Zimbabweans to stave off their escalating starvation. Mind you, this catastrophe is the result of government reform. Ring a bell?

One would think such a scenario could never occur in the United States. One would be quite wrong. In the past decade most of the cattle/farm production in southwestern Oregon and northern California has been devastated by government reform. And now four life-giving dams will be removed through a bullying cabal of federal agencies gone entirely rogue, four Indian tribal governments, political pressure from the Greenies and Agenda 21 folks, and the ignorance—even cruelty—of California and Oregon Governors. Removing four dams will eliminate any possibility of water storage for crop production. More government reform is taking out America’s food.

All the western states are targets for the removal of food production. That’s the goal of the current federal administration that harmonizes nicely with the One World Order folks. In Bellingham, Washington, thanks to a huge EPA grant to the Swinomish tribe, enormous billboards on the Interstate trash their area farmers for “polluting the waters.” In California, the San Joaquin Valley has already had its crop production decimated, and that area once provided over 20% of our country’s food.

Removing access to water is the federal game, using any and all available federal agencies to assist. EPA’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) is a major tool that is thankfully being challenged in court. Rapid escalation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is additional federal weaponry. The precious Sage Grouse is being used to eliminate cattle production, just as the Spotted Owl wiped out the timber industry. The BLM, USFW, DOI, USDA, BIA and all of the federal alphabet agencies acting alone or in concert are racing to wipe out food production and property ownership before the current President’s time runs out. Meanwhile, he’s doing everything he can with his infamous phone and pen. Do we want more of this from the next President?

Oh, and in the recent years, the White House has determined that America’s power grid is good “economic development” for Indian tribes. So the Department of Energy and Bureau of Indian Affairs are rolling out billions to tribal governments, encouraging them to hurry and convert America’s water and electrical public utilities into private tribal sovereign assets. That will accomplish two goals: 1) the end of food production; and 2) the intentional national security softening of the country’s power-grid. Simultaneously, tribal governments can long-term lease their private Indian “trust” lands to Middle Eastern countries for “economic development” too. The combination of a federally sanctioned Indian Energy program and co-mingling with Middle Eastern countries is a marriage made in hell. America thanks you, President Obama.

The Flathead Indian Reservation entirely depends upon an agricultural economy and is now subject to the implementation of a hideous combination of harmonious goals. The Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribe (CSKT) has for many years voiced intent to remove all “white people” from their reservation “by any means possible.” This goal fits nicely with the environmental radicals who want the human footprint gone from the western states. It also fits nicely with the One World Order and Agenda 21 folks who want the destruction of state governments and ultimately an end to the United States. And the fools currently running our country (led by the White House and Congress) are intent on knocking down one American industry after another as fast as possible, while bringing in hundreds of thousands of folks who hate America to help with the task.

As example, here is the Big Picture on the Flathead Indian Reservation that is home to three counties, eleven municipalities and a population of 75% non-Indians—mostly farmers, cattlemen and ancillary agricultural businesses. In concert with the CSKT, Montana’s Executive and Legislative Branch abandoning its authority and protections on Indian reservations, and a collection of federal programs cramming down right now on Montana landowners (including tribal members) reservation residents face the following:

  1. All Western Watershed Management Plans for the great rivers (Missouri, Mississippi, Columbia, etc.) have transitioned their primary purpose from agriculture and economic development to the protection of tribal sovereign cultural resources, ESA, etc.). Irrigation is now at the bottom of the list for use of major river waters.
  2. The Columbia River Treaty. An international treaty between the United States and Canada coming up for renegotiation. Fifty-three northwestern tribes are geared up and demanding that two national governments, the U.S. and Canada, perform their “moral obligation” to turn control of the Columbia River over to the aboriginals.
  3. Capturing state waters using tribal governments as pawns. This includes the CSKT Water Compact, Klamath Dam Removals, and projects targeting Washington, Idaho, other areas of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc.
  4. BIA-owned/controlled power and energy entities. Now requires ALL customers of BIA-owned/controlled power or energy entities to provide extensive and intrusive personal information (i.e. social security numbers, EIN numbers, # of acres owned, annual water/power use, number of persons in households, household incomes, etc. (See March 31, 2016 Federal Register).
  5. Indian Energy Program as “Indian Economic development” to transfer public utilities (dams, energy plants) from public utilities to tribal sovereign assets. This is billions of dollars and huge federal facilitation for tribes to take over major pockets of our nation’s water and electrical power grid.
  6. Obama’s new federal “Drought Resilience” Program, with complete capability of pinning down individual landowners through guidance and enforcement. (See Federal Register, Presidential Proclamation, March 21, 2016). This new federal program to monitor drought involves top officials of fourteen federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Army. Question: Why Homeland Security and the U.S. Army? Is this the coming of Marshall Law?
  7. The CSKT Compact on the Flathead Reservation and directly impacting 11 Western Montana counties. Approved by Montana Legislature, April 11, 2015.
  8. Transfer of Kerr Dam to CSKT, September 5, 2015. Now all water rates (wholesale and retail) are controlled by the feds/tribe with NO caps, and NO review by Montana Public Services Commission.
  9. Mission Valley Power Company. Owned by BIA, operated by CSKT. Now wholesale and retail electric rates have NO caps, and NO review by Montana Public Services Commission.

It would be nearly impossible for our friends and neighbor landowners here on the Flathead Indian Reservation, or anywhere, to be completely aware of all of these simultaneous forces and processes bearing directly down rapidly on their own individual lands. The intent is to take out food (meat/crop) production here and across the western states. The ultimate goal is to also take down landowners, property rights, and replace State authority with federal/tribal jurisdiction in wide swaths. It is happening right now, and has been quietly developed by multiple agencies for a couple of decades. Then President Obama lit the match. Failure of landowners to act makes it a certainty. In Western Montana, food production IS the economic engine for livelihood on the Flathead Reservation.

No government will help people living on the Flathead Reservation. All governments are intentionally adversarial to the landowners, county/municipal governments and ancillary businesses. We only have the federal court, or this area goes the way of Zimbabwe soon.

The Good News: Like the federal mob rule wiping out the dams of Klamath River Basin, all of the above constitutes a whole volume of federal violations of the U.S. Constitution, Montana State Constitution, Tribal Constitution, egregious violations of the federal Administrative Procedures Act (APA) such as due process, and discrimination. Actually the whole collusion of federal agencies constitutes a racketeering (RICO) violation, likely violates the Sherman Antitrust Act, which also applies to the federal government, and countless other congressional laws, court rulings and regulations.

The irony is that the black/white printed law is on the side of the citizens/landowners since all these agencies have intentionally gone rogue and no longer follow their own regulations or any laws. For now, justice in a court is our only hope, but court will be clumsy, costly and tedious at first, moving through the lower courts (mostly filled with Obama appointees), then up to the appellate courts where help should come (even from the unpredictable 9th Circuit).and, if necessary, on up to the Supreme Court.

In the United States will our farmers succumb to the government reforms and terrorizing? Will they just give up and leave as happened in Zimbabwe? Or will they stand and fight, knowing they have the complete support of all those Americans who have food on their table today? We must put down the political, and pick up the preservation of this country. We may never get a Do-Over.

Elaine Willman, MPA, is author of Going to Pieces…the dismantling of the United States of America, and Slumbering Thunder, a primer for confronting the spread of federal Indian policy and tribalism overwhelming America.


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